Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lulu fulfills a life long dream.....

Yes folks, who knew after all these years that a dream come true would happen for lulu in a fire station in Columbus, TX.  I'm sure she would had rather it been at the lulu's texas 070

Pink Pony but, we will take what we can get at this age.  So here she is in all her glory (Hugging a pole).......not to mention when she threw herself onto the fire truck.  All in all we had a great time meeting and talking with Chief Walla in Columbus....Lauri

lulu's texas 085

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I love a Man in a Uniform

TEXAS 08 076

Lauri and I stayed in Columbus, Texas during the antique shows.  One night after supper we met the FIRE CHIEF !  I guess I need to clarify this by saying we left the restaurant and I saw a fireman's bumper sticker on a car.  I made some smarty comment about firemen and that's how we met Chief Walla and Mrs. Patsy Walla.  (We also met Dr. Clive Marburger - yes that Marburger-and the lovely Mrs.  They had dinner together celebrating Doc's birthday WHICH happened to coincide with mine(lulu).  Any way Mrs. Marburger was in a hurry to get home to watch "Dancing with the Stars" so after a quick photo op they left. 

The Chief and Patsy were so lovely.  I asked him if he had any old fireman's stuff for sale.  He did not.  HOWEVER he offered to give us a TOUR OF THE FIREHOUSE!  Being shy and reserved we thought about it for 2 seconds and accepted!

I have to say, the fire department is all volunteer so there were NO firemen hanging around. Damn.  The Chief spent over an hour showing us around.  He has the most incredible collection of antique apparatus that the department really used.  Old hats, the old horn they blew to alert everyone about a fire, a fully restored 1930s Ford fire engine, fire buckets plus all the new gizzys and such.  They have a boat for river rescue since the Colorado River runs through the town.  He even showed us the secret-squirrel x-ray camera that shows heat-emitting objects, such as people, in the thick fog of a fire (I still say I saw Lauri's underwear when he pointed it at her).  The camera costs about $11,000.  He said he put in ad in the paper for donations to buy one and within 2 days he had enough pledges to buy 2 cameras! 

aTEXAS 08 073 

Any way he was swell to let us climb around on the trucks.  He gave us patches to give to our fire departments in exchange for their patches.  They started to collect them from all over Texas and the U.S.

So we salute the brave men from the Volunteer Fire Department of Columbus, Texas and especially Chief Bob Walla and Mrs. Patsy Walla!

Chippy favorite #9

xo lulu

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chippy Fav #8 Magnolia Pearl

texas 069

Magical, absolutely beautiful things.  I had often heard and seen pictures of these gorgeous clothes and purses, but not until I saw them in person did I believe how pretty they really are.  The entire booth is like walking into another world.  It just draws you in and about a $1000 later you leave and wonder what happened to you.   lulu's texas 061At one point I lost Lulu and when I found her she had transformed into a Magnolia Pearl model, yes she took her clothes off, (again) and was wearing the most adorable outfit.  And for those of you who are wondering, I am the chubby one on the left and Lulu is on the right doing a Colgate commercial.  John (Robin's husband is in the middle), can't wait to go back and check this stuff out again.  Chippy Fav #8, Magnolia Pearl.texas 071

Lulu here in her new Magnolia Pearl duds. 

Saturday, April 26, 2008

And here's my loot from today!


The blue shutters were found three days ago but they looked good so I kept them in the shot.

The little too cute.  I have a doll collection my grandmother started for me when I was 4. 

Happy Hunting! xo lulu

Chippy Fav #7

 lulu's texas 026

Rubbish, this girl is the sweetest ever.  Once again a find of Theresa Cano (The Warrenton Encyclopedia).  Janet Romine has the best eye for unusual stuff.  And she is the queen of flash cards, you name it she's gotem, not to mention she has cornered the market on butter pats, there were just to many to choose from.  Also, she  has an incredible selection of ironstone.  We drooled all through her booth.  The day we saw her it was her birthday, Happy Birthday,again Janet!  (She doesn't think she is a princess she's just wearing the crown cause its her birthday......Or I don't know maybe she does?????  If you love ironstone you must look her up in Coles' Antiques.  Chippy fav #7, Rubbish.  Lauri

show 001

On another adventure this morning Lulu and I headed out to a little local antique show and here are some pictures of some of the great stuff I got.......I feel just like Theresa Cano.  2Chippys Lauri

show 003

Friday, April 25, 2008

Oooh la la

French Treasures

I just love this web site.  If you want something special and don't mind the cost this stockpile is for you!  Usually the pieces are drapery length so minimal/no sewing is required!.  These are two fabrics I bought and use in my house.

Furniture 001 Furniture 002 xo lulu

Thursday, April 24, 2008



Austin, Texas!

Lauri was forced decided to take a writing break.

While in Texas we day tripped over to Austin.  It is one cool city. 

We hit only a few places but they were sublime chippy temples!

UNCOMMON OBJECTS (see link @ end of pg)

The store sign sports a rather large rabbit sitting atop it.  We were greeted with display cases full of sparkling jewelry, bits and whatnot.  Oh and the full size teaching skeleton hanging out to our right!

TEXAS 08 040

We spent 3 hours (I think that's our M.O. for stores we love) pouring over every item in there.  Vintage clothing, religious ephemera, out-of-the-ordinary-things-your-mama-wouldn't-approve-of-you buying and more.

TEXAS 08 041From left: skeleton, shop girl and shop girl.

We sauntered down the block for lunch (3:00pm) because it was taking so long to ring up my purchases.  GUERO'S Taco Stand is so yummy!  I almost ordered a 'Texas' Margarita but realized where I was.  It's just a plain ol' 'rita to them!  Who knew?

Our last stop in SOCO (South Congress) was Allen Boots.  Alas, the boot genies were working against us and we left bootless.  I will buy those orange boots upon my return in the Fall.  Lookout. 

Austin is Chippy #5 collective.  Oh BTW Lauri didn't propose to ANYONE in Austin.

xo lulu

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

In response to fans...or stalkers

TEXAS 08 017

this Lauri and

TEXAS 08 018 this is lulu

Texas Treasures.....


  texas 055


Words cannot express how I feel about these guys.  Michael and Ed of Leftovers.  I can sum it all up in two words, The Masters.  (Lulu you knew this was coming.)  The first time I ever met Michael was at the Heart of Country Show in Nashville.  This was when I fell head over heels in love with butter pats.  The guy had taken little bitty plate hangers and hung about 20 of them on the wall.  I almost died.  The entire booth was incredible. And I am thinking, where was this guy 20 years ago?  Oh I know, in diapers.......

Seriously, I proposed marriage to him right then and there.  I thought anyone this talented I got to have.  He laughed. 

So when I stepped into that store a few weeks ago I was speechless.  If you are a lover of old things, at least once before you die you have to see this store.  I think we were there three hours. Taking into consideration all this wonderful stuff and that killer collection of purple bottles, all I could think was how am I going to get this guy back to my decorate it.  And after serious consideration, I decided to propose to him again.  Lulu said I shouldn't, but it was mostly because she didn't think he would fit in the truck with all the stuff we had already bought. (but, if he had accepted I would have put her happy ass on a plane back to GA, sorry sweetie.)  Laughed again. 

So I am still trying and I am just wondering if he could just look past the Starbucks lattes, and Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Mama's CornbreadGLAMOUR SHOT 004......Well maybe........Okay stop laughing everybody has a Glamour shot.  What was I thinking?  Better yet, what am I thinking now to show you this..........I must be crazy.  Anything for a laugh.  Chippys Fav #5 Leftovers, enjoy the pictures.  Lauri

texas 048texas 052

texas 046

texas 051


Every Day is Earth Day


We junk queens & chippy fiends practice recycling every day we're on the prowl.  I feel good knowing some old tool, branding iron or old girdle finds a foster home with me until that special someone turns up with money in hand.

I know that yesterday was The official Earth Day.  I was busy drying my clothes and working on a jewelry order for a customer.  So I just want to say keep our landfills clear of good stuff and buy an old fashioned clothes dryer!  'Tis the season for it!  

xo  lulu

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Scary baby heads

TEXAS 08 016

While I was snapping this photo I heard so many people gasping with horror/disgust.  These poor little lambs have lost their...bods.

xo  lulu

Chippy Fav # 4....

renee 001 

Here are some more Texas goodies...Another find of Theresa Cano was Renee Jackson and her booth mates Andy and Susan.  We fell in love with these guys from day one and literally went back to visit them everyday.  Not to mention all the other great folks in Bar W Field.  You must not miss this place,texas 057  there is lots of good stuff here.  Not to mention the lady with the moldy, dirty baby heads that will just crack you up.  Chippy fav #4.  Lauri

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Still talkin bout Texas.......

Another favorite inspiration is the amazing Theresa Smith. She is a jewel. She has this incredible ability to take something you think you'd never want, put it in a display and THEN fork over hundreds of dollars for it.....How does she do that?

Her things are always the best: something you have to have because you know you will never find another one. I have to say most of the things I have bought from her I have kept because I get them home and they look so good I HAVE to keep them.

The things in the picture are just a few of the goodies I got from her in Texas. Love the look this lady has and she is a sweet heart, not to mention that darling husband, where did she find this guy, I want him.....Last but not least on a lighter note.....Who knew this sweet, little, timid person would turn into a 'dancing hellcat' at the Gypsy Prom. I was blown away, get her another drink!!!!Chippy Fav number 3, Theresa "Wildwoman" Smith. Lauri

Lauri's correct! Theresa's industrial, edgy and unique objects make it difficult to turn them over to the masses. I guess that's what you'd expect from the woman who gave us Dynamite Decorating in a Doublewide! You are da bomb (Craig too) xo lulu

Lazy Baby on a Sunday Morning

Just a few shots of lulu's stall at the wonderful Historic Roswell Antique Market.
Enjoy...Have a great day!

Friday, April 18, 2008

More Chippy Friends.....

One of the best inspirations I have ever had is from the illusive Chris Brown. I love this guy, what a talented artist. I think I first learned about him from Theresa Smith, after her home was featured in Country Living Magazine. I said to her, "what the heck is that doll head doing in your cupboard with the ironstone"......and she began to explain the wonderful world of Chris Brown to me. And I have been hooked ever since. You simply must go on his website and get your fill of "Crackheads", as he calls them. He is such a talented artist, he is like an American Idol. I love the crackheads and I love it when we do a show or use them in a display and people say, "Oh, I love your doll heads!" And I'm thinking, Thank you Chris Brown for the inspiration. I hope I get to meet him some time......Chippy fav number 2, Chris Brown. Lauri


renaissance cowboy
continues to embrace the unexpected
always cutting the edge

xo lulu

Oh Mah Gawd!

The title of today's bit sums up any place, person, vignette etc that inspires us. I think Theresa C. should rename her blog to "Oh Mah Gawd". Seriously. I knew that I had to meet her after seeing all the photos of her stuff and others. I confess to getting goosebumps. I also confess that it made me tear up. No lie. I don't know about you but I think that deserves some face time. Mere words don't do justice. I love ya, Texas T. I can't wait to play again!
xo lulu

Thursday, April 17, 2008

...Lulu's disclaimer and other novelties...

Yes folks, while Lauri has been busily bloggging much-deserved praises to our favs I have been wringing my hands with worry. Please, ladies & gentlemen, do not mistake any grammar, spelling and/or syntax errors as MINE. They belong solely to Lauri. I just want to make sure the credit & glory goes where it's due.

Speaking of glory...The Big Q (Lauri's husband) has requested photos of bikinis. He didn't say who or what should be wearing them however. I think he's spent waaaaaay too much time in the duck blinds, deer stands and bird fields these last few months. Stay tuned to our fashion show of "Bikini Blunders and Other Bad Choices".

My darling husband, Dr. Puff, is very excited! He bowed up at dinner tonight and bragged (to me) that he now knows a blogger. Crazy.

Well, being a Blogstress is tiring. Tomorrow IS another day...
I remain yours in chippy vintage heaven,
xoxo lulu

Chippy friends.....

Well, Lulu and I were talking and we decided that we wanted to do a little more talking about Texas, after all that is all we have talked about since we got back. So we thought we would take each one of the wonderful folks we met in Texas and tell you about them. Okay your first Garden Antiques Vintage, Theresa Cano. It all started about a year and a half ago when I met Sweet Cindy of The Plum Tree in McDonough, GA. and I must say if you ever find yourself in Georgia, you must make a trip to The Plum Tree, first of all the town is darling and she has the cutest little shop there. It is one of those shops where minutes turn in to hours, there is so much to see and $400.00 later, you leave with the best treasures, if you can get them all in your truck. Anyway, she told me about Garden Antiques, and then Theresa Smith told me about Garden Antiques, and then someone else, and I just had to see this blog. Well anyone who has ever met precious Theresa Cano, knows what I mean. And this Spring Lulu and I were lucky enough to get to meet her and we were not disappointed. She is just the sweetest person ever, and has the best eye for vintage stuff and then she tells you where to get it. We visited her our first day in Warrenton and five minutes later she had already rattled off about six people we just had to see. Her blog is like the bible for the Warrenton and Round Top shows. She literally could write the guide to the antiques shows there. The first time you meet her she just starts singing the praises of someone she has met or something she as seen. She is just a jewel and if you have not been on her blog you must turn in your junkin licsense immediately. You will love her as we do. Chippy fav number 1 Theresa Cano.

Well we finally did it.......After seeing all of our friends' wonderful blogs, we just had to have one of our own (Actually we just want to go to the Bloggers Party at Round Top next year!).

Oh yeah who are we? Two Georgia peaches completely in love with Texas, chippy furniture and all found objects. Our inspiration for this blog was our first trip to the antique shows in Texas earlier this month. We found 'our people'. Texans have never met a stranger and the new friends we made are worth their weight in gold chippy furniture!!!!

The WE:
Lauri doyenne, seamstress extraordinaire and connoisseur of ironstone butter pats.
Andrea Huff...aka lulu redstar, purveyor of antique/vintage quilts & uncommon objects, jewelry maker of trinkets from Cracker Jack prizes, medals and whatever.