Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm having a Burlap Moment

Really y'all I think I'm going to take this burlap thing on the road, seriously.  Everything I had burlap sold today.  I love it!  Thank goodess I had some extras for Texas.  Thanks to all my best peeps who came to see me today and bought something at Lakewood 400.  I love ya, and I appreciate you.  Only five more days and I am hittin the road!
I am loving the way my booth looks at Lakewood now.  My sweet friend Marilyn, who was my neighbor forever, has decided to not do the show anymore, so my best buds Pete and Peg have moved down and I took my walls out and now its all opened up.  They sell great white chippy furniture and I usually end up buying something from them every month.  So now I just decorate their stuff too.  How fun is that!!!? Cheers, lauri

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blame it on Texas, don't blame it on me.........

Hey y'all, I am getting so excited.  Can't believe it is almost time for Texas again. Just about 10 days before I leave, I just can't begin to tell you how much fun it is.  I have been painting and sewing my fingers to the bone trying to get everything ready.  The Marburger Farm Show will have late night shopping the first day, September 28, this time.  We are very excited and best of all they have added a bar in the blacksmith shop.  It just can't get any better, only in Texas can you buy junk and drink at the same time........Just one more reason to love Texas!!!!! So saddle up and plan to come and see me.  Cheers, lauri
Photos are Pegs, Shelleys, and Ginas.......

Thursday, September 2, 2010

More baby dean........

Ok, get used to it.........can you stand it???? Isn't he just adorable????  I just can't keep my hands off of him.  Loving every minute!!!! lauri

I love his little lips........

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cheryls' Cottage Home

Hey y'all, I am busier than a bee, trying to hold my new grand baby in one arm and loading stuff for Texas with the other.  I sure hope they will let me take him with me........What are the charges for kidnapping, across state lines?????  Anyway, I just had to share with you this great blog right here in Georgia.  This sweet girl, contacted me a few weeks ago and asked me to do some slips for her chairs in her dining room.  Aren't they just to die for!?!?!? I think I have a winner here, everyone is just loving the monogram slips and if you want some too, check out my Elsy.  Oh and go over and check out Cheryls' blog.    Cheers, lauri