Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Alter ego...........

Is this not the cutest picture???? And you notice no cast.....hmmmm. Just another story about one of the sweet people I consider my Texas extended family. You simply must go over to Janet of Rubbish and Talk Sweet Talk's blog and read the funniest story you have ever heard......The first time I met Janet, I fell in love with her, but then I met Miss Deb of Talking Trash Fame, and she told me this story and I thought, she is my alter ego. I always wanted a cast or crutches, and how cool that her parents went along with it. Truly a wonderful family and a wonderful person is Janet. I was lucky enough to meet her sweet Mom this time when I was in Texas, what a treasure she is. My only thought was Janet you have got to get your mom to do a blog cause this lady has got stories to tell. So please head over there and read this story as only Janet can tell it. Love you girl and can you bring the crutches next time to Warrenton, I know you still got em.........Cheers, lauri

Monday, April 19, 2010

Texas makes me smile.........

So sorry everyone to be away so long........I have been way to busy lately trying to catch up on things......after being gone to Texas for two weeks.....and still trying to believe how much fun I had, it is still very much like a dream. I wanted to share some of my pictures with you. I fell in love with this little bath tub the first day, it so looked like a piece you would see at Anthropology to me.......and the couple selling it was as cute as the little settee......AliCe and JaY from Sasser, Georgia were in a space just down the way from us and I have to say I bought most of the stuff they were selling, they had some great stuff. And little Alice, was leaving after the show for ITALY!!!!!! I so wanted to hate her but, she was just too sweet. Have fun Alice.

And just down from them at the other end of our tent is the always amazing, Peg and Jon, of French Vanilla. I was drooling over all this rust!!!!!!

How fabulous was this huge urn they had, you could get in it, it was so big, it didn't last an it!!!!!

I bought this adorable old print from Peg, it was so precious......Here is Shelley's booth, Sweet Pea Home, Shelley found these 2die4 chairs, how can she part with them?????!!!! Oh, I don't think she did......good girl Shelley.....

Theresa's booth, Time Worn Interiors, was fabulous as usually, course I felt like it was my booth because Theresa being Theresa, left a big opening in her wall so people could walk through between our booths.......what a friend. I love all her stuff so much that when the show was over I swapped her a bunch of stuff for her stuff. I love that!!!!!! (I tried to swap those chairs for a couple of pillows but, she wasn't having that!)

Sweet Gina of Peacock Park Design, literally started on Friday with an empty space and by Tuesday, wah la, she had done this to it.......she is so amazing found all this stuff and made it look so effortless putting together a wonderful display for Where Women Create. She's not Normal, trust me.

One of my favorite places to go in Warrenton, is Jill Suzanne's booth, I absolutely love her stuff, I always sell everything I get from Jill as soon as I put it out. And she is just the most fun gal you have ever met. She makes the wonderful candles that Theresa, has in her booth. Til next time, cheers, lauri

Friday, April 9, 2010

My Marburger Farms........and a big Thank you!!

Hey y'all, well I am still trying to recover from the 12 hour drive home........and I still feel like it must have all been a dream. It was the most fun I think I have ever had ever. I am still pinching myself because almost everything sold and I just can't thank everyone enough. I can't believe how everyone seemed to just love everything. Of course, I was packed to the gills I had no idea what would sell so I took everything I could stuff in the truck and the trailer. But, I have decided to give you all my take on how I came to love Texas so much, like it or not........... Years ago I was friends with some gals who always went to Texas to the show and would come home telling stories about all the great stuff there and all the fun they had. Well, back then Adam was to small to leave and I just always thought one of these days...... Well once he was older and on his own, I would always plan to go and never be able to find anyone to go with me. Well about three years ago, finally I was able to go......and I have been hooked ever since and have not missed a show since then. I don't know how to describe it so you can understand how wonderful it is if you have never been. First of all it is HUGE, way more stuff than you can ever see, there is a party or something going on every night that you don't want to miss. There is so much shopping to be done, you just can't stand it. And mostly the people, Texans are just the sweetest, nicest people that there are........if there are any mean ones I have not met any yet. I bought so much stuff and was so excited to bring it home, and wouldn't you know all that stuff sold was really like a dream. I met so many new people and had so many people say, "will you be back in the fall"???? Well, duhhhhhh, I would be crazy not to be. And I have to say I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Theresa and Craig Smith because I know that with out them this would not have happened. You don't just show up and get into Marburger and trust me it is the show of all shows. I know they helped me so much and I appreciate them beyond words. There is much that has to be done before you ever unload the truck and sweet Craig had done all that before I even got there. Then I know nothing about a travel trailer and they helped me with all of that. We had an absolute ball and I can't tell you what they mean to me. Thanks guys from the bottom of my heart, I will never for get it.......... Here's Theresa with her name tag at the blog party, she won by the way........(It's BIG, in true Texas fashion!)Here's Theresa Cano, the one who started it all for me, and she thinks she taking my little coin purse, NOT!!!!!

Here's Renee, I am sure I didn't have to tell you that...........Check out her name tag!!!!!!!!!
Here's me and Shelly and Jo Packam.......
Here's me and Angelique, Six in one Hand, she is the sweetest thing........Why do I always have a drink in my hand??????
More later, Cheers, lauri

Friday, April 2, 2010

Marburger Farms Spring 2010, my dream come true!

My space before................My space after.................
Oh my gosh, y'all......Gasp!!!!! I am speechless, first I just want to apologize for not posting but, wifi in a cow pasture just ain't happening out here. This is my third attempt this week to upload photos and I hope it works this time. I have just a few photos this time, and I can't believe tomorrow is the last day, NOOOOO. I don't want to leave!!!!!! I have had aphenominal show, unbelievable, it is the best, I know why I love TEXAS, cha-ching........Thank you to every sweet little Texan who came out and bought from me and said how much they loved my stuff, I really appreciate it. And here goes, glad I got pictures cause all this stuff is GONE!!!!!!! Yeehaw, lauri

Blog Party me and the JuNk GyPsy girls, Jolie and Janis, love them!!!!!

TOT, Shelly, Jo Packam and me, yes Kim I'm wearing one of your gorgeous slips.........We all had to have one..........