Saturday, August 30, 2008

Repurposed Junk Necklaces For Sale

new necklaces sept 001 

If you are into repurposed junk necklaces here are some pictures of the new ones I have made.  Love making these things, the possibilities are endless........These babies are all for sale, and will be heading to Texas in the next few weeks.  If you are interested please email me at  Cheers, Lauri

 new necklaces sept 005new necklaces sept 002


new necklaces sept 003


necklaces aug 1 038


necklaces aug 1 042

Friday, August 29, 2008

Love this Bedroom.......

lynn 007

Here's a look at what I have been working on the past few weeks.  Love these fun colors in this bedroom.  My favorite window treatment, tailored balloons and how gorgeous is this fabric for a shower curtain.  Love it!!!!! Enjoy the pictures.  Lauri

lynn 006

lynn 005 lynn 004 lynn 002

Bathroom curtain.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sweet Baby from ReFinds

How adorable is this sweet little baby? She is so tiny and is wearing the most precious little crocheted suit. Unfortunately she has had a terrible accident and lost her arm. But, that is okay, I have another doll, Wilona from Sharon at Sweet Repose that has lost her arm as well. You just have to wonder now how did that baby loose that arm? Probably had something to do with some mean child. I love her just the same. So into the collection or obsession she goes. I think I will name her Bitsy.........Cheers, Lauri

Sunday, August 24, 2008

More Fun.......The Country Store of Seven Springs

powder springs 027

I also visited the Country Store of Seven Springs when I was in Powder Springs.  It is a wonderful old store with the best old Americana antiques.  My sweet friend Linda Luce has a space here and always has the best stuff.  This picture of a beautiful quilt is painted on the side of their store as are many other quilts throughout the town.  How cool is that.........

powder springs 038

They were all decorated for Halloween and Fall......

powder springs 037

Here's a picture of Linda's booth, gorgeous as usual......

powder springs 030

powder springs 032

Love these replica pull toys, not to mention the cupboard......

powder springs 035

They have all these really cute clothes, mixed in with their vintage ones.........

powder springs 040

Here's a picture of Diane and Gloria, the owners of the store.  If you are ever in Powder Springs be sure and stop in you won't be disappointed.  Cheers, Lauri

powder springs 042

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday Fun Day.........ReFind Home and Garden

What a fun is feeling a little like Fall here in GA, I guess because we haven't seen the sun all week thanks to Fay on the coast, but none the less it is nice and cool and no one seems to want to come to the pool today, so I got up and headed out on an adventure. Last weekend at Lakewood I met a delightful lady named Pat Mallory, who has the cutest store in Powder Springs, GA, so I decided to check it out. Feast you eyes on ReFind Home and Garden. Little did I know what a treat I was in for. At first glance you think cute little store, but when you get inside this is what you see.......... powder springs 010

The whole store has a very frenchie feel and she has the most amazing taste......all these wonderful little antique 'one of a kinds' mixed in with old unexpected things. She has a collection of mannequins that she displays things on........this one she bought from Theresa Smith last weekend and draped this vintage lace on, it is gorgeous.

powder springs 001

powder springs 004powder springs 006

powder springs 007

This little area we will call a tribute to Theresa Smith, this wonderful table she got from Theresa last weekend, as well as some of the other things, and look Theresa she has your magazine article opened right there beside it. She has real good taste, huh. I don't know if you can see that darling little baby doll in the cloche on the table, but, she had to come home with me, and the best part is she is missing an arm, and is wearing a beautiful crocheted suit, I will take a better picture of her later.

powder springs 008

powder springs 009

I wanted to wear that crown, but I was afraid to......

powder springs 011

yes, those chairs are lavender and they are FAB!!!!

powder springs 012

powder springs 015

powder springs 014

Look at this mannequin with a darling crown on top that one of her customers made, there are several all around the shop and they are stunning. And the shawl around this mannequin looks so Magnolia Pearl.

powder springs 020

Fabulous!!!!!!Vintage clothing.........

powder springs 021

The walls are all painted this beautiful robin's egg blue and everything just pops.......Loving that pink quilt so much, I'll take it!!!!!!!powder springs 018

Do I need to even talk about this ironstone..........and look what she did to the table legs with the fabric.....Love It!!!!!!!

powder springs 019

powder springs 024

powder springs 026

And here is the owner of all this wonderful with her friend and cohort Sherri, Pat is on the right. Thanks Pat for a fun day and for all my stuff. Good thing I have a truck!!!!

If you are ever in Powder Springs, GA, that is near Marietta, you simply must stop in and see Pat and all her refinery. Cheers, Lauri

Happy Birthdays!

Two very important ladies in my life have birthdays today.  My sister, Randolyn aka Mrs. Lady, came into this world a few years back. I am known to her as Mrs. Excellent, but I think SHE is the excellent one.  She is a very good friend, choreographer, fabulous literary writer, poet, flamenco dancer, cook, mother, wife, & daughter.  I miss you, Lady and I wish I could be in Vermont celebrating with you!  You have always been an inspiration to me, a muse for me, a guidepost for me, and a very dear friend to me.  I hope the next 12 months are bouquets of roses and gardenias.  I love you!


My other special someone is Miss Tweetie Anne Tyler Smith aka The Empress.  She is named after her maternal grandmother, mama & daddy's forebears (Tweetie, Anne, Tyler respectively).  She is 4 years old and" no longer a baby " as she announced to her mama & my best friend, Anne.  She is also my God Daughter.  I am known to her as "Fairy" - as in Fairy Godmother.  She doesn't know my real name.  I don't think it matters.  Tyler is amazing, funny, intelligent (yes it's so), beautiful, sweet and a joy.  Her favorite color is pink.  She likes to come out to Greenjeans and look for eggs from the hens and pick vegetables from our garden.  She also likes to look at the horses in the pastures on our lane.  I have the good fortune to spend some quality time at the beach for the next few days with The Empress.  So I should be able to post some photos of Miss Thing. 


All my love to you!

xo lulu  aka Mrs Ex and Fairy

p.s.  I think I have more nicknames than criminals have aliases.  There are more than those 3 listed above.  For another day....

Friday, August 22, 2008

Some Say I'm Psychic, Others say I'm Physic.

I know, I know.  It's been waaaaaaay too long since my last post.  I think the dog days of summer have zapped the witty & pithy portions of 'zee leetle gray cells' as Hercule Poirot would say.  It doesn't mean my junking/hunting/procuring skill set is fried.  Since Lauri's last road trip occurred I scoured the Internet and my bathtub for the perfect "Chippy-on-the-loose Personal Finder" (that is my own technical name, thank you).  You might recognize it by another moniker but I don't have permission to use it.  You just don't want to mess with this mojo.


Barney Fife's got nothin' on me, baby.  And the great news is I can immediately figure out where I am too!  Sometimes I scare myself with my... je ne' c'est quois!

Happy triangulating!  xo lulu

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Celebrity sighting Lakewood 400

t smith 001 

Oh my Gosh!!!!!!!! I must me dreaming you won't believe it but, Miss Theresa Smith of Time Worn Interiors, the decorating guru extraordinaire is at Lakewood 400 this month.  If I didn't see it with my own eyes I wouldn't believe it either. But, she is there with all of her wonderful stuff.  And she said that if she has a good show she will be back so everyone git in your car, or truck or walk or call me and I'll come get you and go see her.  This is a historic event...........  WooooooHoooooooo!!!!! Do I sound excited?????? Here are the pictures, this can be yours............ or mine if you don't hurry.   If you are not familiar with Theresa and her decorating magic, check her out in Country Living magazine June 2007.  Cheers, Lauri and Lulu


t smith 005t smith 006 

t smith 003

t smith 007

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Heada meets the girls........


 yardsale 010


Little Miss Heada arrive yesterday via Sharon at Sweet Repose.  It helps when your friends know you have an overwhelming passion for things.  And then they buy them and taunt you with them with photos till you just can't stand it and have to have it.  Miss Heada is fitting in nicely with the girls, except for the fact that she is quite dainty and sweet and they are all a bit vixen like me......I'll have to keep a close eye on her for a while, hence she may suffer a few more cracks to the head.  None the less....... I love her like a child and much thanks to Sharon for her and the other goodies she always includes with her packages.  Your a jewel.......Can't wait to toss a few back with ya............  Cheers, Lauri

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Longest Yard Sale lives on........

Yes, 450 miles of junk and more junk.  What could be better?  I know Texas......but, this will have to do for now.  For anyone who is not familiar, this sale was started about 7 or 8 years ago because the interstate had taken all the traffic off of the 127 Corridor which runs from Alabama to Ohio.  So some smart guy decided a way to bring the people back would be to have a huge and I mean huge yardsale and so he did.  I have gone every year, but one, and this year has proved to be good as ever.  The first couple of years I drove over to Gadsden and drove north to Kentucky, this was a chore, lots of traffic, to many people.  So the last few years I have left on Tuesday or Wednesday and drove up 75 to Covington, Kentucky and started at the top and drove down to Chattanooga.  By going early you don't have to deal with all the kids and the rif raf.  Mostly just blue hairs.  'Cause everyone else is at work.  By far the best deals are in Kentucky.  Some of the best stuff I have came from Kentucky.  And I have to tell you I usually end up yardsale 021

keeping most of it.  Like this Fretwork from a guy in Pall Mall, Tenn.  I almost couldn't get it in the truck.   Love it.  And this little child's playpen or cart on wheels......who still has this stuff, it is in great shape.  It brings tears........  One girl I met, could have been my twin, she had the best stuff I wanted it all, here's what I got from her.  She hyardsale 014ad a great cupboard I wanted but, she wouldn't sell it. (I can relate.)  Of course, there were butter pats, that makes 174, and this doll with a body, I don't think its her body, but none the less.  Also found this darling man selling purple bottles so in honor of my idol Michael, I had to buy some and because if you bought 10 or more they were only $2 a piece.  Love it..........

But, I must tell you this is not for the average bear.  Its, grooling, lots of walking and unfortunately, it is 50% true Yard Sale stuff, toys, kids clothes, and yuck, and then 25% is that dealer who took all his stuff out of his  space at the mall and is trying to get rich on the side of the road.  And then there is that wonderful guy who has cleaned out his grandmothers house or an   estate sale and is just looking to get rid of it cheap.  Love those guys.yardsale  And you do have to be careful where you stop.  Especially if you are by yourself.  Don't stop at a house with no other cars and a boiling pot outside.  You might be for dinner.   Things you must know are, you must not be afraid to get dirty, you must not be afraid to dig in dirty old boxes with rat pills, or be afraid to slug some Yankee chick who's, digging through your pile of stuff.........

Which brings me to another subject.  The other day at Lakewood Janice (Larry Cooks' wife beside us) and I were discussing how a girl just has to be ready to cold cock some b_____ if need be.  And lulu was just appalled.  She could not believe we would figIMG00018ht.  I mean it is a way of life here in the south.  A girls got to be able to protect her own.  Less I digress.........I will shut up now cause when lulu reads this she will probably revoke my blogging license. 

Here is a picture of some more stuff.  Enjoy the pictures and think about going next year.  If you love junk, you'll love it.   Cheers, Lauri

  yardsale 022yardsale 033yardsale 030 

yardsale 025yardsale 023yardsale 019