Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I have a thang for Mercury Glass

Yes, I am completely, 100% in love with Mercury Glass......mercury 002

It is so the way it looks so chippy, and sparkles.....the muted tones of the silver is just the best.  When I see it in a store it just beacons, and I usually end up buying it all.  Hence, these pictures.....  Just wondered if anyone else sees it that same way.  Passion number 2, Mercury Glass...... OOooooooooo, Lauri                                                   

mercury 003mercury 001

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Antiques in Old Town, Lilburn, Georgia

Welcome to wonderfulIMG00014......Antiques in Old Town, Lilburn, Georgia is the most darling little shop in the cutest little town you ever saw.  I have frequented this little store so many times.  It is just to die for.  A great old store with 7000 square feet of the best stuff.  We saw Cheryl Alexander, a dealer here at Lakewood last week and she told us Rowann, the owner of the store had started a blog.  Please check them out at  And if you are ever in Lilburn you must goIMG00013 see all the darling displays and cool old stuff.  So today Lulu and I just had to go see what we were missing.  Of course, I wanted all this doll furniture and the doll.  I was so excited, the picture is blurry, sorry.  I may just have to go buy it all and work on my photography....... The wonderful thing about this store is all of Rowanns' creativity and decorating and everything is old.....Love it, one of my favorite shop in Georgia.  Cheers, Lauri and Lulu

Friday, July 25, 2008

Some of my favorite things...

Bling 001

Fresh from my garden...........curiosity shelf of goodies

Flowers&Stuff 001 Flowers&Stuff 005

Flowers&Stuff 003

Flowers&Stuff 004

I found the nest, egg and mouse skull on our property.

June 08 arches This is my sister's garden in Vermont!  It is a small slice of a HUGE tract.  The arbors are rebar.  Morning glories, roses and whatnot climb up and over them.

new pergola 2 This is the newest addition to the garden.  The columns are repurposed from another structure.  My Adorable Nephew helped with this design. Cocktails anyone?

one sidecrabapple

The view looking out at the old cow barn which is used as shelter for the horses.

AJ History 065 This is my mom and Cha-Cha circa 1969.  We always had fresh tomatoes in the summer.  It was my grandmother who was the gardener. 

AJ History 041AJ History 040


This was her favorite pose. And I guess her favorite subject.  I hope this was the same trip.

My sisters & I also inherited from her the love of gardening.  I started very early in my life...

AJ History 017 AJ History 016

Sumo wrestler?                           3 or 4 years old.

Thanks for letting me share...

ox lulu

Monday, July 21, 2008

Last Peek at Christmas until...Christmas

Just a few more good shots to share. 

The little houses and church have found lovely homes.

xmasinjuly 012 xmasinjuly 010

xmasinjuly 011 xmasinjuly 013

The cabinet went to a good home, too.

These guys look like they'd be fun to party with...xmasinjuly 007

Sweet little baby...with a body.  A rarity at Chippys.xmasinjuly 008

And lastly the original junk necklaces & gorgeous bling...don't be fooled by shoddy imitations...xmasinjuly 004 If it's not from Chippys it's not a junk necklace!xmasinjuly 005xmasinjuly 009



P.S. if  you need a good porter just ask for Janice!

xo lulu & lauri

Friday, July 18, 2008

Christmas in July hits Lakewood 400 Antiques Show

lauri 013

These are a few of our favorite things, Christmas, toys, quilts,


lauri 014 lauri 019

of course, Mary and Jesus, and Jewelry!!!!  Oh, yes lots of junk jewelry.  So come on out to Lakewood 400 and see us.........we'll be waiting.......isn't it 5:00 somewhere???????  Lauri and Lulu

lauri 018 lauri 017

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh The Weather outside is...humid&hot

but that doesn't stop the wild women of all things chippy, peel-y, rusty and worn to go where no dealers have gone before.  Sufferin' Santa Clauses, you mean?

yes, Virginia...there is a

xmasinjuly 003

So, wax up the sled, cross the river and go through the woods to see us at Lakewood 400 this weekend!

xo lulu & lauri

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Junebug's Design, Inc

lauri 008 Today I stopped by Junebug's to pick up some shams Katie was monogramming for me.  Oh My Gosh, aren't they "to die for?!!!!!"  I love them. You know I'm all about that white on white thing........ I got these wonderful white linen shams in an antique store last year and just decided they would look better monogrammed.  And they do!!!!! Thanks, Katie and Deanna.

lauri 010 IMG00002

If you are ever in the Alpharetta area you must stop by and see all the great gifty things they have that can be monogrammed.  Or check out their website and order something, you won't be disappointed.

lauri 011

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lakewood 400 Antiques Show

The Lakewood Antiques Show formerly in Atlanta, moved North about five years ago to a huge 75,000 square foot air conditioned building in Cumming Georgia, just off Interstate 400. Many of the dealers from the old Lakewood show moved their permanent spaces to this facility when the old show closed last year. Lulu and I set up outside in the veranda on the 3rd weekend of every month to do this show. It is so much fun and we have such a great following of folks who come out to see us. We just love doing it...... So if you have never ventured North to see this show, you are in for a treat. There is a huge variety of antiques and goods to offer and you will not be disappointed. The building is always full of dealers and buyers. So come on up and see us this weekend at Lakewood 400! Lulu and Lauri

Saturday, July 12, 2008

These little Chippys went to market...

We are fortunate to live in the Atlanta area for a number of reasons.  Twice a year the Merchandise, Apparel Marts and Inforum become THE MARKET for buyers/exhibitors all over the country.  We love to go because we're

a.  masochists.  We LOVE to troll through 3 18-story buildings looking at the Mother lode of consumerism.

b. masochists.  We HAVE to get our creative juices flowing by trolling up/down escalators in 3 18-story buildings looking at displays.

c. masochists.  We NEED to see why we are so lucky to be junkers and have one-of-a-kind objects.

d. masochists.  We MUST sample every kind of morsel & tidbit in the FOOD temporaries.  This usually takes place AFTER we've had lunch and invariably leads to unexplained time warps lasting up to 2 hours.

I ran into an old friend from college (UGA... GO DAWGS!).  Katherine was helping her brother hawk his fabulous BBQ sauce.  Anyone who is breathing in Atlanta knows Low Country Barbeque.  Bennett Brown's business has grown from a tiny start-up to a full-blown catering enterprise, bricks-&-mortar 'Q places ( new restaurant in Johns Creek), and now BBQ Sauce at the retail level!  Yum Yum.   check it out.  thanks for the fab tastes!!!! 

Once we were escorted out of left the Food aisles we followed up on a lead Katherine told us about involving Baby heads...

BOY-OH-BOY did we hit the jackpot yesterday!  The artist is Tom Finks of Primitive Twig.  He & his wife, Marcia, are metal artists from New York City.  These dolls are made of Baby doll heads(!), antique tins, found objects and vintage bits and pieces.  Lauri is trying to secure a position as their 'head' vendor!  We told him he'd be a HIT at Marburger!!! Blogistan...hold onto your spice cans!  We present Spice Girls!

spicegirl3 spicegirl4


       lulu's score                       The Artiste and lulu.

Please check out their web site.  They've been creating these wonderful dolls for 18 years!  We're totally inspired and fired up about JUNKIN' and REPURPOSING, & BBQ   Thanks Bill & Bennett!

xo lulu

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Altered Art or Junk?????

necklaces new 003 Today I got some neat old watch faces and findings in the mail that I got off I felt the need to make some more necklaces.  This is so addictive, I told Lulu she had created a monster......the possibilities are endless......There is just no end to what you can put on one.  I guess I really got inspired when I actually sold some.  I got a small rusty knob off a water spout and drawer pull that's coming up next.......Just call me the mad professor..........So take a look and let me know what you think.  Cheers, Lauri

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July Parade!!!

steam 005

Over 20 engines were in this years parade, this was the largest engine in the parade.  My son is driving this one.  It was much fun for all.  Happy 4th everyone!! Lauri

steam 009

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy, Happy Day!!!!!!


No matter how old I get I will always love a birthday.  I feel so fortunate to have so many wonderful friends and family around me.  I am truly blessed to be right where I am.  Cannot thank everyone enough for all the comments and good wishes. 

My sweet friend, and partner in crime Lulu, took me to a wonderful lunch yesterday at my favorite lunchie place, Mitties Cafe in Alpharetta, she showered me with the most wonderful gifts and flowers from her ownebayjul 024 garden, she is a master gardener you know.  Thank you chicklet for my wonderful day!!!!!   

I truly feel this is what birthdays are all about friends, family and having fun......... and Gin of course.  Cheers, Lauri

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


LE birthday 001

LE birthday 005

"It's her birthday, gonna party

It's her  birthday, drink  Bacardi!"

ox lulu