Monday, September 8, 2008

Got on My Creative Cap on...

P8220091 I have been busy creating a different kind of junk jewelry item.  Yes yes I still make my necklaces, too. But I have branched out into bracelets.  They are pretty fun.  I don't think my jewelry translates well via the photographs.  I have a lot of bits&pieces wrapped, beaded, twisted and tied up  over all kinds of stuff.  If you need a better picture let me know (  OR you can find my arms in Texas!  

These are my take on 'wrist watches' repurposing old watch faces.

P9050100 P9070109 P9070110 P8310094 colorful bling!

P9070119 P9070120

Texas Longhorn Girlie            Old rhinestone bracelet w/other stuff


And two more new necklaces...these each have either entire strand of old chandelier crystals or at least one decorative chandelier crystal , pieces of old necklaces, chains and newly strung seed beads.

P9050103  P9070121


AND don't forget Lauri is bringing her rhinestone-biker-chick-junk-bling to Texas, too.

Round 'em up & get to Round Top!  yee ha  and remember, if it's not a "Chippys Junk Necklace or Bracelet it isn't the original JUNK JEWELRY !"

(perhaps we need a trademark...anyone a trademark attorney who will work for Junk Jewelry??????)  ;)

xoxo lulu


trash talk said...

I think it should be the official state jewelry of Round Top. Ya know-kinda like the corny dog at the State Fair. Or maybe the official state of confusion? I'm digging the ones with clock faces. I just had a thought-y'all coming gives a whole new meaning to "junk in the trunk"

LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

OOOOOOoooooo I want that colorful one, too cool. Did you make them big enough? You know we chubbie girls got big arms. Bring me that colorful one tomorrow when we meet for cocktails. And trash talk has a good idea, our jewelry is now the Official Jewelry of Round Top. Sorry all you real designers the chippy hicks have taken over!!!!! Lauri

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

You chippy hick designers bringing your cool jewelry to sell in my booth? Sure hope so!!

Sweet Repose said...

Chippy Hicks...that has a ring to it. There is a definite difference in your two designs, Lulu's are colorful and more petite and Lauries' are the bold, definitly biker bling...I love them both. I'll start save'n all my trash and you two can fight over it...OK...I can't believe there aren't little body parts hanging off them...HA!


LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

Like I doesn't do justice...there are all kinds of stuff hangin' off of them...
you girls are ALL SO VERY FUNNY,
and Lauri..."Sugar Sugar" is the one you want? hmmmm might be too small.....
oxoxoxox lulu

Anita @ the Pink Funny Farm said...

Hi Lulu & Lauri! Love your blog. I wanted to leave a quick note and then I am going to check it out more. We are in Arizona. 6 Hours? We'd love to have ya if it is! Anita