Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We love Bella Marie.........

Bella made her grand entrance into this world
on Thursday March 12 , 2009 at 23 weeks & 5 days
Jen's pregnancy. Bella was born at 3:56pm
weight just under 1lb & 10 inches long.
She is a fighter though.
Today she weighs in at over 2lbs 5 oz.
To read more about Bella and her incredible
story visit her Grandma Debbie @
Talking Trash .
Fair warning - take a tissue.
So what does this sweet baby have to do with a raffle?
Amy @
Trailer Trash came up with this most awesome idea.
She is coordinating a raffle to help raise
funds for those pesky medical bills.

So be sure and check back May 1st -
I understand there are some great
raffle prizes being donated.

The 2chippys will be throwing some treasures
in for the cause too.
Much love to Bella and her family!
Lauri and lulu
and now our donations:

.One original Junk Necklace crafted by Lauri

One vintage 'LoneStar' Quilt to honor our littlest Texan and

One original Junk Jewelry Bracelet by lulu!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Prize and some Wedding Stuff

I cannot believe it, finally a chance to blog.......As lulu says I have just been up to my armpits in alligators lately. Whewwww........I have been helping with Katie's first shower that my Aunt Bettie is doing, and I have the mega wedding for my friend Cindy's daughter coming up on May 16 it is only 650 people.......Eeeekkkkkkkk.........Oh and on another note, take a look at this darling pillow that was a prize I won from Sweet Sue at Bella Shabby, I just love it and this girl made it and she is good, I would like to hire her to help me, if she wasn't in Oregon or somewhere..............Thank you for offering such a lovely gift and how lucky I was to win it.
Well, I have purposely not posted about the wedding because I know before it is over you will all be saying, "is that the only child that has ever gotten married?" But, I wanted to give you a little update on the Wedding of the year.........We met with the coordinator this past week and took some pictures, here is one of the actual venue. Isn't it gorgeous............. It is at the Legacy Lodge at Lake Lanier Islands in Buford, GA. It is just perfect for my son because he is such an outdoors man. That is the lake in the background and you can't even tell that the water is down 10 feet, because we are still in a drought here.

We traveled to the Mart to take a look at all the dresses to choose from........And this is not the dress but, it is similar I just love it.........

And here are the colors, the tuxedos will be chocolate brown and I am not kidding the vests will be camouflage, you have to love this girl for letting him have camo..........The bridesmaids dresses will be this terra cotta color. These colors are also incorporated into the invitations which I will show you later. And this is one of the invitations for her very first shower, I made them and managed to find this fabulous paper to line the envelopes. They turned out great.........More to come........................
Here is a picture I have included of Mr. Hottie, and his buddy Aaron wearing his favorite shirt......never get tired of looking at this kid....................Cheers, Lauri

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


THOSE trusty, rusty, busty Chippy-woulds...Men all want them...Junkers hunts them...they are the craaaaazeee-est GIRLS! Hooray for Chippywood! ...............BUT WE AREN"T STUPID.
Do YOU REALLY think we are going to give away REAL U.S. CURRENCY as our anniversary prize? Please, step away from the Helium Balloon Machines, Ladies.

Be careful what you wish took us a year to get COULD take us that long to disburse the prize money, I mean, white elephant, I mean the grand prize ( and remember there is always a '1st Runner Up' in case the prize winner can't fulfill her duties as directed by our covenants which were adopted by the Bored Of dierEctions, etc.

xo lulu & Lauri

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lakewood 400 and a whole lot of drama............

This was a strange weekend at Lakewood 400, first Lulu decided to blow it off, so I was flying solo..........It wasn't so bad except I had to get up early, bummer. And my best buds Jeff and Tom (and Murray) were MIA this weekend. What the F___!!!??? Anyways a new dealer to Lakewood 400 Phyllis Alexander was in their spot and I got this cool mirror from her. I love it. She was alot of fun, she likes Rachel Ashwell and Martha, and her daughter's getting married so we had a lot to talk about. More drama my other show buddy Janice decided to have a medical emergency so that was a lot of fun. But, she's okay now. It made for some funny stories though.....and to top it all off my mom called me on Monday morning saying, She didn't know where she was.................. Oh dear, I know this has happened to me but I usually just have another drink.......... Anyway, I think I am headed for what so many of my friends are experiencing out there, the role reversal where I become the parent and she becomes the child....... Eeeeekkkkkkk, I was never a good parent though, I remember once when Adam was eight and he told me not to do something and I ended up in the emergency room........this is going to be interesting at best........Here are some pictures, all in all it was a good weekend and thanks to Miss Vintage Hag herself for making my Sunday, its so good to have customers like you!!!!!


THANK YOU MOONLIGHT HOLLOW! WE ARE HONORED TO RECEIVE YOUR AWARD. Althought sometimes I think we forget how good we have it. Renee is fighting a bad breast cancer. She is strong, resilient and sounds like someone we'd love to go junkin' with anytime.

We were a bit carried away with ourselves yesterday so I, lulu, apologize for us for not posting this very lovely honor.

While we know we're supposed to pass it on to more than one we feel one particular blogger deserves this for many reasons which we cannot possible name in one post!

she is the wife of Larry-the-IronGuy and Larry-the Glide Guy!

wait...that sounds like she's married to Darryl's other brothers Larry and Larry. She's only married to one Larry...glad we're clear on that


ox 2chippys

Monday, April 20, 2009


YES! Oh Bloggers in Blogistan we have been blogging for ONE YEAR!!!!! It's our anniversary so we thought we'd do something Chippy-like to mark this milestone. Traditionally, the gift of choice for a one year anniversary is PAPER. (Does anyone remember the little date books you'd get at the Hallmark stores that list all the birthstones for the months and the appropriate gift type for certain anniversaries?) That is the germ for this giveaway. It will be some form of PAPER and that is all we know right this minute. Please stay tuned for more updates on 2chippys!

ox lulu & Lauri

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We have a gracious plenty of trees on our property. HOLY COW! Monday we had 60 mph winds here at Greenjeans! Did I tell you we have a lot of trees surrounded our house? WEEEELLLL....I watched TWO 80' TALL TREES fall on another HUGE tree. 30 minutes later They All Fell Down! thankfully AWAY from my house. Two more had to be tumped over so you wouldn't be reading my obituary instead of my Tall Tale. Of COURSE, I cannot find my camera only my phone camera. I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO MAKE IT SEND A PICTURE TO THE BLOG. I did manage to send a couple to Lauri. Maybe she'll take pity on me and post them.
I have to venture into the 'lulu's Bermuda Triangle-of-Hell-lost&Found' and find said camera OR YOU WILL be reading my obit b/c my Adorable Husband is ANNOYED that the camera is MIA. I saw it during The Black Hole of Show weekend but... SO, That is what I have been doing ALL WEEK so far. Glad to be alive, kickin', bitchin' and screamin' AND BLOGGIn'
xo lulu

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

He's a Hunka, Hunka Burnin' Love........

And one more reason to love Texas!!!!! I saved the best for last ya'll and yes this is his happy face! I love you Cat Daddy!!!!!! Lauri

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Texas Treasures........

Here are some of the goodies I got in Texas. I can never resist an old cash register. And as soon as I got to see Malisa of Moonlight Hollow she presented me with the wonderful United States Jug that she had bought for me, just because I admired it on her blog one day. She was so sweet and also, gave me this beautiful vintage cake topper in excellent condition for the wedding. That was really sweet of you Malisa and I do appreciate it.

Here is my Crackhead Nightlite, that Theresa brought me from Sharon at Sweet Repose. I admired this a few months back and just had to have it. So Theresa picked it up for me when she was there. And much to my surprise I was amazed when she presented me with these little goodies. Yes, they are baby doll eyes that Miss Sharon has made into earrings.........Can you believe it. I love them, she is a bit twisted you know. Yes, that is what I like about her!!!!

Of course, I have to thank Theresa Cano (Garden Antiques Vintage), Rene Jackson (A Junk Queen), and Mo McSwane (Rubbish and Company) for the butterpats they all gave me. It so makes my heart flutter to get a butter pat.......Oh, and for the ones I bought from Judy Hill. It was a great time and I can't thank Theresa Smith enough for making my Texas Dream come true it was so much fun. I'm a lucky girl!!!!!! yee haw, Lauri

Monday, April 6, 2009

One more Fabulous Marburger Find

This was a real find at Marburger, unbelievably talented lady, the name of her business is Skip 2 my lou, I went back twice to get pictures, each time the booth was swamped. These necklaces, pins and bracelets were amazing. I loved this one with all the watch faces. It was called "Face it." She attaches all of them to old photos and then writes a little story on the back about the piece, or the item she used. Too cute. Her displays were great, old racks, luggage and metal boxes. I'm sorry I don't have more info, I only got to ask her to make photos and then she was busy again..........but they were wonderful.

And check this out, no where else but Texas can you get a hunk a cheese shaped like Texas!!!!!!!! I love it.......This was at some party we went to, but I forget where it was or when it was, it was after 5:00 so don't ask.......Its all a blur now anyway. Cheers, Lauri

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A little more Texas...........

You can't visit Warrenton without seeing the French Furniture guy. If you love white furniture it just catches your eye.......And on the highway that goes from Warrenton to Round Top this is all you see, tent after tent, house after house of vendors with any and everything you could possibly want. There is no way to see it all, you just have to hit the high spots, oh some day to stay the entire time of the show.......
Here is the front of the JuNk GyPsYs tent, And where else but Texas would you find a shelf with nothing but doll parts, these are for you Sharon at Sweet Repose........

And here is a photo of Donna of Curious Goods with Amy and Lisa of The Funky Monkey. All these girls are too much fun. Donna was set up with Rene Jackson of Off your Rocker, and she had some wonderful stuff. I'll show you what I got later. She was so nice she swapped me for a Junk Necklace, that she is wearing. I like that kind of bartering........
And here I am with the Funky Monkey girls they are too much fun. I want to go to Keller, Tx just to hang out with them. And in my whole life I have never wanted a tattoo, never even cared for them. But, these girls have got some beautiful ones, like names of their kids on their wrists and Amy has a gorgeous chandelier on her back. I was impressed. They are just too cute. Love you girls and I'm coming to Keller next time.

Here are some pictures of Rene's space she always has great stuff.

Later I will post some pictures of what I got, it wasn't a lot but, I did get some great gifts while there, I bet you can guess what they were!!!!!!!!! Lauri

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I love my Magnolia Pearl.....

You know I can't talk about Texas without mentioning, Magnolia Pearl. There are not enough words to describe the beauty and talent of this lady. She never ceases to amaze and this time was no exception. You just transform into another time when you step into her space. The Pearl girls are right there to help you and separate you from most of your money. As was in my case...... Here is what I could not live without............. Magnolia Pearl, one of life's little pleasures, Lauri

Friday, April 3, 2009

Texas Jewels at Marburger Farms

Sorry to take so long to post more pictures, I may blow up blogger with this many pictures but, I just didn't want to leave you in anymore suspense. You can probably guess who this is with out any introduction, but, if you can't feast your eyes on the one and only French Vanilla, Jon and Peg Van Dyne. It was truly breath taking, Melonie of the Seed Box, did the floral arrangement. Speechless.............This next lady needs no introduction, And I can't even speak about her stuff, the one and only Judy, Judy, Judy Hill......She spread Hydrangea leaves all through her space, amazing....................

Here is Ms. Wonderful with her gorgeous bedding, and if you have never met her, she is just the most delightful person you could ever want to meet. So sweet and talented. Love you Judy......I hope some of you rubbed off on me!!!!

Next is Sweet Shelly and Rex, of Sweet Pea. And look Shelly grew some butter pats!!!!!!!!! Who knew, I asked her for some of those seeds but, she wouldn't share.......bummer.....Shelly had some fabulous pieces and her space was gorgeous......

Here is a picture of Theresa, with the Funky Monkey girls, they are a hoot, and that's a whole other post in itself, so stay tuned. Lauri