Saturday, November 29, 2008


A new Christmas tradition is about to be bestowed on Blogistan courtesy of the 2 Chippys. Stay tuned, turned, taut,true, tough and togeth-ah!
ox the elves formerly known as the 2chippys

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ohhhh, Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Just a few pictures to show you all what I have been up to. Yes, it has all started, there are bows to be tied and wreaths to be hung and fireplaces to be decorated, and this tree to be decorated.....yes, it is 15 feet tall. Don't you just love it???? Can't get enough......Lulu hand me another bow........And this is only the first one. More to come.......Lauri 'Deck the Halls' Evans

Monday, November 24, 2008

Everything's Bigger in Texas, Part Deux (or the Lintman Cometh)

whew!  I thought I'd seen it all!  10 days ago I blogged about receiving a gift from Trash.  It's taken me this long to wrap my mind around such an oddity item.  Now the AMAZING STUNT BRA is THE #1 product under Bigger-in-Texas Category.  This is a close second.  Without further ado I present:

lwq_hramtoilelint1_112008 3264x2448


I had no idea there were sicker tickets than me and Trash.  I was wrong.  A woman, unknown to me, makes art from Lint.  Don't believe me? Just google Lint Art.  That should shock your chakras back to Delhi.  I was informed by one of my friends that 'they' collect lint(!) for the alledged purpose of using it as a fire-starter on camping trips. "It is light and  highly flammable..."  This story is a bit suspect. These are also the people who had the first bunker built for Y2K, cornered the market on toilet paper. But I digress...

I have been carrying around The Lint since it arrived.  I was unaware Brinks Armored Trucks considered lint a 'high risk good'.  I had no issue with the 20-question receipt/form.  I did, however, protest the 'pat down'. Officer Kris ,'the man-lady',  took a little too long around the bend, if you know what I mean.

Well, I had The Lint at the Antique Mall on Thursday.  Lauren took some publicity shots using The Lint.  In this environment, the business with the edge gets the sale.   Don't these make you just drool with envy?  I know, it's pretty fab.

lwq_hramoysterplatelint_112008 3264x2448

Limoges Oyster Plate et lint..pleh pleh, I mean oui oui

lwq_hramcoachlint_112008 3264x2448

Cinderella and The Lint Prince

lwq_hramfruitbowllint_112008 2448x3264

Lint with Apples, Still life

ox...happy MOnday.......lulu

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Some shots from my booth...

this is me after the show and 2 days 'doing' Christmas!
All photos courtesy of my friend Lauren Quas, Marketing Director and Dealer Herder at Historic Roswell Antique Market. Thanks Lauren!!!!
ox lulu

Monday, November 17, 2008

Butter Pat Special Delivery....

We were so busy with the show this weekend I just forgot to tell you all about my newest addition to my collection. Yes, yes it happened again my friends are just making me happier and happier. This one is a real favorite and comes from the original Butter Pat Queen herself, Miss Theresa Smith. Yes, this little cutie came all the way from Kentucky. And as always You are now my new BFF. Could this be any better??? Is that 205, or 206, lulu? Oh my I have lost count. Well just wanted you all to know I am still getting prizes in the mail, Love you bunches TOT....

Best Show Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are happy chippys this morning! We had our best show ever this weekend at Lakewood 400. We can't thank everyone enough for coming out to see us and BUYING, this weekend. We met so many wonderful folks and just feel so fortunate to be in a business that we love and enjoy. There were crowds and we were busy all weekend, had so much fun. Our friends James and Theresa Starnes were there set up and we just had a blast. We were amazed that most everything we sold was to a new customer, not sure where our old customers were but, so glad to have the new ones. Here are more pics of the booth and of some of our customers.......

The girls were so happy to be there.........

Here is Denise wearing her new junk necklace, she was so sweet and brought her mom back the next day and bought more necklaces.......Love That!!!!

Here is another LULU, she bought a gorgeous junk necklace from lulu and it looked fab on her...
We talked to this lady and her friends forever and she bought a stunning junk necklace, doesn't it look great on her? She is from Omaha and goes to Texas, we are meeting her there in the Spring. I can't remember her name. Sorry.....

Here's sweet James wearing the Santaland Elf hat, I love it . He kept us in stitches all weekend.

Here is lulu lounging on her new chairs, she STOLE, from Mr. We Strip. She is so tired, and can't keep lugging around all that money..........Once again thank you to everyone and see you next month.....Lauri and lulu

Friday, November 14, 2008

You all are GOING to B soooooooooo Jealous

This is lulu. I got a gift this week equivalent to one from "we 3 Kings of the Orient Are, bearing gifts we travel afar..." you know the tune...a cute little ditty for the holidays...However, The GIFT is from one Trash Queen from afar.
Unfortunately, I am sTILL SO OVERWHELMED at the importance of said gift that I cannot possibly blog about it at this moment in time. So stay tuned..........oxoxooxo

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lakewood 400, Santa Claus in Coming to town.....

We are all set up and ready for you.......come on out and see us at Lakewood 400 this weekend. Lulu and Lauri

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We got an Award, imagine that.......

Sweet Deb at Talkin' Trash was so sweet to nominate little ole us for an award. And then Sue at Bella Shabby, nominated us too. We are just so excited.....Thank you both for the honor. So here's how it goes we are suppose to tell you 6 things about ourselves and then nominate 6 more folks. Well, we decided it would be much more fun to tell 6 things about each other........ OOOooooooo this will be fun, or will it,hmmmmmmmmmmm. Okay here goes.

1. Lulu is probably the smartest person I know, but you would never know it........

2. She is a passionate jewelry artist and could sell her stuff in the finest of stores if she wanted to.

3. Lulu is crazy about her hubby, dogs, cat and fact if her husband ever leaves her she will never know it because the dogs will sleep with her.

4. She is a Master Gardener and if you go to her house you would know it.

5. Lulu is the kind of friend who is tons of fun to go on a trip with and won't judge you if you do something stupid or hold it against you........Or if you're not a morning person.

6. She eats and drinks like a horse and you would never know it.......just look at her. (where does she put it?)

A word from lulu....FYI the dogs sleep ON TOP OF THE COVERS...I do draw the line.

*****************************Lauri Evans by lulu*********************************
1. Lauri's most favorite holiday is Christmas. Although she gets lumps of coal more times than less...

2. Lauri's son, Adam, is her heart and soul.

3. Lauri would make a good poker player...she masks her emotions extremely well.

4. Lauri is a generous and loyal friend. (She paid me A LOT to write that!) just kidding, Chips

5. Lauri does everything to Perfection! and beautifully as well!

6. Lauri is allergic to vodka.

Time Worn Interiors

Garden Antiques

Sweet Repose

Count Your Blessings

Cake Wrecks

2 chippys

Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm a lucky girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOOK.........Can you stand it??????? Another one, and a cute one at that. One of my favorites.... Of course I have never met a butter pat I didn't like. I can't believe it, it happened again, this time via my newest BFF Theresa Cano, yes a Texas butter pat the best kind. But, she was already my BFF so I guess now she is just a double whammy BFF. Oh, I am so lucky, this is so much fun, for me that is........I guess I need to send something to all of you now, I'll think of something good, but it won't be a butter pat................sorry. I just am so excited, Thank you Texas T for being so sweet. You're the best. That's 204 lulu................

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Kindness of...laundromats

I must confess that I have a little collection going.  I mentioned in a comment that I have a small lint collection.  over 5000 pieces.  I am shooting for the world's largest lint ball.  My cat is ecstatic!  I have a deal with the local laundromats whereby I collect their dryer lint .  But I think Lauri's little gig of shameless begging/boasting is a better way to go: Passive collection. 

SO, next time you clean out your dryer vent think of lulu's largest lint ball.  The Ripley's people, Guinness Book and Martha Stewart have made inquiries and are interested in doing a little piece on me and my lint.  Stay tuned, and keep the lint coming! AND NO, TnT you may NOT send bellybutton lint....gag I do Have standards.

ox lulu

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Kindness of Friends...............

Do you see this?????? Oh yeah, baby it's a butter pat, one of my favorite sizes and it has the heavy bottom, Oh, oh I am just about to hyperventilate.......Can it be????? Yep, arrived in the mail today from that SWEET Janet of Rubbish and company......How lucky am I ?????Lulu says I'm spoiled......but, I just think I am blessed with some really great friends. Thank you sweet Janet you are the best and my new if there is anyone else out there who would like their butter pat on blog, just mail it to........Oh sorry, lulu will kill me. Here I go being blessed, Lauri

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Everything is BIGGER in Texas

The following story is true.  The names have been changed for no apparent reason. 

Do you all know what is an AMAZING STUNT BRA?????  We didn't think so.  Feast your eyes and listen're about to see and read about h-i-s-t-o-r-y!  Everything you see on the table came out of our celebrity's BRA--the AMAZING STUNT BRA. 

We here at Chippys were in awe...we still are.  We witnessed the unloading at Zapp Hall Beer Garden during the Fall shows.  No LIE! 



The inventory includes the following:

1 set of car keys

1 cell phone

1 wine/bottle opener

1 lipsitck tube

1 rather large wad of cash

1 digital camera

1 stack of business cards

2 rather voluptuous bosoms


nOW That you've picked your jaw up off of the floor listen up!  This is technology we've got to employ in the war on terror!!!!!  Imagine if the Brits had this in their MI6. 

This is a huge, pardon the pun, opportunity for the females of the world to make great strides in a predominately male world, real and in Hollywood:  ' Bond, Jugs Bond.  Registered DDD37---license to shock, awe and kill!!!!  The Quantum of Solace is retitled The Quantum Cups of Solace.

Okay, so maybe you're just a normal, everyday house frau, working mom, etc.  You're asking yourself "..but lulu, how can I HAVE A stunt bra in my little world?"   Well, ladies, it's simple.  Think in terms of your routines and how the BRA might be useful.

Time Saver: Our mystery Bra-Woman says she doesn't even have to undress to try these on.  All she does is put one cup on her head like a cap and if it fits...VIOLA....she's got her bra!!!   

Green:  Hate those plastic bags you get at the store?  Just pile your purchases inside your AMAZING STUNT BRA!   In an effort to keep mall security from trying to arrest you, we suggest you pin your receipt to your shirt as you exit.

FASHION:  ARE YOU constantly rummaging around that overly-large and cumbersome purse?  Do you worry your shoes and bag doesn't match?  Do you have formal events but hate to carry a pocket book?  The AMAZING STUNT BRA is your answer!!  There is even a strapless version!!!! whew...those evening gowns can really be revealing.

AIR travEL:  wE BET you will NEVER be hassled again with paying for OVERWEIGHT/extra baggage fees, carry on bags or cumbersome BAGS to juggle going through the airport.  The TSA might even put you in an expediated line since all you have to do is unload/ easy. (We are going to investigate AMAZING STUNT BRA for our next airplane trip which involves butter pats).

Economy:  Go to your closet and just look at the plethora of handbags, purses, clutches.  Now tally up your costs.  Now, imagine just 7 bras in your lingerie chest.  See?  All ready you've saved money...that you can spend on more stuff to put in THE AMAZING STUNT BRA.

This is NOT a paid promotional commercial.  We just appreciate form, fashion, function and design at its best. 


OX  lulu

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Urban Farmhouse

Hey folks, check this out. My friend Lisa at Urban Farmhouse has got a spread in the New Country Living Magazine. And wouldn't you know it, it includes Mercury glass!!!!!!!! Delish...... as TNT would say.....Don't you just love those Mercury glass finials????? To Die For!!!!!! Of course, I emailed her immediately to get those in the mail. Her Christmas Open house is this weekend and I would lovvvvvvve to go. I may be AWOL, this weekend.......well, it is the Rut.......the month that we deerhunter wives live for all year long. Freedom.........I know lulu, it's 900 miles......but has that ever stopped me?????? Sorry I gotta go to Mapquest now. Cheers, Lauri