Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Best Glogger....

Greetings...this is Patsy...the Ghest Blooger, uh, blogger, for 2tippys. Boy, this is haaard work. I mean how's a party girl like me suppos' to be pithy and funny when it's 5 o'clock somewhere ALL THE TIME.

I do know lulu has gone nuts. I saw her outside yesterday wearing her Magnolia Pearl get-up while cleaning out the chicken coop. She even had those ol' boots of hers on (with plastic bags covering the soles no less). When she goes to the grocery store she slaps on her spurs and cowboy hat and calls everyone 'pardna'. gag. I think Lauri better giddy up back home. Of course that presents a whole NOTHER set of problems. Who's gonna keep her fanny-side from landing in the pokey with lulu all loopy? She better - hic - lose my number.

Lauri texteded lulu a little while ago and made vague references of moving to Bandera with Magnolia Pearl and Co. I t'ink lulu is out in the garage lookin' for those branding iron-thingies. She''s got a big ol' bonfire built...geesh. How am I supposed to make cocktails for the leopard lounge and her HER lulu-ness if I have to be FIRE MARSHALL> holy smokes, pardon that funny punny.

Any way, lulu is going to have a giveaway in honor of her foolish'self being born on April 1st...year is confidential. If I have to pick something I will prob'bly raise a glass in the winner's honor, -hic-...I haaaaate hiccups, don' you?

Okay, I gotta go round up lulu and plant her rear end in the LL and get her ready for tomorrow.

I just have one piece of avdice...if you travel from Houston to Atlanna tomorrow you might want to postpone your plans for a day. I'm jus' sayin'' lulu's gonna be busy and i'll be hungover and off duty.
SO DON"T FORGET TO STOP BY AND WISH what's her name HAppy Bithday and see what kind of madness she's got cooked up....

T''anks for stoppin by............Pa'sy for 2tippies

Monday, March 30, 2009

News from the Wire Service...

We interrupt this blog for a special report:

Yesterday, an unknown woman was caught attempting to break free from a Delta Airlines gate area in Concourse A at Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson International Airport. Security cameras show a blond woman wearing cowboy boots, jeans and a tank top reading "Mess With Me and You Mess with the Whole Trailer Park" trying to pick the lock on a security door leading to the tarmac. She successfully got the door unlocked and was apprehended while trying to remove her luggage from a parked cart.

Interviewed after the incident 'Jane Doe Evans' said she just wanted to make sure her luggage got on her new flight.

An eyewitness reports strange items spilling out of her suitcase during the brawl. "All I could see was chains, watch faces, pantaloons and ---I swear---baby doll heads rolling on the ground..."

Unnamed sources tell us a discreet phone call was placed to a woman north of Atlanta. 30 minutes later a helicopter arrived on the tarmac and a petite (CUTE)YOUNGer woman was ushered to an undisclosed cubby hole. One hour later it was reported Jane Doe Evans was escorted to a first class seat on the next available flight to Houston. She was accompanied by a tall, muscular man who is to believed to be an Air Marshall. The cute younger woman was whisked back to the waiting helicopter and flown away.

The Delta Gate Agent, who wished to remain anonymous, told this reporter that the passenger Evans was 'raising all kinds of ruckus and then this cute younger woman comes in, whispers something to the Ms. Evans and then has a pow wow with the Federal Agents. Two minutes later Ms Evans was on the plane. A source close to the investigation confirms the whispering and that it involved butter pats, baby heads and ebay store of lulu redstar.

Stay tuned to the latest. And now back to this blog....

Saturday, March 28, 2009

She's Leavin' on a Jet Plane....

This is lulu. I CAN"T STAND IT!!! Lauri is going to Texas TOMORROW...WITHOUT MOI!

Up until this moment I have been calm, cool and collected.

I am now clammy, cooked and collapsing!

What was I THINKING? Not going to the SHOWS? ARE YOU FRICKIN" NUTS???? yes i am.

Since I am having what Lauri refers to as a 'come apart' I feel I need to seek the help I need. There will guest bloggers during Her Trip. HOWEVER, since MY BIRTHDAY IS WEDNESDAY I will be doing a giveaway. HA HA all you junkers who are in the fields and can't participate! It will be quite a gift ( I hope Lauri doesn't count her butter pats before she leaves town).

Stay tuned. The guest bloggers will be, I hope, amusing and full of interesting anecdotes and what not.
By the way...I got a picture of Lauri's accomodations! Lucky lucky girl!

Hysterically yours, lulu xoox

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Houston, Houston means that I'm one day closer to you.........

Yes it is true, Me, myself and I will be leaving soon for the big State of TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yee ha, I just can't wait. You see I just can't pass it up, I have tried, first I thought, well since lulu isn't going I won't go..............hmmmmm I just couldn't get my mind around it. No Marburger Farms, No bubble lounge, No Texas Theresa Cano, no junk queen and found around Freds world. I just couldn't do it. I knew I couldn't go in the Fall because the Wedding of the Year is taking place. So here I go off to the big wild blue yonder. Unsupervised, you understand. I do hope the law enforcement is understanding of southern girls. You know just getting there alone will be a story. I just might stay if no one is saying, we gotta go......... I would love to stay and soon as I get this baby boy married off, I just might be back to stay. Not that he needs me now but, you know........ So look out Texas I am on the way and will have tons of pictures and hopefully junk to bring back. Yee haw, Lauri

Monday, March 23, 2009

Look What You Missed at Lakewood....

This quilt looked especially stunning with all the browns and blacks and creams...

This whole toile ensemble was created by Lauri...gorgeous!

French plates and whatnot


I'm a little teapot, short and stout...and no body....

It was a very bunny weekend. All the chicks were here...

We had a rip-roarin' good old time this weekend at Lakewood 4oo. As always we appreciate your patronage and loyalty to the CHIPPYS. ox

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mary Kay Andrews and Lakewood 400

Today was a special day at Lakewood 400, Lulu and I were so delighted to host a book signing for Mary Kay Andrews (Kathy Trocheck) with Lakewood 400. All because she left a comment on our blog. How wonderful was that!!! Here we are with her highness.....She is just the most fun gal you have ever met and she loves junk. All the qualifications you need to hang with us. We had lots of folks in the show and had a really good day. Thanks to everyone who came out and stopped by our booth and bought stuff. Yes, lulu is wearing permanent rods in her hair and on her clothes......its just a phase........

Here is a photo of the Big ASS Basket of books MKA, brought for a give away.......How nice was that???? It has lots of goodies like t-shirts, cups, heart shaped fans and lots of signed books........I hope I won!!!!!
Here's a big shout out to all the girls from Vintage Village in Snellville, you get the Chippys award for all coming by our booth, and buying something. We love you, Lulu and Lauri........

Monday, March 16, 2009

Wedding Number 1.........Aaron and Davita

One of my sons best friends got married this weekend. Three of his friends are all getting married this year, as well as him. I can't believe it. Adam and Katie were both in the wedding and it just reminded me how much true friendship means............ Just going through the motions of this wedding had me in tears. It was so beautiful, even in the rain. When I saw Adam and Katie coming down the stairs, it was almost too much. They both looked so happy............

I don't know who is cuter, him or her.........Well, only seven months to go, 30 pounds to lose, chair covers to be monogrammed, table skirts to be sewn, oh my gosh and all of this, priceless......................... Lauri

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lakewood 400 Antiques Market Book Signing

Bless her sweet little heart!!!!! I can't believe it but, Miss Mary Kay Andrews will be at a command performance at Lakewood 400 this Saturday, March 21, 2009. She is just the sweetest thing and has all the details of her visit on her blog. She also mentioned us on there we are so excited and can't wait for the big day. So if you are in the area or heck even if you aren't get in the car and head this way, we are going to be partying this weekend. As anyone who knows her knows she a big junker, just like us, so this calls for bringing out the good junk. Cheers, Lauri

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Larry-the glider guy

Loving these old gliders, and if you do too, please head over to Larry's blog, and check them out. He sets up at Lakewood 400 with us and does about a million other shows too. He actually gets the old gliders and totally restores them. And that is amazing if you know Larry. I suspect that Janice, his lovely better half, does all the work. But, head on over and check them out if you can. I just love this one, of course because it is white. Who knew.......
I also love this one, It just looks like doll house furniture, too cute.......So please go see Larry and tell him I sent you, Cheers, Lauri

(and no Larry you don't get to pick out which pictures I use!!!!)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Monkeybox Meme......

Don't ask me, I didn't come up with the name. But, I think this is a really cool idea. This picture is from Sweet Elaines' blog Love2junk. She has been leaving some sweet comments on our blog for a while, hence the name I gave her Sweet........ Anyway she is doing this really neat thing called a Meme (I think), and it is a cool giveaway, but it has some rules, the main rule is I want some of her stuff and to get it I have to give some stuff away. I can do that. So here are the rules and if I don't explain it good enough and you are still going, "What??" then just go to her blog and she explained it better, or at least so I could understand. I hope you like the idea and I hope you will play along........

The first 3 people that respond to this post will get something made by me, it will be my choice, but made especially for you.*However...this offer does have some restrictions and limitations (the fine print!!)
****What I create will be just for you.
****You will receive this item before the end of the year (or sooner).
****You will have no idea of what the item is going to be or when you will receive it. (Well in my case this is not exactly true, The item will start with a J and end with a K and the next word starts with a N and ends with a E!!!!)
****The catch is that you have to repost this "MEME" and put together something to be sent out as 3 surprises of your own.***
I really like this idea and I hope you do too, so Cheers for now, Lauri

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Don't Cry For Me, Senoritas

Okay...sit down. I am sorry to announce two items of interest.

1. I, lulu, am not making the trip to Texas.

2. Lauri is traveling SOLO via airplane to Texas. This last item is of more concern to those TSA workers in Atlanta, Houston and all people within slugging distance of Her Chippyness. This alone is worth a post so DO STAY TUNED. I am still trying to get FAA clearance to escort Her through Security and onto the airplane in Atlanta....


Now I know it's almost sacreligious NOT to attend the shows. I am of heavy heart. The stars have not aligned in the way I'd hoped. So, you'll just have to pretend I am there. I am thinking of sending a prom outfit to Ms. Cano or Trash so they can dress up one of their dress forms as 'lulu'. I will be there in spirit. AND just BECAUSE I'm not at the BLOG Party doesn't MEAN WE CAN"T TALK! I pity the Chippy who doesn't call me during the soiree! We really wanted to set up at Zapp Hall but the economy... One absence doesn't make a trend. Just please make sure someone is appointed Chaperone to my cohort. I CANNOT POSSIBLY IMAGINE HAVING TO BAIL HER OUT FROM GEORGIA. Don't worry I'll have a posted list of 'DOs and Don'ts and UNDER NO CIRUMSTANCES for all memorize and enforce.
Okay...The Texas Rangers Commandant is calling so I better go butter him up. Do you think he likes butter pats?????
xoxo lulu