Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We don't know nuthin' 'bout no blog awardin' Miz Theresas

Okay...we are two ding-dong chippys. We've been nominated for a blog award by both Theresa-ristsas. We know we're supposed to link back to the mother ship and nominate 7 more. We have the technology, but dammit Jim, we're Chippys not doctors (remember Star Trek?). So thank you so much.

we love being nominated and don't want to offend our nominators, but gosh-darn...WE HAVE TO START PACKING FOR TEXAS and DON'T HAVE TIME!!!!!! Do you know HOW MANY bags Lauri packed last time???? cRIMINY. i THINK YOU'LL READ ABOUT us when Delta imposes YET ANOTHer reeeediculous bag charge for HER STEAMER TRUNKS!!!! Honestly. Please just cut us a teeny bit o/slack.

While in Tejas we'll be posting 'eyes only' blog posts we've vetted for public scrutiny from our trip NumeRO uNO. We have been given the lowest security clearance with the LAw ...EnfoRcement --the Texas Rangers(NOT the baseball team). Do not be surprised if you try and cross the road----to git to the other side---to go to ZAPP HALL, Baby, and see one of us on top of one of the rangers horses directing traffic. Giddy up...I got my spurs on...

oox lulu-the-efficient-packer-and-Dale Evans-wanna be


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Well at least you tried....I know there's a lot of packing going on in the Evans and Redstar households!! Just bring those bags that fold up so that you STUFF it full of junk and make the metal detectors go off like crazy at the airport!!

LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

Actually, my better half, Lauri, is working on the Award stuff. I am busy preparing Texas-inspired posts for the next 22 DAYS! May we have redemption? as far as the metal detectors go...they'll be going off any way due to all the Junk necklaces and junk bracelets we're wearing--not to mention m'spurs, ma'am.
ox lulu