Sunday, October 12, 2008


We found several good mens in the cow fields of Texas. So we decided to blog about them. Save your swooning for after the photos. These are rugged guys WHO DECORATE/READ DECORATING BOOKS/MAGAZINES & are NOT ashamed of it.

Bachelor #1 (he isn't but we like the moniker)

FOUND AROUND FRED's WORLD aka COWBOY ANDY BROYLES, darling husband of Susan Broyles. Andy-Fred likes to craft saddles and all things associated with such things. Not being cowboys we DON'T KNOW all of that technical stuff.

Andy-Fred likes walks in the moonlight, Yanni, strawberry daiquiris-- oops that wasn't supposed to be published...oh well. He's like a dog: loves old bones. He also loves all kinds of 'curiosities' and small items like old tins of oil, bee hives, rocks, vintage pharmacy items, vintage veterinarian items. He is also quite the creative one. He was spotted at the Junk Prom wearing his wranglers, plaid shirt, boots, cowboy hat and beers in both hands. He also was wearing a LULU knock-off waist adornment. The bright boy found an old rusty chain and attached chandelier drops and small French enameled house numbers all around. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL...he also went up to anyone within striking distance and shook his money-maker to jingle his things (We'll leave this up to you what you think we mean here).

Ho boy. There he is with his belt...cutting a rug.

Fall Texas 2008 143

BERT, our next bachelor, is a close relation to Andy...actually he is Ms SUSAN'S DADDY. He's quite a character. He didn't want ANY part of the Junk Prom but he's a keeper nonetheless.Fall Texas 2008 137 Ms. Renee Junkin Queen Jackson JUST COULDN't keep her hands off of poor Bert! I think she's goosing him by the look on his face! Bad Girl. Andy's holding up one of only 3 signed copies of the Howdy by a certain girdle-wearing-nutjob.

Now, Renee's helper and Guy Friday is Doug. Doug, like Dracula, avoids photographs at all costs. BUT HE IS HYSTERICAL. We are still searching the archives for a photo of Doug. HE HAS TO COME BACK IN THE SPRING. End of story.

The next shots are men we just don't know but find them worthy of blog space. The first cowgirl is actually wearing PANTYHOSE...I am NOT KIDDING! He does have nice legs.Fall Texas 2008 142 All kinds of proclivities come out at the Junk seen by this pair of party girls:

Pinkie is wearing plastic. Big Red is in crushed velvet and beer gut.

Enjoy the eye-yi-yi candy!

Fall Texas 2008 144

Now, back to normalcy....Darling Donnie Volkart! He can design blindfolded. We love him and all his wonderful & unusual stuff. You can find him at Gone To Texas Show...P9290147 Isn't he adorable? His stuff is F-A- B!Fall Texas 2008 055

P9290143 Fall Texas 2008 054 P9290144

OKAY. There is more material to post so I say 'so long' and look for more Marburger Madness in the coming days... xo lulu


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I love this post, I just couldn't stop laughing at the guy in the pink suit, WTF, as my good buddy would say? Anyways, if you need a pic of Doug, I can send it!!


OMG!! Pinkie and Big Red are hysterical!!! Hate it when a guy looks better in pink hot pants than I do!!

Lola Enchanted said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I love that blue skirt!

trash talk said...

These are perfect examples of men who are secure in their manhood and definitly in touch with their feminine side. Every father's dream son. Tn'T

Sweet Repose said...

Good men gone wild...that's the way we like 'em...HA... though, in touch with sumthin...not sure if it's their feminine side though...