Friday, November 27, 2009

PORCH Magazine

Just wanted to let you all know about this awesome issue of PORCH Magazine, if you have never gotten this magazine before you must see this one. It is all about the Texas shows and others and has some wonderful pics of all your favorites. Wait till you see the ones of Theresa Smiths' booth it is heavenly. And that is Shelley's booth on the cover and I can't believe it but my necklaces are on the back. That Polly is just a jewel. I was so surprised. What a boost and boy I needed it. I warn you if you haven't been to the Texas shows you will want to go after seeing this book. And Leftovers is in there, and that is a delight all by itself.......

If you don't know about Polly she is just the sweetest person I have ever met. She featured my necklaces in a past issue of PORCH and I was so proud. This past show I was lucky enough to get to meet her and her darling husband Steve. Check her out in the latest Romantic Homes Magazine, it is just a delightful read. She has so many talents I can't list them all but, her very best one is the ability to make you feel like you have known her your whole life, the first time you meet her. She is such a spiritual person and I feel so fortunate to have gotten to know her.

I also, want to thank all of you who have left the sweetest comments ever and please know they really do help. I am coming along slowly, I just can't seem to leave the house, but I am working on it. Its been kind of nice, I am sitting for one of my friends kitties and and he likes to cuddle. And this is good as I am also missing my sweet Puffin, who left the day after my Mom did. I guess it was her time too. Lauri
Puffin Stuff..........

Monday, November 23, 2009

Goodbye Norma Jean..........

I apologize for being away for a while, I just couldn't see through the tears to do a post. And now it is still difficult but, I wanted to let all my blog friends know that my sweet mama passed away last Thursday afternoon. She had fought the good fight and probably was ready to go much sooner than I was but, I just couldn't let her go. Yes, she was difficult and always drove me crazy with her independence but, somehow all those memories go away at a time like this, and all you can remember are the sweet and wonderful things she did and how much she made me feel like I was the most important person in the world. I don't think I will ever be the person my mother was but, I will try. I thank all of you who have emailed me and kept me going with your sweet comments and prayers and I continue to ask for your prayers as I am still broken. Please bring on the healing as I am gonna miss her so........ you may all have read this but, I wanted to share this sweet poem with you......Smiling through the tears, Lauri

A Limb Fallen
A limb has fallen from the family tree,
I keep hearing a voice that says "Grieve Not for Me".
Remember the best times, the laughter, the song,
The good life I lived while I was still strong.
Continue my heritage, I'm counting on you,
Keep smiling and surely the sun will shine through.
My mind is at ease, my soul is at rest,
Remembering all, how I truly was blessed.
Continue traditions, no matter how small,
Go on with your life, don't just stare at the wall.
I miss you all dearly, so keep up your chin,
Until the day comes we're all together again.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Me and Woodstock Market!!!!

Hey ya'll, I will be set up tomorrow, and through the weekend at Woodstock Market, at the corner of Highway 5 and 92, in downtown Woodstock, Georgia. Come on out and see me. I have not done a show since June, and I got lots of good junk..........Lauri

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just a few more Wedding shots......

I didn't get any real good shots of the table set ups, just out of sorts that day. I will have to wait for the photographers pictures to show you those. I can't believe it has been a week since the Wedding. I am still getting things back to normal. This is one of the set ups that has the sunflowers in orange and the orange water pearls in the vases, there were 6 tables that had these, the others were a mixture of the wrought iron pumpkins with candles and the little pumpkins and gourds all around.
This was the Cinderella Carriage pumpkin and the signing book.......

Me and my sweet nephew, Kerry who flew in from Nevada for the Wedding.......

And the very best surprise, Norman and Kodi, Adams' ABAC buddies who came all the way from New Orleans for the Wedding. These guys made the day........ They are the only thing that got me through the college years when Adam was at Abraham Baldwin College in Tifton, GA. I love these guys, they are so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie and Caroline, my sweet friend Lisa's daughter.........this is the closest, I will ever get to a daughter........... she was so sweet to hand out the programs for the wedding and keep the book.
I promise to post about something else, next time. Thanks for indulging me......Lauri