Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Texas boys........and Lulu...

lulu's texas 066

I'm sorry to disappoint everyone about the pool boy, unfortunately I am the pool person. Haven't been lucky enough, yet to hook one of those hunks for the job. But, if I could pick one, I pick the hunky one in the back with cowboy hat in the photo we took with the Marburger Boys we met at the show!!!!!! Yeehaw! Just one more great thing about Texas, COWBOYS!!!!!! Lauri


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Those Texas Marburger boys really looked cute the night of the prom!!

Rescued For You said...

Well Well...Just when Sharon's got me promising her that I'm done with men, you go and post some yummy pics! hehehe Ah well, I can look..right?

Ok, the chamber pot dear dear friend, ROCKS! I have been getting rid of as much of the 'new' as I can...with intentions of purging down to the bare nothings and keeping only what I can fit in the RV while renovating it and fillin it with all vintage Shabbiness - table - cabinets - sink - everything! So...the repurpose of the good ole chamber pots is right up my alley and will look so killer outside the RV next to a chippy vintage lawn chair!!! Man...when the soap fumes clear your mind works wonders! hehe Orrrrr....stop laughin Sharon I know I used the "or" again.....ORRRRRRR.....the soap fumes make ya think better! Keep cookin girl! Lauri??? I'm sure you make a great pool 'person'!! hehehe Still, when ya get one hired, be sure to give us a glimpse! hahahaha Smiling, Lorie