Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And on the first day THEY Drove&drove&drove

Well, we finally landed in Texas on Friday.  The trip was smooth and hassle-free (which means Lauri didn't make a scene at the Security Checkpoint thereby insuring SHE wouldn't be detained for further questioning).  Our plane was, well, tiny.  If you can imagine an aluminum cigar holder with wings you would be correct!  The good luck genies were on our side.  The signature cocktail was a MANHATTAN which made lulu soooo happy.  Fall Texas 2008 001 Lauri got to sit next to the window and was able to identify most of the states as we flew.  I think we were only 1000 feet above ground.  That migrating flock of geese were not happy that our plane got in their way.

Fall Texas 2008 002

The picture on the right is AFTER baby drank all of lulu's Manhattan.  Lauri had to hold her head up!

We landed without incident and grabbed our nifty little Dodge Nitro buggy and headed WEST!  We were about 30 minutes from Warrenton when the phone started ringing.  T. Cano was trying to find us.  She and TOT (TheOtherTheresa) were ready for us to arrive so we could turnaround and drive to Austin.  To say they were excited would be an understatement.  We couldn't find them anywhere at Zapp Hall until someone pointed out there were two women half-passed out from heat stroke in a truck...that would be the Theresas.  Someone should have told them to turn on the a/c if they're going to WAIT in a vehicle IN THE HEAT for 30 minutes!  After CPR and IV fluids were administered we headed further WEST once again. 

We hit Austin and S. Congress Street in no time.  This section of the street is where UNCOMMON OBJECTS is located.  HOWEVER, next door to it is the divine boot store.  lulu made a bee-line for Allen Boots.  She said nothing and ran across traffic like a felon running from the law.  Lauri wasn't alarmed, in fact she was relieved.  All lulu has whined about for 6 months is the pair of red boots she didn't buy during the Spring Shows.  Her credit card company put a FRAUD ALERT on her card and she wasn't able to buy the boots!!!!  Talk about being p o'd.  When she called her bank they said 'well someone was trying to buy some boots...' to which she replied "NO KIDDING ASS!, IT WAS ME!"  That bank has since gone under.  She got the boots...they even remembered her (she doesn't know if that's good). Fall Texas 2008 040

Meanwhile, at Uncommon OBjects, the girls were walking around slack-jawed.  Truly it is a treasure trove of cool junk and stuff.  It was decided, however, that shopping would be more fun with a few margaritas under the collective belts so off to Guero's for yummy food and adult beverages.

We shopped and met the cute Don Weir who is a contributor to Chris Brown's 'Refueled "and has good stuff for sale at Uncommon Objects.  After kicking us out b/c it was WAYYYY past closing time we motored back to Warrenton.

It wasn't unti we were almost there that the 'empty' light came on.  We HAD a full tank when we picked up the car.  I guess when you drive 500 miles in one day you will RUN OUT OF GAS.  The Theresas just laughed and laughed so we slowed down to 5 mph and they jumped out.  As we were driving down the deserted farm road Lauri decides to think out loud:  "the reminds of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre".  Neat.  We cruised to the local gas pumps on fumes.  We weren't at all scared.  The only other person around was a farmer with a load of hay bales---no chainsaws.  The trip is going well.

oxox  the chippys


trash talk said...

You two southern baked hams can't wait to have your photos for all the world to see. I did a post and it & some of my pix crashed. Y'all were just too much for the computer. I'm going to try again tonite after dancing with the stars. Go Cloris! Shake it for us old gals. TNT

Sweet Repose said...

Southern baked hams...boy Deb calls 'em like she sees 'em...that's rich!!! Glad ta hear Lulu finally got her sh-t-kickers...now she can really blaze trails. I still can't believe you took that poor baby head on the flight...don't you know what high altitude does to them crack babies...well me either, but you can never be too safe...right...well git along lil' doggies, y'all got a big state to lasso, don't forget the petrol, you know you are in ol country. Say hey to them Theresas'.

HeEhAW wilSOn

The Feathered Nest said...

You two are such a piece of work!!!! And you are having WAYYYY too much fun without us....oh well, I will see you in my dreams :) xxoo, Dawn

patricia@ReFind Home&Garden said...


trash talk said...

I recorded Dancing with the Stars and posted just for y'all. Take a look and remember I love ya both. TNT

GeorgiaPeachez said...

omg, I luuuv those boots. Thank goodness you got them this trip. I think I need to come to Warrenton just to get some fancy boots. Now behave! xo, suzy

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Oh my that was a fun night!! Thank goodness for CPR!!

timeworninteriors said...

That night was such fun! You girls are a hoot! You forgot to tell them we got lost coming home because we were laughing so hard no one was paying any attention to the GPS! TOT