Monday, June 16, 2008

Lauri and Lulu....Civilized Glamour Girls

Guess what we do on most Mondays: isn't eating bonbons.

I have spent the last 10 hours doing laundry, cleaning house and starting/finishing sewing a project I've been meaning to do for the last year.  I also have switched out my 'winter cocktail' for my 'summer cocktail'.  That alone is quite time-consuming.  I have mothballed the bourbon until the first frost and purchased my red grapefruit-infused vodka.  The Drink of Summer is a martini of sorts...I call it the 'lulu'!  I know it...I am so original.  It is quite refreshing without being sweet. It's so much easier to move forward with the rest of the chores knowing that 'lulus' will be mixed up at the appropriate hour.  hic

Madame Lauri was busy in her lair sewing up a storm.  She had another custom order for drapery, etc. and...bless her heart...she just put it off & off and finished  SECONDS before the her customer rang the bell.  SHE LIVES ON THE EDGE. I don't know if she can even manage to drag herself upstairs after all those hours and hours.  I think I'll mix up a lulu and give her a jingle.  We like to have "virtual cocktail parties".  {My best friend, Anne, and I came up with that term years ago before the Empress was born (my goddaughter)}.  Neither of us wanted to fight traffic and whatnot but the thought of still being able to dish the dirt with your best pal WHILE having a cocktail is simply civilized and glamorous. And if anybody on this earth is civilized & glamorous it's us...THE CHIPPYS 

We don't 'DO' pictures during the cocktail hour.  Some things are best left to the memory...what's left of it.

Cheers and xo   lulu


LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

This glamour girl is waitin on a lulu..............Lauri

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

You girls are definately too funny!! Why not post pics, it could be the blogger's secret, we won't tell anyone or even share the photos.

Rescued For You said...

Ok, you two are having just tooooo much fun! Don't be surprised when Sharon and I show up on your doorstep! haha
Smiles, Lorie
P.S. My fun drink for the night was a coke! hahahahahaha Man I've become DULL!

Sweet Repose said...

Ahhh, such is life...with our move well on the way to completion, the life of a junk gypsy is a glam lifestyle...and us'ns here in Iowa dream of the Iowa shores and owning beachfront property (at any moment). Our drink of the month is called 'the Sandbag'...a cold beer(with a twist of lime) hidden behind a sandbag from the watchful eye of the law.
the NUT