Friday, September 5, 2008

CHIPPYS "What NOT To Do in Texas" List

1.  Under pack.  The weather is fickle so we say bring it all! 

2.  Propose marriage to any man with a Brenham, TX antique store.


Lulu's SPring TX 022

3.  Propose to ANY man in Texas.

 Lulu's SPring TX 065Lulu's SPring TX 100Lulu's SPring TX 102


4.  Attempt to dance with a Law Enforcement Officer while wearing a girdle.

5.  Change clothes in a cow field while it's still LIGHT outside.

6.  Over pack.  Don't worry about looking guuuuuud...ain't gonna happen!

Lulu's SPring TX 004

7.  Forget your cowboy boots!

***8.  Fail to get an increase on your credit card limit or line of credit.

9.  Be shy about buying butter pats, baby doll heads, branding irons, ironstone, Magnolia Pearl clothing, ANYTHING at Uncommon Objects, Judy Hill Designs, Hector-The-Collector, French Vanilla, TimeWornInteriors,Willow'sNEST,Garden Antqs get the idea.  ***#8 is key for #9 to be a success!!!!

Mo @ Marburger........................................Uncommon Objects

Lulu's SPring TX 062 texas 064 texas 072 texas 052

Judy Hill@Marburger...............................Leftovers


10. Use the porta-potty while wearing pantaloons     11.not use the porta-potty

Lulu's SPring TX 101 texas 078

12. Be low-key. This is Texas afterall! 

Lulu's SPring TX 050 Lulu's SPring TX 103 Lulu's SPring TX 108

13. Forget to ask, when in doubt about some behavior or purchase, WWCD? What Would the CHIPPYS Do?

14. Get run-down.  Rest. Rest. Rest.

 Lulu's SPring TX 003

15. Leave Texas without making at least one new friend!  Those folks are the REAL DEAL and we love them all!!!

Lulu's SPring TX 006 Lulu's SPring TX 027 Lulu's SPring TX 041 Lulu's SPring TX 061 Lulu's SPring TX 107 Lulu's SPring TX 029

Lulu's SPring TX 099 Lulu's SPring TX 057

This is what life is all about!  We are going to fill our blog with soooooo many new photos of new & old friends, finds, fiends, fringe & frou-frou you will be frazzled but bedazzled!

You rookies out there have a couple of weeks to get it together! 

ox lulu & lauri


Cher said...

Your list is too cute!

The Texas Woman

timeworninteriors said...
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Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I am absolutely, positively so EXCITED YA'LL ARE COMING!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT. Okay, I was typing in all caps so that you could tell I am so happy! I am counting the days, hours, minutes, seconds when I can hang out with my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

timeworninteriors said...

Girls we could have done without you posting a pic of me misbehavin!!! Pay back is a comin!!

timeworninteriors said...

Theresa get back to work!!!

LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

I'm pleading innocent Theresa, I also got the porta pottie exit picture posted!!!!! Pay back is hell.......Lauri

trash talk said...

Don't forget to bring all the bling you own to wear all at one time and a fanny pack(or as I like to call 'em-"look at my butt bags"). I think beer goggles are optional.

Sweet Repose said...

Just Curious...are the adoption papers ready yet, so's I can be transported (or deported) easily cross't the state line??? b'for the family hears tell...I want what theothertheresa's having...


Durango said...

Geez. Color me stupid. I thought this Texas thing was at the end of September, not the end of August. I really need to start paying more attention to details.