Thursday, August 27, 2009

The love of my life..........Jeremiah Adam Evans

Well, you all had to know this was coming............. yes, I know it is less than 2 months now, mainly because the tears are coming more frequently. I can hardly make eye contact with him these days cause there is just something so special between a mother and her son. I have to tell you I was truly blessed when God gave this little bundle of joy to me. And I thank God every day for the relationship I have with him. All of you with boys know about that special bond you seem to have with a son. He has truly been the love of my life and I can remember when he was born I was so expecting a girl. (this was back when we didn't find out what the babies were......) I thought what will I ever do with a boy!?!? Well, as you might know God knew just what I needed and I have been blessed ever since. Between huntin' and fishin' and football and now big dangerous machinery, I can tell you I have enjoyed every minute of it. And I know that it is not over, just changing for me. And I will embrace it as best I can. He will always be my little angel boy. Thanks for letting me share................Lauri

Thursday, August 13, 2009

One more thing to love about Kentucky.......

Well, gettin' to see Theresa was the highlight of my trip but, she lives just a rocks throw from the distillery, who knew???? And there are tobacco fields across the road........... you just gotta love the south, whiskey and cigarettes, one of lifes staples....... Notice the similarities.....................

And as if that was not good enough you got to drive right through Lynchburg to get to Kentucky. I love this place, I might buy a house there.............. lucky for me Theresa likes to pull a cork too......

All that said and done, here are some photos I took of her booth in Shelbyville, another fabulous display of her talents, I wanted everything in here too.......If you see something you like, its probably already gone, but you can ask her.......Time Worn Interiors

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Longest Yardsale, Me and TOT......

I still can't decided what the best part of my trip was, gettin' to go junkin' with TOT, or gettin' to STAY at the 'Country Living' house in Kentucky.......hmmmmm, I think they both were priceless....... And the very best part is I figured out that TOT is just 5 hours away from me. Good for me, maybe not so good for her, cause I might just have to go once a month. Let me just give you an idea of what it is like to stay with her, you feel like a QUEEN!!!! I'm not kidding. She insisted on me staying in her bedroom which is like a suite. I just stayed up all night looking at everything and taking pictures. I wanted her to put prices on stuff so I could buy it all. I did talk her out of some of her Magnolia Pearl, it just took a little arm twisting......I'll show you that later. Here are some photos of her FAB-U-LOUS home and all the stuff I want. It is all meticulously decorated........with the most wonderful one of a kind pieces.

How wonderful are these clock faces that she just strung through a ribbon and hung on a nail....who would have thought of this but Theresa......She is the master........ Then as if staying here was not enough of a prize, off we go on the Longest Yardsale. For those of you who are not familiar, this is a stretch of highway that runs from Covington, Kentucky to Gadsden, Alabama, 450 miles of junk...... What could be better, and trust me I have gone every year since it started and the best stuff is in Kentucky!!!! And this year was good as ever, we scored some amazing stuff, butter pats, ironstone, dress forms, metal cabinets, suitcases, doll heads you name it. And little did I know I was taking 'hawkeye' with me' that could spot a clock or a butter pat from 200 it was even better........
Here's Theresa digging through some great stuff, notice the signs.......everything is a $1.00....yeehaw

And how about this box of doll parts that Theresa found.......she kills me she can spot a doll part from a mile away........ I can't tell you how much fun I had and how fortunate I feel to have great friends like Theresa and Craig Smith, true Southern Hospitality........Love you guys, and keep my room ready, I'm coming back, Lauri

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Heaven is in Kentucky....and so am I!!!!!!

Oh My Gosh y'all, I have died and gone to heaven, I mean Kentucky.............. Just guess where I am????? Yes, I am off on my annual pilgrimage to the Longest Yardsale but, first I made a detour to Glendale, KY, have you figured it out yet??? Yes, I am neck deep in the most wonderful "White living" you have ever seen, dreaming in cream every night. Can you believe it??? I want to move in, it will take me a few days to see everything. And I am talking her into going on the yardsale with me. There is noooooo telling what we will find............ Just a few pictures for now and more when I get home. For now I am too excited!!!!! cheers, lauri

Look Sharon, some of our little friends.................

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Woodstock Market

I found a new show!!!!!!!!!!!! Woodstock Market is a great antique market in Woodstock, GA. They have started an outdoor market the first weekend of every month in their outdoor area. I decided to give it a try and I am so glad I did......... They are just the nicest people you ever want to meet and it is a pretty good show. It is just getting started and there are a lot of new vendors, but it was fun. I met some really fun girls and had a great time. And I sold a lot more that I did at the last Lakewood show, so there you go. I think they need me in Woodstock........ here is a picture of some really fun girls I met from Georgia and Alabama. Sweet Vicky and her daughter Debra who makes the most wonderful necklaces you have every seen. Of course, I had to have one. (picture to follow) And Nannie this absolutely super creative lady, that makes these wonderful collages on just about anything. I have never seen any of this stuff as good as hers. She really has an eye for design.

I almost thought I was back in Texas for a minute when we were all wearing our Magnolia Pearl. We so need Pearl out here..............

Love this lamp that Nannie made, of course it has a doll head!!!

This mirror was fabulous!!!!! It had all religious items and shells and rhinestone brooches on it, so beautiful.

Here is the necklace I got from Debra, her business is The Charming Cherub. She is a very talented artist, very cute stuff. So please go check her out!!!! Cheers, lauri