Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Little Laughter on the 2nd Floor

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with Lauri at her mom's hospital room. Her mom hasn't woken up from the surgery. Her vitals are good-strong strong heartbeat. We talked to her, held her hand and listened to Lauri tell funny stories. I now know how Lauri got to be so spoiled!!! ;0

I told Ms. Norma Jean that she had so many people all over the country saying prayers and sending good wishes her way. I would like to think that she heard everything we said. I know she responded to Lauri's voice by moving her head towards her.

The room is very large and private. Her nurse, Roy, sits right outside the door. It is a quiet floor and not at all hectic like, say the ortopedic ward, with people coming and know how noisy hospitals can be.

Any way, Lauri wanted me to post. I don't know how it happened but Baby, somehow, managed to get herself smack dab in the middle of the bouquet I brought. Crafty Baby! and Please notice the chippy white enamel pitcher...I told Lauri I wanted to bring a quilt and hang it on the wall and add a piece of furniture or two b/c the hospital decor is so not us! the photo is blurry since I used my camera phone but I think it's all right.

Lauri and I had some good laughs, shared a cup of coffee and I know that I came away feeling a little less sad and helpless. xo lulu

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


When I was a little girl I loved watching Captain Kanagaroo. I especially loved Mr. Greenjeans. He wore green overalls and got to drive a tractor. When we purchased our home and property back in 1999 the first thing out of my mouth (well, maybe third after "I want this... and PLEEEEEASE???") was 'Greenjeans'. This place is truly one green space. Those roses are in the courtyard just outside the sunroom. Below is a view from the corner of the garage. I also love hydrangeas and these babies will be blooming BLUE very soon.

Now this specimen is called Gaston. He was on a walkabout the day I was photographing. He is my alarm clock. Sometimes during the full moons he is a little too early...

These are some wildflowers that just appear each year on the east side. I just mow around them during the blooming time. I love them!

This is my 'Mr Ed Door'. or my Just Baked Pie cooling-off door. It is the door to my FUn House or the Garden Shed. Shed doesn't do it justice. My husband and a dear friend constructed this pole barn a few years ago. It even has a tin roof. I have yet to decorate it...well because it houses the lawn tractor, push mower, tiller etc. but it is screaming for a little order and decor.

This is the view from the east side of the meadow. The apple tree in the foreground was a Christmas present from Phil this past holiday. The photo below it is the view from the 'Drinking Veranda' looking at the vegetable garden. We are growing corn, black beans, green beans, zucchini, yellow squash, 5 kinds of tomatoes, poblano and green peppers, herbs and lots of zinnias.

this is the 'Chicken Garden'. It is where I grow money plant and later red Crocosmia followed by asters and native aegeratum---all blues and purples.

This is the view from the Veranda looking out towards the east and the meadow. That black thing is Matilde aka The Black Devil. She was supervising this project- and looking for moles.

Any way, this morning is gloomy and humid and rainy. I needed some sunshine. I really do love my place here. I garden & mow all of this myself and do not have any help-nor do I want it. Phil does the vegetable gardening and chainsawing of whatever he can think of. I will post more photos later as the season reveals its beauty and bounty....ox lulu

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Please Take a Moment...

My co-chipstress and her family need your help. Lauri's mom underwent neurosurgery early Saturday morning. She fell, fractured her skull and needed the surgery to reduce swelling and so forth.

She is in Neuro ICU at Northside Hospital in Sandy Springs. Things are so very iffy right now in terms of what, when, how, etc. Lauri is hanging in there despite the circumstances.

Pls remember them in your thoughts and prayers.
I will post more information later.

Please take the time to tell those people in your life how they mean to you. How much you love and appreciate them.
xo lulu

Thursday, May 21, 2009

May We Have the Envelope Please?

Well the day is upon us. It is time to do our anniversary giveaway~contest. We have pulled, no not a rabbit out of the hat, but a name! THE WINNER IS, WE SWEAR, THERESA CANO! Who could be more appropriate to start the project other than our very own 'Roving Reporter'?

Now, don't cry all you other lovely bloggers. Your time will come. But until then we thought we'd share our pages with all of you!

Enjoy. and please, no autographs. Cheers, Lauri and Lulu

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hydrangeas and Boots

I am sure that yawl are tired of seeing pictures of these Hydrangeas but, here is another one, I can't believe it these things are still just gorgeous. I brought about a dozen of them home with me and I swear I bet I have taken 100 pictures of them. I just can't take my eyes off of them. I don't know what it is, they are just beautiful to me.............. And on a Wedding note, take a look at these adorable little boots that Katie has decided to wear for the wedding. To Die For!!!!! Aren't they the bomb!????? She borrowed them from her friend and they will be her, Something borrowed. I just love them and it is so fitting because you know we bought Lucheses for Adam at Christmas, yes cowboy boots at the wedding, what else with camo and orange????
Cheers, Lauri

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Mega Wedding

Well, actually it was Megan and Nathans' wedding, my friend Cindy's daughter. I was quite honored several months back when she asked me to help with the wedding. Although, everytime I think about Megan, I see her 3 years old with a big ole bow in her hair. She is a beautiful woman now and this wedding is OVER THE TOP. There were 58 tables that were decorated with florals or candle holders and I used this luscious celery green fabric for an accent color. The vases have dendroven orchids sunken in the water and the ultimate wedding flower, mop head hydrangeas (my favorite) and bear grass. I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to but, here are a few.

The church was so pretty I swagged ivory tulle from the ceiling and tied big bows at the top, lamps and sides. I love tulle, as you can see I swagged it all over the front of the church. If you don't like bows don't ask me to decorate. I have a motto, if it stands still long enough it gets a bow!!!

Here is what the tent looked like it was 60' X 120'. It was a HOSS. But so pretty........... Now I think I am ready for the Wedding of the Year!!!!! Cheers, Lauri

Thursday, May 14, 2009


WELL...BLESS OUR BOOTS AND CALL US CHIPPYS. We weren't kidding when we posted ages ago about our one year anniversary 'Event'. Pull up a chair, take notes and get to it!
There are so many of you darling bloggers we have yet to meet. We feel a connection with all of you even though we don't really know much about each other.
So, we decided to honor our first year of blogging by making a scrapbrook which YOU CREATE!
Here's the low down: We will kick start the book with 'Lauri & lulu pages'. Add some guidelines and gentle suggestions and send it out! We'll include gobs of scrapbooking materials for you (and you are free to use your own matierials as well) so you can add a page or two about yourself. Then you pass it on to the next person and so on and so forth.
We ask that you get it back to us either within 12 months or lack of interest, whichever comes first. The book isn't big because we realize postage can be $$.
The best part of this is everyone who wants to participate can do so. And, we get to have a fabulous piece of each and every one of you. And you know it will make the rounds at the Texas Shows when we come back!
This is the outside cover of the Book of 2Chippys! Lauri did a swell job giving it that je n'est ce quoi!
This is a portion of the goodies we'll include: 20 pgs scrapbooking paper, 1 glue runner, a stamp or 2, 1 cutter, some groovy cards, laces, ribbons, bits,& pieces! And these goodies are yours to keep. We will leave instructions inside the book so no one will have any doubts about what we want, some tips and suggestions!

We'll give you 7 days from this post to leave your comments. Everyone who leaves a comment will go in the drawing and some one has to be first and the best part you get to keep all the goodies and just send the book to the next person. We will officially post about who is the first recipient and send it OUT! Let The Fur Fly! We're really excited about this and hope you will be too!

And the upside is we don't have to tangle with airport security or baggage restrictions!

ox lulu & Lauri

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Miss Sweet Talk Janet

Here's a big shout out to Miss Sweet Talk herself, Janet Romine, Janet is just the sweetest thing, a true Texas treasure. And she has some wonderful ideas floating around that head of hers and this one is real doozy, please go check out her new blog and her new business Sweet Talk, it is just the coolest, cutest cards you have ever seen that can say anything you like in the coolest font. It is just the best idea and you will love it. She is also queen of ironstone and butter pats, but that's another story..............So please head on over and tell her the 2chippys sent you. Cheers, Lauri

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lulu's 911

Today I headed out to the Mall for some much needed shopping. And I was surprised when I entered the parking lot and there were fire trucks everywhere. I thought, Oh my, wait do I know that person over there. Sure enough there's Lulu trying to get the firemen to let her drive the firetruck. The woman loves firemen, what can I say............. Cheers, Lauri