Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And on the first day THEY Drove&drove&drove

Well, we finally landed in Texas on Friday.  The trip was smooth and hassle-free (which means Lauri didn't make a scene at the Security Checkpoint thereby insuring SHE wouldn't be detained for further questioning).  Our plane was, well, tiny.  If you can imagine an aluminum cigar holder with wings you would be correct!  The good luck genies were on our side.  The signature cocktail was a MANHATTAN which made lulu soooo happy.  Fall Texas 2008 001 Lauri got to sit next to the window and was able to identify most of the states as we flew.  I think we were only 1000 feet above ground.  That migrating flock of geese were not happy that our plane got in their way.

Fall Texas 2008 002

The picture on the right is AFTER baby drank all of lulu's Manhattan.  Lauri had to hold her head up!

We landed without incident and grabbed our nifty little Dodge Nitro buggy and headed WEST!  We were about 30 minutes from Warrenton when the phone started ringing.  T. Cano was trying to find us.  She and TOT (TheOtherTheresa) were ready for us to arrive so we could turnaround and drive to Austin.  To say they were excited would be an understatement.  We couldn't find them anywhere at Zapp Hall until someone pointed out there were two women half-passed out from heat stroke in a truck...that would be the Theresas.  Someone should have told them to turn on the a/c if they're going to WAIT in a vehicle IN THE HEAT for 30 minutes!  After CPR and IV fluids were administered we headed further WEST once again. 

We hit Austin and S. Congress Street in no time.  This section of the street is where UNCOMMON OBJECTS is located.  HOWEVER, next door to it is the divine boot store.  lulu made a bee-line for Allen Boots.  She said nothing and ran across traffic like a felon running from the law.  Lauri wasn't alarmed, in fact she was relieved.  All lulu has whined about for 6 months is the pair of red boots she didn't buy during the Spring Shows.  Her credit card company put a FRAUD ALERT on her card and she wasn't able to buy the boots!!!!  Talk about being p o'd.  When she called her bank they said 'well someone was trying to buy some boots...' to which she replied "NO KIDDING ASS!, IT WAS ME!"  That bank has since gone under.  She got the boots...they even remembered her (she doesn't know if that's good). Fall Texas 2008 040

Meanwhile, at Uncommon OBjects, the girls were walking around slack-jawed.  Truly it is a treasure trove of cool junk and stuff.  It was decided, however, that shopping would be more fun with a few margaritas under the collective belts so off to Guero's for yummy food and adult beverages.

We shopped and met the cute Don Weir who is a contributor to Chris Brown's 'Refueled "and has good stuff for sale at Uncommon Objects.  After kicking us out b/c it was WAYYYY past closing time we motored back to Warrenton.

It wasn't unti we were almost there that the 'empty' light came on.  We HAD a full tank when we picked up the car.  I guess when you drive 500 miles in one day you will RUN OUT OF GAS.  The Theresas just laughed and laughed so we slowed down to 5 mph and they jumped out.  As we were driving down the deserted farm road Lauri decides to think out loud:  "the reminds of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre".  Neat.  We cruised to the local gas pumps on fumes.  We weren't at all scared.  The only other person around was a farmer with a load of hay bales---no chainsaws.  The trip is going well.

oxox  the chippys

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Deep in the heart of TEXAS!!!!

Well, we're here...and it's just as great as we remembered it! We're blogging a bit out of order but today, Sunday, was the Blogger Party. Here is Ms Lauri with Sweet Susan of Found Around and Renee Jackson of A junkin Queen. Much laughter, lies and larceny went on today! Thanks to Theresa Cano for hosting a great party! Cheers! We are so excited to bring you all our trials, travails and trespasses over the next few days!

We'd also like to say that cellphones work in Texas so we were able to speak to our Favorite Nut from Iowa...WILSON..Sweet Repose. WE MISS YOU GIRLFRIEND. WE'VE set a place at the table for you tonight and will talk about you incessantly. xo

xoxoxoxo lulu and lauri

p.s.....Durango....where R U ? P9280135

Thursday, September 25, 2008


We're leavvvvvvvvvving on a jet plane.......Don't know when I'll be back again........See you in Texas!!!!!!!! Lauri & Lulu

Bling Me, Baby...

The Green Goddess, aka my sister, sent me a box full of bling components, bits, pieces and whatnot.  She is so lovely!  Thanks, Dahlink.  I promise to send you a goody box full of Texas treats upon my return.

P9230122 P9230127

Just last night I packed up my bling TO TAKE TO TEXAS!!!!!!!  I can't believe we depart TOMORROW!!!!!  Yay!  Stay tuned.  I'm going to do my best to find a wi-fi zone in the middle of a cow pasture so we can blog about our misadventures good times.  We promise.

Vaya con dios and adios....ox lulu

Saturday, September 20, 2008

God Bless TEXAS........The Lone Star State

banner texas 001

My favorite souvenir from Texas..........That seems to be all I can think about these last few weeks........Lulu has gone to the beach so I can blog about anything I want to.......And I think it will be TEXAS......I just can't get enough of it.  The people are some of the nicest people I have ever met.  In fact the whole time we were in Texas I don't think we met a bad person.   I don't think they have any........  Or maybe I was in such a good mood to be there, I just thought the bad ones were nice.  And I know I have NEVER met anyone as sweet and nice as Theresa Cano.  This is no lie, she is really a unique person.  You need to go just once just to meet her.  She just makes you want to pack up your belongings and family and move right next door to her........We love her!!!!! So here I am trying to contain myself 6 more days till we leave.   I need a drink....... 

banner texas 002

Here is one of those book type post cards that I got in KY.   It was sent to Edna somebody back in 1948.   It has all these cool pictures of Texas on the inside.  I just love it.  Well here is a big shout out to any of you Chippy followers to join us in thinking about Texas.  If you have any great old Texas souvenirs, just post em on your blog and we will be thinking about you in Texas in 6 days.  Yee Haw!!!!!!!Lauri

banner texas 003 T

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Smokin' Hot.............

adam crane 023

How's that for a hottie?????  Here is my son, Adam, standing beside what he hopes to be his Christmas Present.........(not hardly)  Just thought you might could use this out in Texas to clean up a bit......Just give him a call and he will be glad to come on over.........Lauri

A Programming Note for our viewers

We, the CHippys, will NOT be setting up at Lakewood 400 THIS WEEKEND! There there...dry your eyes...we will be back in FIGHTIN' Form next month. SO LOOK OUT, SAVE UP and DO NOT MISS IT! October 17th, 18th & 19th.
aloha and xo ....lulu and Lauri

Sunday, September 14, 2008


wELL, we are so excited about our upcoming trip, but after the destruction Ike has created we REALLY want all of our friends, acquaintances and future friends to know we're thinking of them and hope all are OK. We hope you are safe, have power or will have it soon, and you and your loved ones are able to communicate with each other.
I understand the midwest is getting hit by it including IOWA---Sharon & Lori hope you're high and dry too.
IF there is anything we can do, please let us know. I've heard on the news that the Red Cross is in need of money due to prior storms depleting their coffers. I know Texas is now marked as a 'federal disaster area' so that should help. Still. If anyone wants to offer up websites please do let us know and we'll post them.

oxoxox lulu & lauri

Thursday, September 11, 2008


trash goods 001

Now, did I cover everything???!!!!!! That is the new name Lulu has given my jewelry and I think it fits perfectly. And surely everyone fits in there somewhere and if you don't well, never mind. And I won't have to worry about anyone stealing the name.......Huh! So just pick yourself one out and go see the Famous Roving Reporter of Texas, Ms. T., Theresa Cano and make a purchase. Yep that's right she's my Pimp and she has got the official jewelry of the Warrenton and Round Top Shows..........(Mine and Lulu's)

And on another note......How 'bout those chic mannequins sportin' the goods, those babys are straight from Ms. Trash Talk herself. Yeah baby!!!!! Love that networking. Well, I don't have anymore time I'm trying to pack.....you see last time I could spread my stuff out over a whole Chevrolet Crew Cab 4X4 with a six foot bed, this time we're flying, for some unknown reason, and Lulu says I got to get all my "lotions and potions" and stuff in one suitcase................Boy is she going to be surprised!!!!!!! I need a suitcase just for the liquor.......Oh, I think the UPS man is here to pick up my luggage, I mean package. See there's more than one way to skin a cat.............See ya'll Texas side!!!!!!! Cheers, Lauri

trash goods 002

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


We drove all the way to Texas and back for the spring shows.  We will NOT be doing that this fall. Listed below are the HARDSHIPS we had to endure:***

First of all we think it was STUPID that we had to go through the WEIGH STATIONS with all the truckers.  Honestly,  can't a junk posse just cross state lines without a hassle?  Who knew IRONSTONE butter pats could require 'extra paperwork' ?  And then there were the baby heads...

Speeding tickets.  At some point we KNOW the speed limit was 85 mph.  Those boys in Mississippi DO NOT have a sense of humor.

Truck drivers. Are. Perverts.  Every single time we made the universal signal for them to HONK their HORNS we received a different kind of response-- (remember the trucker in Thelma & Louise?).  It's a GOOD THING LAURI didn't get her gun permit prior to the trip.  It would have cost us a great deal of junking time if we had to 'splain ourselves 'to the Louisiana State Patrol.

Weather Updates.  Press'n'talk technology is fun---up to a point.  The Big Q, Lauri's husband, is secretly a weather channel wannabe. We heard about every wind gust from the Georgia/ALabama state line to Houston.  He is a sweetie pie, but honestly he DIDN'T BELIEVE US when we told him we weren't in any rain even though HIS computer showed the storm-of-the-century raining down EXACTLY where we were.  Silly man.  We could still sorta see out the windshield. 

Back seat drivers via cell phones in GA. We chippys share the philosophy that if we weren't supposed to drive over 85 mph the speedometer shouldn't have those high numbers---end of discussion.  Men, in and out of uniform, don't get that ideology.(See Number 1).

HOUSTON. Armpit of interstate travel winner, hands down. Sorry Houstonians but your state DOT has a sick, perverse sense of humor.  WHAT THE F&$^% is up with those one-way-only-no-signs-for-u-turns access roads just west of downtown on I-10??  IT TOOK US 30 Minutes to figure out how to get to the roach motel and another 30 minutes to get to the restaurant a block away.  After 14 hours on the road we really didn't NEED the hassle.  Thank GOODNESS the bartender at that Carrabba's could make a decent cocktail.  Lauri was UNDER THE TABLE after one G&T--she is so cute when she isn't ornery. I got to drive one block to the hotel and still managed to get lost DUE TO THE STUPID road construction.

HOUSTON. Kudos again.  AFter all-night carousing at the Junk-O-Rama prom we HAD TO DRIVE BACK to GEorgia EARLY next day to miss rush hour in Houston.  Wrong.  Is it EVIL to PRETEND to have access to the EXPRESS  lanes all the way through town???? We think so.  ONE HOUR of sitting in traffic does not make a happy pair of Chippys.  Glad we have the punching dummy otherwise Lauri might have TRIED to dope=slap ME and vice versa.  She isn't so cute when she is ornery.

All in all it was a very good trip.  BUT, since we're flying this time PLEASE PRAY FOR ME...Lauri doesn't 'fly well'.  Oh mah gawd.  I fear for the TSA personnel. If she gets detained----I'm going without her!  No doubt about it.

Stay tuned....the adventure is fast approaching   xo lulu


Someone wise once said "Don't let the facts GET IN THE WAY of a good story". 'nuff said.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Got on My Creative Cap on...

P8220091 I have been busy creating a different kind of junk jewelry item.  Yes yes I still make my necklaces, too. But I have branched out into bracelets.  They are pretty fun.  I don't think my jewelry translates well via the photographs.  I have a lot of bits&pieces wrapped, beaded, twisted and tied up  over all kinds of stuff.  If you need a better picture let me know ( azh0401@earthlink.net)  OR you can find my arms in Texas!  

These are my take on 'wrist watches' repurposing old watch faces.

P9050100 P9070109 P9070110 P8310094 colorful bling!

P9070119 P9070120

Texas Longhorn Girlie            Old rhinestone bracelet w/other stuff


And two more new necklaces...these each have either entire strand of old chandelier crystals or at least one decorative chandelier crystal , pieces of old necklaces, chains and newly strung seed beads.

P9050103  P9070121


AND don't forget Lauri is bringing her rhinestone-biker-chick-junk-bling to Texas, too.

Round 'em up & get to Round Top!  yee ha  and remember, if it's not a "Chippys Junk Necklace or Bracelet it isn't the original JUNK JEWELRY !"

(perhaps we need a trademark...anyone a trademark attorney who will work for Junk Jewelry??????)  ;)

xoxo lulu

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Things We Wish We'd Bought at the last shows...

As Virgins-of-the-Shows we were a bit OVERWHELMED(!) by the VOLUME of stuff and junk.  If we'd been more adventurous (not something we're described of often) these things would have made it back to Georgia, one way or another...

More ironstone; EVERYTHING in Judy Hill's Booth @ Marburger; furniture from Meloney & Brian@ Seed Box at the Bahia Show; the entire stock of syringes/medical supplies from Hector-the-Collector; mirrors and mercury glass

those old gnarly baby heads (that scared most folks) in Bar W;

Lulu's SPring TX 017 It takes someone special to love this little one.


Those cowboy boots in Austin; the skeleton at Uncommon Objects; that pair of white go-go-boots;

more bits & pieces from Mylissa; a retablo or 2; more margaritas; vintage hats near Zapp Hall,baby;  velvet tops at Magnolia Pearl;  more teeth molds & long horns from Donny; circus stuff from The Shop Antiques;

Texas flags; just about everything at Leftovers (need to win lottery first ); The arbor pieces in Mo's booth at Marburger; all the butter pats in Janet Rimone's booth at Cole Antique Show***; all of the Rx boxes from TheOtherTheresa; a mannequin from French Vanilla; Theresa Cano's tent-o-treasures--yes all of IT!

A few more Prom dresses...We still don't have one for this prom.  AND YES, the girdle is officially retired, and NO a mermaid costume is not exactly a prom dress, LAURI.

There really was so much furniture we wanted to buy.  You've seen our luggage-of-shame photo from our Don't List post so you have a pretty good idea why we had trouble fitting only a few pieces of furniture in the pickup truck.

***actually Lauri DID buy all the rest of the butter pats (22?) after we returned home.  Is there a BPA?  Butter Pats Anonymous?  I'm thinking of starting a Chapter right here in Georgia......and last night she texted me this:  175.  I'm very very worried. 

We did have a list of "DO NOT BUY":  toilet seats (don't ask), pink furniture--no one seems to 'get it' here,  stupid stuff (see toilet seats), small framed pictures of deer, cows, little chil'ren; 

We have a NEW LIST OF TO BUYs...but we're keeping it close to our chippy vest.

Let The Junkin' Begin...if only it were today

Lulu's SPring TX 007

The Doors sang "Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheels", but we say if you do that you'll miss all the good stuff!

ox lulu & lauri

Friday, September 5, 2008

CHIPPYS "What NOT To Do in Texas" List

1.  Under pack.  The weather is fickle so we say bring it all! 

2.  Propose marriage to any man with a Brenham, TX antique store.


Lulu's SPring TX 022

3.  Propose to ANY man in Texas.

 Lulu's SPring TX 065Lulu's SPring TX 100Lulu's SPring TX 102


4.  Attempt to dance with a Law Enforcement Officer while wearing a girdle.

5.  Change clothes in a cow field while it's still LIGHT outside.

6.  Over pack.  Don't worry about looking guuuuuud...ain't gonna happen!

Lulu's SPring TX 004

7.  Forget your cowboy boots!

***8.  Fail to get an increase on your credit card limit or line of credit.

9.  Be shy about buying butter pats, baby doll heads, branding irons, ironstone, Magnolia Pearl clothing, ANYTHING at Uncommon Objects, Judy Hill Designs, Hector-The-Collector, French Vanilla, TimeWornInteriors,Willow'sNEST,Garden Antqs Vintage...you get the idea.  ***#8 is key for #9 to be a success!!!!

Mo @ Marburger........................................Uncommon Objects

Lulu's SPring TX 062 texas 064 texas 072 texas 052

Judy Hill@Marburger...............................Leftovers


10. Use the porta-potty while wearing pantaloons     11.not use the porta-potty

Lulu's SPring TX 101 texas 078

12. Be low-key. This is Texas afterall! 

Lulu's SPring TX 050 Lulu's SPring TX 103 Lulu's SPring TX 108

13. Forget to ask, when in doubt about some behavior or purchase, WWCD? What Would the CHIPPYS Do?

14. Get run-down.  Rest. Rest. Rest.

 Lulu's SPring TX 003

15. Leave Texas without making at least one new friend!  Those folks are the REAL DEAL and we love them all!!!

Lulu's SPring TX 006 Lulu's SPring TX 027 Lulu's SPring TX 041 Lulu's SPring TX 061 Lulu's SPring TX 107 Lulu's SPring TX 029

Lulu's SPring TX 099 Lulu's SPring TX 057

This is what life is all about!  We are going to fill our blog with soooooo many new photos of new & old friends, finds, fiends, fringe & frou-frou you will be frazzled but bedazzled!

You rookies out there have a couple of weeks to get it together! 

ox lulu & lauri

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our fabulous 2 Theresas' Award

How did we ever get so lucky to get an award from not just one Theresa but TWO!!!!!! Boy, are we excited and proud.......who knew we could just love a bunch of junk and then get to meet all these wonderful people along the way. Well here is hoping I did this right, you know I am not too technically inclined.....So mostly we want to thank Theresa number 1, Miss gardenantqs.blogspot.com, and Theresa number 2, Miss timeworninteriors.blogspot.com..... Thank you both so much we are truly just a reflection of you. And here is our top 7 list.........

1. The illusive Chris Brown- urbanprairierefueled.blogspot.com

2. Cheryl at Stash Studios- stashstudios.com

3. The Pink Funny Farm- thepinkfunnyfarm.typepad.com

4. The Farm Chicks- thefarmchicks.com

5. Suzanne Duda @ Pink Roses- suzanneduda.typepad.com

6. Sweet Debbie of Talking Trash- talkingwhitetrash.blogspot.com

7.Lovely Lisa @ Urban Farmhouse- urbanfarmhouse.blogspot.com

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We don't know nuthin' 'bout no blog awardin' Miz Theresas

Okay...we are two ding-dong chippys. We've been nominated for a blog award by both Theresa-ristsas. We know we're supposed to link back to the mother ship and nominate 7 more. We have the technology, but dammit Jim, we're Chippys not doctors (remember Star Trek?). So thank you so much.

we love being nominated and don't want to offend our nominators, but gosh-darn...WE HAVE TO START PACKING FOR TEXAS and DON'T HAVE TIME!!!!!! Do you know HOW MANY bags Lauri packed last time???? cRIMINY. i THINK YOU'LL READ ABOUT us when Delta imposes YET ANOTHer reeeediculous bag charge for HER STEAMER TRUNKS!!!! Honestly. Please just cut us a teeny bit o/slack.

While in Tejas we'll be posting 'eyes only' blog posts we've vetted for public scrutiny from our trip NumeRO uNO. We have been given the lowest security clearance with the LAw ...EnfoRcement --the Texas Rangers(NOT the baseball team). Do not be surprised if you try and cross the road----to git to the other side---to go to ZAPP HALL, Baby, and see one of us on top of one of the rangers horses directing traffic. Giddy up...I got my spurs on...

oox lulu-the-efficient-packer-and-Dale Evans-wanna be

Beware Texans...the double hurricane CHIPPYS is coming!

Ladies and Gentlemen, We feel it is our duty to warn the state of Texas of an impending shift in the planetary rotation, weather patterns and bourbon & gin shortage about to befall it.  We are coming back for our 2nd visit to the SHOWS at Warrenton/Round Top.  OOOOOHHHHH to have a slice of Pie at Royers with that ice cream....pal around with our buddies...buy stuff...buy stuff...drink margaritas...buy stuff...hang with the 'Penitentiary Boys at the Marburger gates...be driven around Austin by Theresa Cano...be entertained by TheOtherTheresa and Sweet Craig...Reconnect with SweetPea and Mr. SweetPea....see our double scoop of French Vanilla---Peg and John ox...See Renee Jackson and her National Banks of Left and Right...meet up again with Cowboy Andy and Sweet Susan in Bar W...be enchanted at Magnolia Pearl...wish we could move into Judy Hill's display...see our pal Janet Rimone and her fab sister Mo...feel at home seeing Marie from Tobacco Road Primitives...buy stuff...attend the Junk Prom!...buy stuff...stay out of jail...buy stuff...eat at Sack Lunch...apply for employment at Leftovers..be inspired by Linda/Willow's Nest...meet some of the great bloggers we've crossed paths in Blogistan. 

This is just the stuff we did/people we met at the Spring Shows.  We can't imagine what other treasures, fab folks, jalapena margaritas, cool stuff to lay our eyes on.  IF WE HAVE LEFT OUT ANYONE PLEASE LEAVE YOUR COMPLAINTS HERE.  We will make amends,,,,,,,we swear!

oxox can't wait....lulu & lauri