Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Wake up!  We're not finished!

On the 23rd day of Christmas the Chippys gave to me

23 vintage buttons

days of Christmas 030

22 old faucet handles, 21 pieces of mercury glass, 20 cups of eggnog, 19 purple bottles, 18 vintage deer, 17 jars of milk glass, 16 clock/watch faces, 15 old santas, 14 days in Warrenton, 13 weeks of rehab, 12 lottles of biquor, 11 crystal cloches, 10 silver hollowware, 9 old bottles, 8 chippy tables, 7 vintage quilts, 6 ironstone platters


4 branding irons, 3 legged stool, 2 butter pats and a


**thanks to TheOtherTheresa for the stash of great buttons ;)**

ox lulu&Lauri


Cher said...

Have I mentioned I love your header of the spilled drink? The "drip" always catches me off guard.

The Texas Woman

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my chippy girlfriends. Hope the Lakewood show was a success!

trash talk said...

Merry Christmas to my two loveable honey baked hams!!! Your days of Christmas has been so much fun to get up to each morning. I wish you love and peace from this moment on!!! Love you both, Debbie

ajunkqueen said...

I too look forward to your great senses of humor,and the spring at Warrenton. You two have made the time there ever better.

Sweet Repose said...

Is there no rest for the wicked...hope not, you two yahoos keep life sane for the rest of us poor slobs, slaving over a hot junk pile is hard work and we need to keep our humor in peak form.

So keep us in stitches(no problems there)I can't wait to meet yous guys in person, until then y'all have a wonderful holiday, full of butter pats and babies babies...tilt a toddy for me too, Scratchy's not much of a party-er.

Cheers from the Lost Continent...

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I, personally, am tickled pink that there have been no more Sound of Music themed days. Whew! Merry Christmas, ladies! ~Mindy

Durango said...

It is time you girls get your own reality tv show on Bravo. You'd be reality tv GOLD.

time-worn interiors said...

Only 2 more days, what's next! I hope you chippys have a very Merry Christmas!

Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

Button...button...who's got the button? Nobody...cause Laurie and Lulu ripped off all 23 of 'em!

This Moonlight Hollow gal has been driving all day and just pulled into Lubbock (yes, that is in Texas) at 12:30 am. Just wanted to get online real quick and tell my bloggin buddies Happy Christmas Eve!

Your 24 days of Christmas has been a hoot! I have obviously been mistaken all my life...I thought there were 12 days of Christmas...but, no...I was wrong... there are 24...wait...don't tell me there are 36...just my luck there will be 48!

Merry! Merry!

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