Friday, June 13, 2008

Did Anyone EVEN Miss Me?

So, I see how it is out there in Blogistan. We have two people in this little blog marriage but has no one even bothered to ask....Where is lulu? Why hasn't she blogged? Well I'll tell ya why...laptop hell...pains-of-ne'er-divulged origins in lulu-bod. Thankfully new laptop cometh. The pains were relieved w/big needles. The love-fest of the BOY/birthday-pool party is over. I'm baaaaack.

Yesterday we went to Scott's Antique Market (a quiet place...right under the flight path of all the Delta jets) & bought from some our favorite dealers. This weekend we'll be highlighting them. Since I took all the photos I am purposely making Lauri wait for the piece on one dealer in particular. He hails from Texas, and I need to get some 'advice' from 'professionals' & law enforcement before I actually blog. For his safety I am willing to have a 'monitoring device' put on her person so I am checking into STALKING LAWS in Georgia. If she crosses the stateline when the show is over does the FBI get involved? The Chipstress keeps me very busy.

Stay tuned...I will be posting throughout the weekend starting later today. FLAG DAY.
xo the-forgotten-one


LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

Well the party is over yall, the sabetage I placed on her laptop is been fixed, her darling little 'boy toy' husband has bought her a new one, fun while it lasted.....I'm on my way back down to Scotts, for no particular reason, and don't try to stop me.....Cheers, Lauri

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Lulu, I missed you, but I knew where you were!! And...I know who you are going to blog about. Should I let the cat out of the bag that's it's M&^%$^& from Texas. Oops :~)

Pink Rose Pastries said...

Ohhh Lulu, I missed you!! Are you kidding doll face!! So glad your back. Huh hmmm...."boy toy" husband? pictures we want pictures!! haa! Can't wait to see the pictures you took of all your treasures. xoxo Catherine

Sweet Repose said...

Who's LULU anyway...please...not another yayhoo...come on Theresa, let the cat outta the'ins here in Iowa are an island unto ourselves, with no chance for escape, at least till the crick runs that how ya'll say it down there???
the NUT