Thursday, August 27, 2009

The love of my life..........Jeremiah Adam Evans

Well, you all had to know this was coming............. yes, I know it is less than 2 months now, mainly because the tears are coming more frequently. I can hardly make eye contact with him these days cause there is just something so special between a mother and her son. I have to tell you I was truly blessed when God gave this little bundle of joy to me. And I thank God every day for the relationship I have with him. All of you with boys know about that special bond you seem to have with a son. He has truly been the love of my life and I can remember when he was born I was so expecting a girl. (this was back when we didn't find out what the babies were......) I thought what will I ever do with a boy!?!? Well, as you might know God knew just what I needed and I have been blessed ever since. Between huntin' and fishin' and football and now big dangerous machinery, I can tell you I have enjoyed every minute of it. And I know that it is not over, just changing for me. And I will embrace it as best I can. He will always be my little angel boy. Thanks for letting me share................Lauri


trash talk said...

Girl, you're making me cry! All I can add is she better be good to him...mama bears sure will protect their cubs. She will be though...I just know it.
He is one gorgeous hunka hunka...hard to believe he was ever a little tiny baby. What in the world do you think we fed our boys? Mine just towers over me!
Hang in there sweetie. When you see him on his wedding day, you'll need all the tears you got and then some!

Mindy said...

Listen here. I am all kinds of behind on you two and here I read this and get all teary. I don't even have any babies and I'm teary. I guess this is what I get for getting behind.

I sure miss keeping up with y'all. Hope all is well.


Sea Witch said...

Those are tears of love and the pride you have for your wonderful son. That big, handsome man will always be your baby, but he and his wife will hand you a grandchild that will make you swoon even more one day. Sea Witch

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I can so relate a million times two (since I have two boys). There is not another relationship that is more special than this. And now you have an angel girl to go with your angel son. He was such a cutie growing up and now he's just absolutely more handsome and of course he couldn't have married an ugly girl, she's just as beautiful. Can you just picture their kids and if you think you are crying now wait until that little bundle of beauty comes along, look out the kleenex tissue company will go broke! Blessings to you my friend, see you soon, woohoo, can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

What a cute couple! You are doing great - it's all normal to see your baby growing up. All of us mommy's are cry babies when it comes to our children. We all have such great pride. Soon...Susan

trash talk said...

I just read a Bible verse and immediately thought of you. Had to come back over and share this with's so true!

~Sons are a heritage from the Lord; children a reward from him.
Psalm 127:3


Stash said...

many many congrats to you and your family
what a lovely moment
great engagement shot =)

Rebecca said...

I have 5 daughters and 1 son...the girls married fantastic guys and I consider them my sons but my son is special and such a blessing to me. He is not married and I wish he could find someone that would make him happy. But with 5 sisters his standards are pretty high

The Renaissance Chick said...

Been there...done that! You know the best part of the change you are about to go through? New, little, precious, blonde boys who will be your biggest fans!


Lauri Evans said...
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Janet said...

Okay, I'm crying! You were not the only one blessed that day...he was too! You got an awesome son and he got an amazing mom!