Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Year, a new blog!!!!!

The chippy blog will be no more, bitter sweet, but necessary.  Way too many bad memories there....... It just took me this long to realize it.  But, I am very excited about my new one.  And maybe this is what I need to jump start my blogging.....So help me say good bye and hello to my new one., is up and running and I am very excited to start a new.  Thank you all for being so loyal to me in the past and please help me out by changing your link to the new one.  Thanks everyone and happy new year.  lauri

Monday, December 27, 2010

My Christmastime.......

 Well, first a look at why I can't get anything done around here.  I just can't stop looking at this face.  Never knew how much I could love this little guy....... It has been a crazy month for me, and I can't believe this is the first post I have done in December.  Where has the time gone???? Earlier in the month my son was in a wedding in Savannah, Ga, and I was a lucky duck to get to travel with them to take care of the baby.  Still pinching myself I got to spend all that time with them.  Then a very sweet friend of mine for many years passed away early last week.  She was such a dear and sweet friend and I miss her already.  I totally missed posting pictures of Lakewood this month, so they are included.  But, I was very disappointed Lakewood had been really booming for me the last 7 or 8 months, I really loved my booth this month, but it was like no one came, like the doors were locked.  Oh well, staying positive for next month.  Also, I finally ventured out to make some pictures of our white Christmas here.  How lucky was that???? Hope you enjoy and I hope to get better at posting. 

I bought this little chair in Texas from Alice, finally got it over to my
upholster, how cute is it?!!!! I know you are drooling Theresa Smith!!!!!!!

Our front entrance to our house, in the snow...........

Our front door......

Merry Christmas everybody!!!!!!!