Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fruits of my labor

Here's the latest from my space in Historic Roswell Antique Market.  I have a lot of quilts which I haven't shown.  If you are interested in any let me know & I will post some photos.


No one wants my teeth!            Below is 'Ethel'

June2008Chippys 035  June2008Chippys 028

Hoping for a miracle               Headwaters for Venus...

June2008Chippys 031 June2008Chippys 033


Quilts & innards                      Venus-on-the-half-shell

June2008Chippys 042 June2008Chippys 034


Berry berry good....

June2008Chippys 040


Who are they????


June2008Chippys 007

wait...they're saying... COME SEE CHIPPYS at LAKEWOOD 400 this weekend!!!!!


ox  lulu


Rescued For You said...

Ok, I am never going to get anything done around the house if you keep posting such goodies! Stop it...will ya? hahaha
Smiles, Lorie
P.S. Has anyone tried to get you into some counseling for the baby head thing yet? hehehehehehe

Sweet Repose said...


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Love everything, esp. the charts!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauri, are you the one holding the doll heads? Tonia in Cincy!~Just wanted to put a face with a name!