Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rubbish,Trash&Junkin'Queens Found Around Here

The following took place on Saturday September 27th.  The names have NOT been changed to protect the innocent.

Oh, what a beautiful MORNING!  We awoke to Texas sunshine and a will to SHOP.  First stop to Cole's Antique Show to visit Janet @ Rubbish!  She has an incredible eye and art of display.  Neutrals are her forte. Have a look:

Fall Texas 2008 005 Fall Texas 2008 006 Fall Texas 2008 007 Fall Texas 2008 004

I must tell you Lauri SWOONED over the amount of butter pats Janet amassed.  I carry smelling salts for such instances.  In fact, I have so many that I get a discount from the medical supply company.  On to our next victim...

Located in the midst of Bar W Field we find Renee Jackson of A Junkin' Queen & Susan & Andy Broyles of Found Around.  Words cannot describe the treasure trove of good stuff.  Fall Texas 2008 015The first photo is a serving cart made of HOTEL SILVER!!!!!

Fall Texas 2008 016 Fall Texas 2008 014 Fall Texas 2008 018

Fall Texas 2008 017 Fall Texas 2008 019 Fall Texas 2008 012 Fall Texas 2008 011

Make sure you click on all the photos to REALLY get the details! love it all.

We spent so much time with them that we lost track of time and decided to take a siesta with Theresa Cano.  As we were meandering along we found the BABYHEAD ALTAR!   We showed these back in the spring, but see if you can see the 'new' baby head (hint: look in the back row)!Fall Texas 2008 022






We were chased off from the booth due to excessive keening and flailing about so our spirits were COMPLETELY LIFTED when we ran into two incredibly fabulous, talented and ultra-hip Texans:  CHRIS BROWN of Urban Prairie and REFUELED & CHERYL of STASH STUDIOS!!!!!  I thought Lauri was going to stroke out!

Fall Texas 2008 023 Fall Texas 2008 024 Cheryl is GORGEOUS!

lulu had to be picked up off the ground--her attempts a debutante bow caused her to fall on her keester-- lawud.  We can't go anywhere...

Well we CAN go to Garden Antqs Vintage.  And lo and behold there SHE was: TALKIN WHITE TRASH  aka Deb York.  riding shotgun was SISTER TRASH and CAT DADDY!!!  We had an adult beverage or two and talked  TRASH 'til the cows came home.  We skedaddled after laughing so hard our insides hurt.  We had to preen for the soiree that evening....stay tuned for more tawdry tales from the twisted chippys.  xo  lulu and lauri

Fall Texas 2008 042


trash talk said...

Oh my lord, speaking of pork belly futures-look at the pix of me. Thanks, y'all.(she said in her sweetest wtf voice) and you had to go and show me that serving cart again. Whatta you tryin' to do, kill me? I found the new crack baby in the photo-the one smilin', right? I hope y'all wake up with a killer hangover tomorrow. Throw one back for me-not a cowboy-a Shiner. Have fun tonite! I want blackmail photos. TNT

Found Around said...

You girls are the greatest! Thanks so much for the advertising you do for us all. Love ya, Susan

The Apiary said...

Why is there a lady sitting in my daddy's lap.. LOL.. YOU GUYS have a great look my mom talks about you all the time!!!

Sweet Repose said...

I'm with ya Deb...can't wait for the blackmail photos...and truly have found your element, although it looks like Chucky's family reunion...some o dem babies is scarey...although I do have a hankerin for the one with the dirty black face, reminds me of me...never a clean spot!

Hey Lulu, it's back to the etiquette classes for you, till ya get the Queen's curtsy right!!!

Have fun ya'll...

Halo Hill said...

You Chippys chicks have all the fun! Looks like a blast!!! Maybe we can meet somewhere between us for an awesome market or faire!


trash talk said...

Look at y'all with your new, fancy-schmancy header and border. I'm peagreen with envy. I don't know how to do all that so I'll just have to be plain jane.

ajunkqueen said...

I finally found the power cord to my computer, I think a calf roper must have taken it to tie up one of you girls, not saying which one, but no dancing on the tables any more I hear. Thanks for making a enjoyable time even more fun.

ajunkqueen said...

I forgot to thank you for showing my booth shots. After seeing your photo of Lauri among the heads, I had a shopper that told me she liked my booth, but was sorry I was across from the VooDoo Queen, She would have really been spooked if she saw them lit up at night.