Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mirror, Mirror and other Favs of 2008

Instead of taking down holiday decorations I decided to photograph some of my favorite things which found their way into my hot little hands. Some of them are gifts (thank you, Lauri for the wonderful trio of ironstone pitchers xo) and some of them are things I just COULDN"T LIVE WITHOUT!
This newest edition of French Style makes me is so beautiful.

And I love chippys bling!

I collect anything associated with the Eastern Star. Trash sent me the little box and hanky.
Of course Cow tags and cigarette holders are always a hit.

This fabulously chippy gilt chair was a find at Lakewood. Yes, that's needlepoint!

And all the little mirrors I found in Texas!

Baby head in transfer ware...faucet handles...
This painting is a Christmas present from Dr. Phil xo

And the 8' mirror...will never leave my house. The other mirror with the curlicues is another gift from Dr. Phil. Lauri YOU ARE GOING TO is too cute!
Well, thanks. I don't do a great job styling b/c I am in such a hurry. I have to take down the decorations before the New Year....don't want bad luck leaning on my doorstep!
ox lulu


ajunkqueen said...

Love all the goodies.I may be forced to start removing heads from dolls.

trash talk said...

Guurrl!!!! You have made out like a bandit. What great stuff befitting a true junkaholic. Isn't it great that we are all such enablers of each other. We'll never be cured from that which there is no cure. Have a Happy New Year and love you dearly. Tn'T

lulu Redstar & Lauri Evans said...

Oh man, I am coming down for that curly mirror, you must share it with me. YOU always get the good stuff..........Is that my baby head????? And is it a Christian? Lauri the Chipstress

Cher said...

Well, God bless Dr. Phil...How's that mirror and painting working for ya, as he would say.

Love it all!

The Texas Woman

Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

What? Nothing from Oprah?

Happy New Year!


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Holy Freakin' Cow! I WANT the post card on your header. LOVE it! WANT it! NEED it! (need it?) Seriously! Happy New Year! Want my address? ~Mindy

Sweet Repose said...

What new French issue???? I want to cry Grandson turns 21 tonight...more tranqs. (tequila will do) !!!

Have a great one kids...try and stay out of trouble...whatever!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Happy New Year to the best chippy girls around Georgia and Texas for that matter! Hope you have a great time tonight.

Found Around said...

Andy & I have the 18th Century Book. It is fabulous! I love thumbing through it. You girls have a wonderful New Year! We'll all be counting down soon. Love ya, Susan

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