Thursday, December 18, 2008

18 darling little deer..........

On the 18th day of Christmas the Chippys gave to me 18 darling little deer, 16 old Watch/Clock Faces, 15 old Santas, 14 days in Warrenton, 13 days in rehab, 12 lottles of biquor, 11 crystal cloches, 10 silver pieces, 9 old bottles, 8 chippy tables, 7 vintage quilts, 6 ironstone platters, 5 JUNK NECK LA CES, 4 branding irons, 3 legged stool, 2 butter pats, and a baby head in a fir tree................Ho Ho Ho Lauri and Lulu

Hello??? this is forget 17 jars of milk glass. You're cut off!
Thank you, The Blog Police, always on call!!!!!!
Did I mention I like little deer????????
And on another note, could someone please help one of the Moonlight Girls out of her straight jacket, and please buckle Miss Trash back in her seat belt, also could some one get Mindy and Sharon a drink........Or better yet drinks all around!!!!!!!


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Ahh...a none music themed day. Whew! I was almost afraid to look. Love all the little deer! ~Mindy

Cher said...

Just one of the Moonlight girls? What'll we do with the other one?

The Texas Woman

The English Cottage Collection said...

Deer Chippys,
A little doe comes in handy this time of year!!
~cottage cheese

trash talk said...

Good one, C.C.! And a buck or 2 doesn't hurt either! And girls, I ain't wearing a seat belt and you can't throw me off this ride. I'm here for the duration or at least until drinks are passed out and we are too! TnT

Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

Cher, one of us is missing! Put her picture on the back of a milk carton, but it just soured the milk!

My husband unbuckled my straight jacket last night. He needed a "favor". Men are so easy!

So my suggestion is that we all do what I do when going to West Texas. Buy a bottle of Jose Cuervo, when you pass over the Pecos River, unscrew the bottle top and throw it out the car window...and enjoy the rest of the day!

If I ever disappear, you gals be sure they put my picture on a bottle of tequila!


ajunkqueen said...

it was 76 here today, and wet felt like a sauna, but it was good for your skin.

debi said... I am really confused! I thought there were only "12 days of Christmas"??? Geez...see what these Texans have done to ya'll! (Of course us Cajuns are no where near like these Texans!)


Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

Come on, Debi! You breed you, you are one! Welcome to the club! Yee Haw! :)


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