Sunday, September 7, 2008

Things We Wish We'd Bought at the last shows...

As Virgins-of-the-Shows we were a bit OVERWHELMED(!) by the VOLUME of stuff and junk.  If we'd been more adventurous (not something we're described of often) these things would have made it back to Georgia, one way or another...

More ironstone; EVERYTHING in Judy Hill's Booth @ Marburger; furniture from Meloney & Brian@ Seed Box at the Bahia Show; the entire stock of syringes/medical supplies from Hector-the-Collector; mirrors and mercury glass

those old gnarly baby heads (that scared most folks) in Bar W;

Lulu's SPring TX 017 It takes someone special to love this little one.


Those cowboy boots in Austin; the skeleton at Uncommon Objects; that pair of white go-go-boots;

more bits & pieces from Mylissa; a retablo or 2; more margaritas; vintage hats near Zapp Hall,baby;  velvet tops at Magnolia Pearl;  more teeth molds & long horns from Donny; circus stuff from The Shop Antiques;

Texas flags; just about everything at Leftovers (need to win lottery first ); The arbor pieces in Mo's booth at Marburger; all the butter pats in Janet Rimone's booth at Cole Antique Show***; all of the Rx boxes from TheOtherTheresa; a mannequin from French Vanilla; Theresa Cano's tent-o-treasures--yes all of IT!

A few more Prom dresses...We still don't have one for this prom.  AND YES, the girdle is officially retired, and NO a mermaid costume is not exactly a prom dress, LAURI.

There really was so much furniture we wanted to buy.  You've seen our luggage-of-shame photo from our Don't List post so you have a pretty good idea why we had trouble fitting only a few pieces of furniture in the pickup truck.

***actually Lauri DID buy all the rest of the butter pats (22?) after we returned home.  Is there a BPA?  Butter Pats Anonymous?  I'm thinking of starting a Chapter right here in Georgia......and last night she texted me this:  175.  I'm very very worried. 

We did have a list of "DO NOT BUY":  toilet seats (don't ask), pink furniture--no one seems to 'get it' here,  stupid stuff (see toilet seats), small framed pictures of deer, cows, little chil'ren; 

We have a NEW LIST OF TO BUYs...but we're keeping it close to our chippy vest.

Let The Junkin' Begin...if only it were today

Lulu's SPring TX 007

The Doors sang "Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheels", but we say if you do that you'll miss all the good stuff!

ox lulu & lauri


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

You girls are a hoot!! Come find a prom dress with me. I'll fix you up with something even if Lauri has to sew bolts of fabric together. I know she can do it, she's the next new designer!!

A Wild Thing said...

Can't wait to see the shots of ball gowns...maybe Lauri could set up a booth selling prom dresses and junk jewelry...the outfitter to the stars...of the ball anyway.

Get more blackmail shots of can never have enough leveredge!!!


trash talk said...

If someone needs a mermaid prom dress, my baby girl's l994 dress is green sequins-I swear, give it a tail and you are good to go. LuLu-don't think y'all are going to get past me.I'll be around that first Sat. to make sure everyone is misbehavin'. Bring my bracelet and I'll bring the belvedere.

Lauri Evans said...

Trash....I LOVE YOU...and I have a mermaid costume but it's for Halloween1
xooxo lulu