Saturday, June 28, 2008

Oh, Goodie........

blog 059  Today I got a box from sweet Sharon at Sweet Repose.  Somehow she managed to motor boat over to the floating Post Office in Iowa and send me some stuff I wanted from her pictures.  Isn't she a sport.  Always the pleaser.  And boy, oh boy, what great stuff.  These two Chamber pots are to die for.  Love ironstone can't get enough of it anblog 058d the lids are great.   She also sent soaps and candles, of course white and they smell so good my whole house already smells wonderful.  She sent me some amazing lye soap that has lavender in it and on it.  It is so beautiful.  But, I'll have to get more because everyone who has seen it wants it.  Love that Sharon.  She also sent this funny little "Dammit Doll"  It is so great.  And kind of reminds me of my husband, except for the blue hair and he's not skinny, but any way I already used it, because of there you go...Thanks Sharon for all the goodies.  And please keep 'em coming.  Love that Sharon, Lauri

On another note, today my sweet Aunt Bettie took me to lunch with our cute friends Sara and Dottie.  Just thought you might likblog 056e the picture.  I'm the chubbie one in the middle.  My friend Dottie had a new Blackberry, it was so cool.  And after getting a short lesson from her on how to use it......I'm thinking I need one, well off to the phone store.  Cheers, Lauri


GeorgiaPeachez said...

Oh Goodie is right! I just strolled over from Suzanne's blog and I love it over here! xo, suzy

Sweet Repose said...

Boy, I don't know, that group looks like week I'll role out the cauldren and start up the new batches of lavender soap...keep yer pantyhose on, I'll be in touch(lucky you).

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful afternoon to me. How are you gals doing? Won't get to see you two until the Fall. Boo-hoo. Peg

LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

We're hangin' in there. Counting the days until TX.
I guess we won't see u at Scott's this month? I talked to several one really had a knock out show.
so it goes..
xo lulu
p.s. I have your necklace
email me:

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

What a great stash of things you rec'd from Ms. Sharon. I'm going to have order candles, Theresa said they are great!! And, no Lauri you are not fat...just beautiful!