Sunday, October 5, 2008

What We Did on our Trip to Warrenton/Round Top and can blog about

I'm feeling a bit frisky with our new layout so I'm going 'Pink'!  We know...we've jumped around with a few blogs we just HAD to post.  We'll settle down and get all the good stuff out to you RIGHT AFTER we make a few pronouncements(on advice of the attorney who witnessed our baggage brou-ha-ah).

First, we'd like to apologize to Don Weir.  I am quite sure we embarrassed him to NO END each time we saw him.  'OOOOOOH HEEEEEEEEEEEEEY DON!!!!!'  We promise we are stalkers but mean no harm.

Second, we'd like to reiterate that 'What happens in Warrenton stays in Warrenton". BUT it doesn't say anything about Round Top, Brenham, New Ulm, Columbus, etc. 

Third, we'd like to just say how much we truly appreciated those who weren't scared to talk to us.  We can be a bit overwhelming...especially if we see butter pats, chippy wooden columns, ironstone, baby heads, mercury glass, vintage hats, medical oddities, Don Weir, Cowboy Andy...   You get the idea.

Fourth, we'd like to thank all the brave ladies for admitting that they actually read this blog.  We know it is probably is a vice most folks would rather deny than admit, sort of like certain Baptists who 'don't drink' but can recite the Bar Tender's Book of Every Drink Ever Made & Consumed.

Fifth (no not A fifth, see above), we'd like to tell everyone we saw/met how much you all inspire us.  It is not possible to express in words the amount of positive energy, love and kinship we feel when we're with you, however We will attempt to put it out on our blog ad nauseum.

Sixth, we'd like to direct any requests for appearances, autographs etc be directed to Theresa Cano.  Yes, it's true lulu made the Show Daily.  Theresa is our agent and handles all fees and media events. 

Speaking of is her booth at Zapp Hall, baby.  Enjoy. no words nec.

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Fall Texas 2008 029 Fall Texas 2008 036 Fall Texas 2008 035


Durango said...

Howdy Ladies,
I'm liking reading about your Texas Adventure. I'm impressed I actually know what a butter pat is. I knew this "collector" years ago who drug me to antique type places in Snohomish. It was all about the hunt for butter pats and something called, I think, salt spoons. Or maybe just salts. My memory can be faulty. I'm appalled you were so over weight getting on the plane and that they charge so much for the extra weight. Next time, ship UPS, I guess. Or drive.

LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

Oh durango, you of such knowledge.....we love your comments, but unfortunately the sad truth of it all, is we did ship......four huge boxes to be exact, and then begged our friend Theresa to bring back two huge boxes that the tops would not close on and then we tried to get all the things that we did not trust with anyone else into our luggage....never expecting Delta to be so hateful about our treasures. All in all we feel we would do it all over again just for the experience, priceless!!!! Lauri

LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

yeah, what she said...ox lulu

GeorgiaPeachez said...

OK, I am a late entry to the party but finally got clued in thanks to Cheryl. Well, the luggage debacle, (I love that word debacle, thanks for letting me use it!), that was a fore gone conclusion. (a line from one of my favorite chic fliks, Thomas Crowne Affair, sigh) I've been contemplating the whole Texas affair. I think now that I must particpate next time. My husband has family in Dallas so that validates it right there! Ladies, take a bow, well done!! xo, suzy

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

You two are the best, greatest, no words to explain how much I love you two!! Yes, I am back in blog land with a huge friends hangover!! My gosh I can't believe the week FLEW by...I have so many posts to do, don't know where to start!! But, I must say I probably should be paying you for the great words you said, we'll settle up at the Spring Show!!

Sweet Repose said...

Well said, I believe you are in the clear now...but if it continues, you may have a book in the offing...I can see it all now (I'm Scared)...and about the does one aquire one?