Friday, December 26, 2008

Oh HOLY Night

What child IS this?

days of Christmas 032

Well, I know we said we'd be back but I didn't think this soon....Baby's sonogram is a BIT disturbing!

Trash, what kind of P.I. are you? I didn't think 'not from around these parts' didn't mean this GALAXY!!!! and you, LAURI, what kind of mojo did that ^$#*%(# Pixie put on my poor sweet Baby?

I'm dithering and withering. To the Leopard Lounge for further counsel!

We return to WARM AND FUZZY Holiday Photos AFTER ROUGH & SCALY shortly.

xo lulu, Grandmother of Baby-zilla

P.S. May I remind all you funny-not-bloggers that I ADOPTED BABY from Lauri. I have no gene in this fight!...........indignantly yours, lulu


ajunkqueen said...

as medical professional, no comment

Cher said...

So much for your gene pool! In fact, my next Totally Tasteless Tuesday is dedicated to you!

The Texas Woman

Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

Oh, you will love IT when IT gets here! Right.

And I see resemblances from both sides of the family...IT has Lulu's eyes...I mean...eye! And look at the smile...already complete with sharp little fangs...IT has a smile just like Laurie's!

Ya'll just need to stay out of the bars and let this THING happen. Hell, if you hadn't been in the bars earlier, this THING probably wouldn't have happened!


Sweet Repose said...

Maybe it's related to them red cowboy boots that are frequently in the air...what kind of leather did you say they were...hmmm...


lulu Redstar & Lauri Evans said...

I don't know......I think its kind of cute, in a slimmy sort of way....lauri

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