Saturday, June 28, 2008

Oh, Goodie........

blog 059  Today I got a box from sweet Sharon at Sweet Repose.  Somehow she managed to motor boat over to the floating Post Office in Iowa and send me some stuff I wanted from her pictures.  Isn't she a sport.  Always the pleaser.  And boy, oh boy, what great stuff.  These two Chamber pots are to die for.  Love ironstone can't get enough of it anblog 058d the lids are great.   She also sent soaps and candles, of course white and they smell so good my whole house already smells wonderful.  She sent me some amazing lye soap that has lavender in it and on it.  It is so beautiful.  But, I'll have to get more because everyone who has seen it wants it.  Love that Sharon.  She also sent this funny little "Dammit Doll"  It is so great.  And kind of reminds me of my husband, except for the blue hair and he's not skinny, but any way I already used it, because of there you go...Thanks Sharon for all the goodies.  And please keep 'em coming.  Love that Sharon, Lauri

On another note, today my sweet Aunt Bettie took me to lunch with our cute friends Sara and Dottie.  Just thought you might likblog 056e the picture.  I'm the chubbie one in the middle.  My friend Dottie had a new Blackberry, it was so cool.  And after getting a short lesson from her on how to use it......I'm thinking I need one, well off to the phone store.  Cheers, Lauri

New Stuff at lulu's

June 2008 087 June 2008 088

I spent the better part of the week hauling in some pieces and reorganizing.  Traffic has been slow so you can imagine how annoyed I am that some sticky-fingered MULE decided to take a few things.  Why do some folks think it's ok to steal? For the record, I hope the ink bottle broke all over your white pants, the quill stylus poked skin , and the glass in the vintage pictures broke. There. HA.

June 2008 079 June 2008 081June 2008 080

This piece is reclaimed old heart pine.  Isn't it just divine?  the sides are old door panels.  Can you say "chippy"?

June 2008 083 June 2008 086

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Apparently the hot summer sun and/or flood waters have fried/saturated a few minds out there.  There were many requests for pictures of Lauri's mystery pool boy.  I have something better!  Ladies sit down and take a look at lulu's DARLING NEPHEW. 

He's an actor and a rising junior at Wesleyan College.  He plays the trumpet, he is a huge JUNKER: finding discarded bikes on the mean streets of Brooklyn, fixing them up and selling them; he makes pasta FROM SCRATCH; he wants to be an architect; he is a philosophy major; he does THE BEST Jim Carey impersonation as well as the hombres on the Spanish soap operas; he loves automobiles and working on them; he makes us all laugh and thank our stars he is in this world.   Without further ado I present Angus!

Angus 2[1] 

Just because I do not have children (besides my dogs, cat and 4 chickens & Adorable Husband) I am just as proud of him as if he was mine.  xooxoxox  lulu

Texas boys........and Lulu...

lulu's texas 066

I'm sorry to disappoint everyone about the pool boy, unfortunately I am the pool person. Haven't been lucky enough, yet to hook one of those hunks for the job. But, if I could pick one, I pick the hunky one in the back with cowboy hat in the photo we took with the Marburger Boys we met at the show!!!!!! Yeehaw! Just one more great thing about Texas, COWBOYS!!!!!! Lauri

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Scenes from the pool.......

I am out at the pool trying to recover from the weekend.  (Not the booze, the hauling of junk here and there.)  I cracked up when I saw the little stray lounging on the pool furniture.....What a nut!

blog 048blog 050

Yes, Lulu I'm at the pool, come on up!!! think it must be cocktail time?!*Lauri

Monday, June 23, 2008

More Lakewood Friends


It's taken me all day to get the energy to blog.  It is tiring business hauling stuff to & fro.  Of course I ended up buying enough stuff to FILL my pick-up truck.  Had I shown restraint we wouldn't have looked like Jed, Granny, Jethro & Ellie Mae going home.  THANK YOU, Adorable Husband, for coming to my rescue.

Marie owns Tobacco Road Primitives.  If you've been to the Marburger Shows you've probably seen her.  She used cedar shavings as her 'floor' this past show.  You were drawn to her booth with that great aroma.  She is a hoot.   ILove to go into her permanent space at Lakewood and pretend I'm back in Texas.


June 2008 068June 2008 069

June 2008 065

June 2008 070 June 2008 071

June 2008 063

No show would be complete without a bling dealer. Debbie is the Bling Quing (hahaha). Work with me!

She has so many wonderful vintage pieces.  It is eye candy, for sure.  Check it out:

June 2008 072

June 2008 073

June 2008 077

I want it all, don't you?

Lauri and I want to send a HUGE shout-out to Suzanne Duda for her superior photography of our stuff and generous blog of our booth on Saturday.  We can't believe how good she's been to us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

xo lulu

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lakewood Part Deux

Our friend, Joanne, has the most delightful little jewel box of a store.   She and her sweet mama, Annie, sell yards and yards of the most delicious-looking ribbon! 

June 2008 051 June 2008 053June 2008 054


Joanne hand dyes some of her treasures.  She also wraps gorgeous velvet ribbon around vintage spools and sells it that way.  I love to buy those and just have them sitting around looking lovely.  The pink things you see in the picture above are 'bricks' of tiny stemmed pearls like you see on hats & costumes.

June 2008 052

June 2008 056

We took ribbon from Joanne and tricked up this old silk shade .  I can just image this on a lamp in my Leopard Lounge at home.

Here's some more eye candy in between the rain storms yesterday...

June 2008 060

June 2008 061

June 2008 006

This is our friend, Wendy, who is showing us one of her quilts she created.  She bought a tablecloth from us and used it in this quilt.  She is now a citizen of Blogistan.  You can find her at

WELCOME WENDY!  She is extremely talented & we have just about got her booked to come to TEXAS next Spring!  Check her out...she's a doll!

Well, I gotta run up to Lakewood and dry off the stuff.  It poured in the middle of night and we didn't tarp because THE STUPID WEATHERMAN SAID NO MORE RAIN!  LIAR.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Before Chippys........

lakewood 001

   After Chippys........................ 


lakewood 008lakewood 007lakewood 002lakewood 005 lakewood 006 lakewood 004

We are all set up at Lakewood 400 in Cumming, GA, this weekend wish you were here and for Sharon at Sweet Repose, someone is looking for you way up there in Iowa.........We are drinking and cussing and taking the heads of dolls......argh.............And we are beaming because most of this stuff is gone with the wind!!!!!!  The Chippys........

Thursday, June 19, 2008


IF you are within driving distance of Atlanta, Georgia then make your way north to the Lakewood 400 Antiques Show.  In case you missed us last month we'll give you a hint of what you've missed.  BUT we never do the same look twice so if you see it you better buy it 'cuz chances are it'll be gone-with-the-wind, Scarlett.

June 2008 004  June 2008 003

We NEVER have time to show other dealers so THIS weekend we are going to MAKE TIME and let you see all the wonderful dealers inside & out.

But beware...we are shaking things up this month!  Hold onto your girdles, girlies.

oxox lulu

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Toot, toot...

steam 001We always know when it is getting close to the 4th of July here, because you can smell the wood smoke and hear the steam engine whistles.  Our neighbor has several steam engines and is busy getting them ready to parade them through downtown for the annual Steam Engine Parade here in Cumming.....I am proud and a little scared to say that my son, Adam will be manning one of these machines this year.  Just thought you all might like to see some shots of these wonderfully restored pieces of American History......Toot, toot.....Lauristeam 002

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fruits of my labor

Here's the latest from my space in Historic Roswell Antique Market.  I have a lot of quilts which I haven't shown.  If you are interested in any let me know & I will post some photos.


No one wants my teeth!            Below is 'Ethel'

June2008Chippys 035  June2008Chippys 028

Hoping for a miracle               Headwaters for Venus...

June2008Chippys 031 June2008Chippys 033


Quilts & innards                      Venus-on-the-half-shell

June2008Chippys 042 June2008Chippys 034


Berry berry good....

June2008Chippys 040


Who are they????


June2008Chippys 007

wait...they're saying... COME SEE CHIPPYS at LAKEWOOD 400 this weekend!!!!!


ox  lulu