Friday, October 29, 2010

Barn Sale at Tu Ere.........

Hey y'all, my sweet friend Carol from Lakewood asked me to set up at this gorgeous estate in Cumming, this weekend.  It is located at 2630 Old Atlanta Road and is just the most wonderful place you have ever seen.  Owned by Cindy Lesman it is just breath taking.  Lots of vendors, food, and music.  So come on out and see us. 

Here is the barn where I am set up

That's the guest house, I want to be a guest!

front of the main house......

How cute are these old trucks to decorate the front entrance.  cheers, lauri

And a picture of the munchkin.........can you stand it??????

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Country Living Fair 2010, Stone Mountain, GA

Hey y'all, today I headed down to Stone Mountain to the Country Living Fair.  My friend Victoria has been talking about this show for a year and I just had to check it out.  And I am glad I did cause there was a little bit of Texas there........First stop Carolyn Westbrooks Home........I love the way Carolyn decorates and miss her so much now that she no longer comes to Lakewood.  She is such fun.  I kept having to remind myself to move on, cause I just wanted to stay and talk to her and laugh, she's a hoot.........

and next Miss French Vanilla, herself was there, Peg and John VanDyne, always a show stopper....

Sue Whitney was sporting a skirt made by the guy who sells the British Transit signs, too cute.......

Too die for, I always love this guys stuff in Texas, and this time it was grey, Fabulous!!!!

Santa can I please have this for Christmas?????

and this

And these!  If you are in the area head on down and check out the show.  cheers, lauri

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nana........My new job!

What can I say??? Those cheeks are killing me.........I have started a new chapter in my life and it is the best yet!!!!  I am watching this little munchkin for a few hours each day and I couldn't be happier.  Pinch me I must be dreaming........Every day I am falling more and more in love with him.  I had no I idea I could love someone this much.  I just can't stop talking about him. Lord please don't let me do anything wrong or that they don't like so I can keep this job.     I know enough........well you had to know it was coming.  

Thanks to these two my life is complete!!!!!!

after all it is hunting season.......

Yes, I do have hundreds of them, but I am sparing you these few.   But, more later!!!! Cheers, lauri

Friday, October 15, 2010

Lakewood 400 October

Having a great show at Lakewood 400 this month, come on out and see me. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Coin Purse Necklaces make me smile!

How adorable are these little purses.  My sweet friend Janet of Sweet Talk and Rubbish, sent these to me after I ask her about getting some in Texas.  And did she get some good ones.  They are perfect.  How cute is that little bitty one???? Love it.  I was so excited about how much every loved the necklaces in Texas this show and sold all the ones I had.  My friend Tina brought me five more when she came out to Texas so I made those up and sold four of those.  The only problem I have is finding the darn things.  So maybe I'll just keep asking my friends to send them and that will do the trick.  I was so excited I had to make one up to wear tomorrow for Lakewood.  Sorry I don't have pictures yet, I was just so busy trying to shop and get more stuff to set up, I forgot to get pictures.  But, I promise to take some tomorrow.  Or you can just come out and see me yourself. 

Here's the finished product.  Love it!!!  Thanks Janet, and you are getting a big surprise for this!!!!! Cheers, lauri

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Texas Sandwich and Butter Pats........

How fabulous are these chairs, I wish I could tell you they came home with me, Oh how I wish I could tell you that.  But, I watched as they were whisked away to Austin in someone elses pick up truck.  I want to tell you what a lucky girl I am to be not only able to set up in Texas, my home away from home, but to be at Marburger Farms, and not only that but, to be even lucky enough to be a sandwich between these to wonderful girls.  Shelley and Theresa, have made me so welcomed to be right smack in the middle of them at the show.  How lucky is that??!! And this year we even twisted Shelley's arm and talked her into leaving a space between her side too, so everyone could walk through.  It was great!!!  Everyone had to come right through the middle of me to get to Theresa or Shelley.  I love it!!!!! Nothing like forcing yourself on people.  Anyway thanks girls for making it a threesome......

Miss Sweet Pea herself, Shelley

Loved Shelley's big ole rusty cart......

Shelley's displays are always fabulous......

I loved this little chippy dresser in Theresa's space, it was 2die4...

Theresa always has the most unusual stuff, you just stand there and drool most of the time, and literally a lot of her pieces never make it into the booth, she has been doing the show so long folks are waiting and buy it before she gets it in the booth. 

Theresa shocked everyone this show with color, loved this darling french dresser with side tables.   She is always so fresh and new with her displays, always the cutting edge.......

Here are the two Theresa's, Theresa Cano is always so sweet to come and help us opening day, because it is a MAD HOUSE !!!!! I also wanted to tell everyone about all the butter pats I found, you know this is huge for me because I am always looking for butter pats.  As soon as we got there we went to see Alice and Jay and Alice was so sweet I found a butter pat an she gave it to me, more on them later.  Of course, Theresa Cano is always good for a couple of them.  My sweet friend Shelley gave me 2 as well, Thanks shell, and I found 13 in Christies booth. Oh, and I bought three from Miss ironstone herself Janet of Rubbish.   All in all 21 total.  Yeehaw!!! Cheers y'all , lauri

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Marburger Farms, Round Top, Texas

Hey Y'all, I am just getting back from my trip to Texas.  And what a trip, bigger and better than ever.  I had a fabulous show, and had way to much fun.  And I have to say anyone reading this needs to be encouraged because, we are back!!! Everyone was spending and almost everyone you talked to had a great show.  I am so excited about whats to come.  Can't tell you how much fun it was seeing everyone and having a great time, more about that later and all the fun we had.  Feeling very blessed for the opportunity..........

Outside my booth.....

 a sweet girl bought the french chair for her nursery..........I love that.
 How darling are all those baby shoes, I found a bunch more when I got to Texas.......none left though.

The absolute highlight of my trip, (besides seeing Cat Daddy), was getting to meet Rachel Ashwell!!!!!! I love her, have been a fan of hers for years, and have tons of her bedding and fabric all over my house.  I was spinning in circles to get to meet her.  Yes, David and Wes, spinning!!!!!   She is just a delight and was so blessed for this moment to happen.  Made my trip.   Cheers, Lauri
Hey y'all, to see some more great photos of my booth, check out sweet Jill's post at Gypsy Brocante,