Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's Okay Folks, Don't be alarmed.......

Lulu has found the key to the liquor cabinet, but she can't seem to find a business card she just had 3 days ago. Yes, you're right Lulu's Bermuda Triangle of H&%*...... And just for the record the burglar doesn't have to break into my house, cause she knows where the key with anyone who knows me..........So rest assured the pats are safe, with the guns and jewelry. You know what we say here in North Georgia, that looks like a house where a gun lives!!!!! Lauri
This is lulu: Lauri, you can't use that gun b/c you never went before A judge to see if you were 'fit' to use it (don't get me started on THAT little scenario). and I MAY have found that's with those rhinestones you lost...he he he ox
I hate it when she remembers stuff I did..............And on the gun issue, I just don't get this permit thang. I have had a gun forever. And when I wanted to take it to Texas when we drove, Lulu just had a "come apart" and said I couldn't cause I had to have some stupid permit. I don't know why. Anyway I am getting that ding dang permit and that gun is a going when we go back in the Spring, not because I want to shoot it, but because it looks good with my crinoline!!!!!! Guns UP!!! Lauri


trash talk said...

If I have a choice between the liquor or medicine cabinet, I'm going to choose the liquor one everytime. You mean to tell me you don't sleep with those pats? Or is your hiding place like Renee's? Tn'T

Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

As we say here in Texas..."Bless your hearts"...and you know what that means! Times are hard!


Cher said...

I hate to be the one to break this to ya'll but Renee has shed a few pounds and her "safe" doesn't hold as much as it did at the fall show! Can I hear a group "awwwww"?

The Texas Woman

Sweet Repose said...

Why am I getting such a strong visual of the Hatfields and the McCoys here...?

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