Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lakewood Part Deux

Our friend, Joanne, has the most delightful little jewel box of a store.   She and her sweet mama, Annie, sell yards and yards of the most delicious-looking ribbon! 

June 2008 051 June 2008 053June 2008 054


Joanne hand dyes some of her treasures.  She also wraps gorgeous velvet ribbon around vintage spools and sells it that way.  I love to buy those and just have them sitting around looking lovely.  The pink things you see in the picture above are 'bricks' of tiny stemmed pearls like you see on hats & costumes.

June 2008 052

June 2008 056

We took ribbon from Joanne and tricked up this old silk shade .  I can just image this on a lamp in my Leopard Lounge at home.

Here's some more eye candy in between the rain storms yesterday...

June 2008 060

June 2008 061

June 2008 006

This is our friend, Wendy, who is showing us one of her quilts she created.  She bought a tablecloth from us and used it in this quilt.  She is now a citizen of Blogistan.  You can find her at

WELCOME WENDY!  She is extremely talented & we have just about got her booked to come to TEXAS next Spring!  Check her out...she's a doll!

Well, I gotta run up to Lakewood and dry off the stuff.  It poured in the middle of night and we didn't tarp because THE STUPID WEATHERMAN SAID NO MORE RAIN!  LIAR.



art-creations said...

love these ribbons,they´re really beautiful.Have they an online store,because i live in germany.
Like your blog very much found it when i go on Suzanne Dudas blog

LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

I don't think she does sell on-line. I will try & find out. We appreciate you for checking us out! We ADORE Suzanne Duda.
I think you're our first international blogger!!
Auf wediersein (sorry if I goofed up the Deutsche).
xo lulu

lulu said...

I believe that we were separated at birth. I am so with you two on so many things. Love the cocktail switch out. I need to put the old fashions away for the season and find a cocktail. Really love you guys I wish I lived closer. I'm always threatening to move next to the Marcovs, how far is Georgia from Texas? Lulu OX

Sweet Repose said...

Love the pink lampshade...and what is this about a leopard room???


thecatrancher said...

Thanks, ladies, for sharing the photo of the "Summer Picnic" quilt with your adoring fans! And stay turned to see that great brown/beige toile show up in a quilt (for the Fall @ Crabapple). I'm so glad you girls are now a permanent part of Lakewood 400 - yet another great reason to visit each month! I'm really looking forward to July 4th! See you on the parade route!

LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

LULU: it is possible we were all doing something else together in another life...probably eating cake with Marie...Texas is 14 hours from GA(18hrs if Lauri isn't behind the wheel!
NUT-SON: lampshade is ORANGE! Leopard Lounge has to be seen to be believed. It involves leopard, disco lights and cocktails......xo lulu