Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our fabulous 2 Theresas' Award

How did we ever get so lucky to get an award from not just one Theresa but TWO!!!!!! Boy, are we excited and proud.......who knew we could just love a bunch of junk and then get to meet all these wonderful people along the way. Well here is hoping I did this right, you know I am not too technically inclined.....So mostly we want to thank Theresa number 1, Miss, and Theresa number 2, Miss Thank you both so much we are truly just a reflection of you. And here is our top 7 list.........

1. The illusive Chris Brown-

2. Cheryl at Stash Studios-

3. The Pink Funny Farm-

4. The Farm Chicks-

5. Suzanne Duda @ Pink Roses-

6. Sweet Debbie of Talking Trash-

7.Lovely Lisa @ Urban Farmhouse-


Chris said...

Thanks for the honor. Your energy, excitement & attention you both bring to the "sport" of collecting is great.

Peace & Love,

LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

Mr. Brown-
You are most welcome. You inspire us!
ox lulu & lauri

Serena Thompson said...

Girls! Thank you for including us in your top 7. We're honored.
Happy Trails to you!
Serena & Teri

trash talk said...

Thank you-but I think y'all might have gave it to me as a joke just to watch me pull out my hair trying to get that heart to copy, paste, rt click, highlight, drop kick, twirl, do the dance of the 7 veils and everything else to get it on my post. Y'all need to hurry on down to Texas. You're burning daylight.

trash talk said...

I just want to say thank you again for my necklace. I love everything on it-all my favorite things. Y'all certainly are a pair to draw to.

Urban Farmhouse said...

Ewwww! Another award!! You all are too kind!! But seriously...thank you!! I am loving this blog world and meeting lots of new friends. One day I will get to Texas and shop with all of you. Sorry so late getting back to you. I am setting up at the Country Living fair next week. First show of this size for me, SCARY! How many bags, how much tissue, how many pieces of furniture, how much cash for change, should I accept checks, how much Halloween (don't want to creep out the non-celebrators) ARGH!!! Wish you all were here to have a party with afterwards...I think I'm going to need some wind down time each night!
Thanks again!!