Friday, February 27, 2009

It's been a good week for Butter Pats......

Did I mention that I love butter pats???? Well actually I have a love affair with butter pats, okay okay, I am obsessed with them. I admit it. There is just something about how sweet they look all stacked up. And I have to give the credit to Theresa Smith for first loving them and turning me on to them. I just remember seeing all of hers all stacked up in her cupboard in Country Living magazine. And at that time I didn't even know Theresa, I just adored her from afar. I mean she is a know. I will never forget the first time Lulu and I saw her at Scott's we literally got down on our knees and bowed. And who knew that I would be able to find so many butter pats. Cause trust me it ain't easy to find them. Most of them I did get in Texas, and a lot of them sweet people have given me. That's the best part, cause they are all special. But, this week I have kinda hit the mother load. You see one of our sweet friends came to see us at Lakewood and wouldn't you know brought us a butter pat. Yes she was being nice, she brought Lulu one too. (But, you know it is mine.) A while back we were fortunate enough to meet Pat and Gerri from Refind Maison Jardin in Powder Springs and sweet Gerri brought them to us. Thank you so much for such a sweet gesture..,......Here it is,
Now that's not all here are two more that Ms. Trash of Talking White Trash sent me just because she loves me,

Now this little stack of eight no less, a sweet lady sent me from ebay, because I sent her 13.00,

And last but not least, I just found Sweet Sue of Bella Shabby and she had these little cuties for sale on her blog along with this fabulous sugar bowl. So I managed to talk her out of those. Money always talks. And don't you just love that sugar bowl with the lid no less. In true Rubbish (Janet Romine) fashion. I feel just like Janet with this sugar bowl and a quarter of all the butter pats she probably has.

So as I said its been a good week for butter pats.........Cheers, Lauri
P.S. That's 232 TOT!!!!!!

HELLO! This lulu. I'm glad lauri started PAYING for some of these butter pats! I did receive a butter pat from Gerri. Lauri was SO MEAN. She insisted that I give her MINE. NEVER. I have 5 just to annoy her. These are 5 she thinks she's getting. Are you familiar with the term 'when pigs fly'? Just making sure. Of course, it's been awhile since anyone sent me anything of note (dryer lint must be scarce). I think it pays to be on Lauri's BPP (butter pat payroll). She alone can keep part of the economy up and running. Well. I have a new post I need to start working on. It begins with a T and ends with an S. giddy up ox lulu

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mary Kay Andrews (Love Her)

OMG, I am just about to have a come apart here........No kidding, I 'bout died when I saw a comment on our blog from this sweet lady. I have been a fan of hers for years. She is just the epitome of Southern Lady......and her books are to die for. You will laugh your She is just the sweetest thing and writes about the South and how we live, with such a twist you will think it is somebody next door. And she is really a junker. Her books usually have a picker or some kind of antique dealer. You must go out and buy her books you will love them. My favorite is Little Bitty Lies. You won't believe how it ends. And the best part she has a new one, Deep Dish and it releases February 26, I will be at the Barnes and Noble in the morning when it opens. I know, I know, you're saying, "oh I didn't know you could read", but after all wonders never cease. And go check her out she has a blog too, The Kudzu Telegraph. Its just delightful. How exciting to find Mary Kay Andrews on a blog. Who knew!!!!! Cheers, Lauri

Saturday, February 21, 2009

2Chippys and Lakewood 400 Antiques Show

We're having a good show and lots and lots of people are shopping. We can't complain. Just enjoying our friends and customers. Wish you were here............
Here's a big shout out to Larry and Janice, Cisco, Tom, Murray, and Jeff. Oh, and the Chinese Astronaut girl. Whatever........Lauri and Lulu

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And now, from the Shameless & Coarse Division...

Step right up and see the most electrifying, mesmerizing, captivating, scintallating, ovulating and hormonal blazing 100th BLOG POST in BLOGISTAN. Yes, ladies & germs, it is The One, The Only, The Wild TOT Post Extravaganza!!!!!!!!
To enter just go to TOT's blog and leave a comment. If you can't figure how to find it you ARE NOT WORTHY. (Hey TOT, is this ok? Does this mean I win????? heh eheheheheheh) to the best in the world.....oxxxooxoxoxoxoxox lulu-the-ass-kisser

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Rarely am I without words, but I am speechless. Look at this box of Wonderful that Sweet Karen from A musements sent to me. I am just amazed these are the most darling little slippers you have ever seen. I just love them. A while back I started corresponding with Karen and asked about her slippers........ Well, who knew they were this precious. And I know you are all dying over that little brown pair, Oh I love, love, love them. They are just so sweet. They have all these little lacy things and embellishments on them. Oh Karen you are so talented. I originally wanted them to give some for gifts, but, I am sorry I just don't think I can part with them. I feel so fortunate to have met Karen on the blog and so many other sweet people, I am constantly amazed at the generosity of people and such sweet spirits. But, you have got to see these little darlings.

I must tell you how I came to get these goodies. When I was talking with Karen she mentioned that her mother was originally from Alabama and there were a few Southern staples like pear preserves and the like that she could not get in Oregon, so I gathered her up a box of goodies and sent it about as far away as I could to Oregon.......Where is Oregon, is that near Alaska????

Anyway lucky me I am just loving these little cuties, and as if that was not enough, she also sent some other goodies, lots of keys, and watch faces and tokens, and little message bottles, also these cool little pictures with mica, I hesitate to show those, hence the copycat is looking.......but I love those. This is some great junk. And lulu I know I usually share stuff with you but, I don't know this stuff is good......

I just can hardly contain myself, so selfless and sweet of Karen, I'll bet she is like this all the time. Anyway I gotta get busy making her something out of this good stuff. Thank you Karen and I feel so fortunate to have met you. Cheers, Lauri

Did I forget to mention that I have been trying to figure out how to get these little babies on for the last hour.......ughhhhhhh

Monday, February 16, 2009

Greetings from lulu!

well, Trash, it looks like I missed one helluva throw down. Sorry I missed the soiree. I was out trying to support my junk habit! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, belated. I did get a text message from some wedding chapel in might want to double-check on Cat Daddy. I have to assume they eloped AS MY CHIPPY PARTNER IN CRIME DID NOT COME TO SEE ME AT SCOTT'S!!!!! Never mind. no worries.

I had a great time and met many fun and interesting dealers! Thanks to my buddies who came down to see me and lend their support and help. I am sending a big shout out to my he-men neighbors on aisle L-2: George, Tom, Cid & Tom-the-Picker. I can't wait until next month. My camera wasn't cooperating so I don't have any photos. There is always MARCH!

Miss everyone in Blogistan. I have been a busy bee working on new projects. Don't take my absence (assuming you noticed...ha ha ) as not caring. LOVE YOU ALL!
ox lulu

Friday, February 13, 2009

Debbie Does Dallas at a Trashy Party.......Oooops

I tried my best to find a picture of me when I was skinny.........and this was the best I could do. Did some one say attention!!!!!Anyway I should have done this post before I started drinking cause Deb's gonna kill me when she reads the title. But, I am so honored to be invited and so honored the prize is mine, I mean for me. And I am not talking about the necklace. I am talking about Cat Daddy. Don't you just love him........ I love a big Texas man, and he rides bare back you know, or at least he did. That's okay I am sure TNT, ain't lettin' us out of her sight. But, when I wasn't sure I was going to win I did find this picture of me and my buddy, David Lee Murphy.......I know you're saying who????? I realize most of you ain't old enough to know who he is but, you have probably heard the song Party Crowd. And I do like this picture for three reasons.
1. I am skinny
2. I am 10 years younger and
3. I love David Lee Murphy (even if he was drunk)

And here is a picture of Lulu with MY date, as usual she always gets the guy.........Love ya'll, and everybody head on over to Talkingwhitetrash for the party and party on sistas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lauri

Monday, February 9, 2009

I Love PINK!!!!

I just love Pink!!!!! And after three times of trying to get these photos, here they are, first I forgot my camera, next trip the batteries were dead, and as they say the third time is a charm. I guess I am not surprised, last week was just one of those weeks. I won't go into it because you wouldn't believe me anyway.
I was so excited a few months ago when a client from a few years back called me and said she was expecting and asked me to do the nursery. A nursery is just a delight for me, I was so excited. When she showed me the fabrics, I was even more excited. The paisley fabric is called Gypsy Watermelon, doesn't that sound just yummy. And I love the green accents with it. And who doesn't love a pink buffalo check??? And that fringe is to die for!!!! It was such a delight to sew all these and see how they turned out. So enjoy the pictures. I'm having a drink........ Cheers, Lauri