Saturday, October 4, 2008

Billy-Bob Crackhead

Folks at this time I would like to introduce you to the newest member of the crackhead family, Billy Bob.......yes yes, he's from Texas.......I just couldn't resist him.......sitting there looking all Texan on his little stand.   And of course baby is in love with him........she insisted on staying in the cottage all week with him, while we were shopping in Texas......I also bought the little pixie to keep an eye on them.   More later, cheers, Lauri

TEXAS 2 080


Cher said...

I now understand why everybody says their panties are wet when you two are around - they're laughing so hard, they've peed themselves! Do you need a license to be so insane or will a birth certificate do?

Thanks for putting me on your blog list. I now have you on mine. I'll follow you anywhere.

The Texas Woman

Sweet Repose said...

Billy aren't you just the sweetest lil'Texan...better watch out for them Southern bells...THEY'RE CWAZY!!! Don't let the sweet Suth'n drawl fool ya...ya just don't know what lies lurking...

wilson (Lefty's pissed)