Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So, one end of a tent was French Vanilla (Peg & Jon VanDyne) and at the other end was Timeworn Interiors (Theresa & Craig Smith). What a pair of bookends! T and Craig worked soooo hard and it shows. Just check out their goods. Like Peg, their booth was pretty much sold-out two days after opening day. Congrats on a great show!

Fall Texas 2008 065 Fall Texas 2008 066 Fall Texas 2008 096

Fall Texas 2008 100 Fall Texas 2008 103 Fall Texas 2008 104

ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND YET? Hold onto your petticoats...

Fall Texas 2008 067 Fall Texas 2008 103 Fall Texas 2008 101

I wanted to lay down and take a nap, but the buyer wasn't having any of it. The little table got a 'nod' from COUNTRY LIVING for repurposing/green/fab setting.

Fall Texas 2008 099 Fall Texas 2008 107

Fall Texas 2008 097 Fall Texas 2008 098

The farm table is longer than the photo shows...the mantle sports tarnished silver creamers and pitchers...ADORABLE!Fall Texas 2008 106

Fall Texas 2008 079

Hope you enjoyed this! Thanks for all the inspiration, TOT...ox the chippys


LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

I feel like I was there all over again, this was Theresas best work. She is the MASTER!!!!!! It took us forever to take the pictures because her booth was so crowded. And we are so glad we did because she sold out!!!!!!You go girl. Texas loves Theresa!!!! Lauri

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

They did work really hard and of course it showed. I didn't realize Craig has quite the eye for finding things as well as on occasion helping Ms. TOT places things in the booth. Great displays!!

Counting Your Blessings said...

Thanks for letting me know about the necklace. I changed the link so it'll direct to you. I love that necklace! Wore it for 3 days straight =)

Theresa did such a great job with all her displays! I wanted everything. I'm going to post some photos of her booth tomorrow. I'm glad you got some pictures of French Vanilla, etc b/c I didn't bring my camera into the Marburger area that day. Thank you! Blessings... Polly

Cher said...

Your header picture still cracks me up!

The Texas Woman

ajunkqueen said...

I did not make it to see TOT's booth it was great that you posted all the wonderfull pictures of her booth to share with all. Now we don't feel left out.You two are a Hoot and it was fun to hang out with you and the tribe you collect.


Love everything! Thanks for posting all the pictures. I'm living vicariously thru your blog.... and Theresa's.... and the other Theresa's.... and everyone else who made it down to Warrenton/Round Top!

Sweet Repose said...

I have witnessed the partnership of these two intrepid shoppers, TOT and Craig, a well-honed team, well proven by their sales. I am so happy their hard work paid off...does it mean another trip to Ioway perhaps???