Thursday, June 19, 2008


IF you are within driving distance of Atlanta, Georgia then make your way north to the Lakewood 400 Antiques Show.  In case you missed us last month we'll give you a hint of what you've missed.  BUT we never do the same look twice so if you see it you better buy it 'cuz chances are it'll be gone-with-the-wind, Scarlett.

June 2008 004  June 2008 003

We NEVER have time to show other dealers so THIS weekend we are going to MAKE TIME and let you see all the wonderful dealers inside & out.

But beware...we are shaking things up this month!  Hold onto your girdles, girlies.

oxox lulu


LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

Those pictures look GREAT, wish we still had those shutters....and that cubbie, and the hamper, and of course those crackheads..... Sorry I always have separation anxiety! Lauri

Sweet Repose said...'s my chicken...the separation has been awful...good thing I still have Kathy Lee (the peacock)...parting is such sweet sorrow...sharon

cottagetiques said...

Got my necklace today, Thank you very much! Wore it to work tonight and eveybody loved it! I can't wait to see you girls in Texas, I'll be bringing you all a little sumpin, sumpin!! I know what you mean about separation anxiety, when I see pics of my past booths I think why in the world did I sell that stuff it looks good.

Rescued For You said...


Shakin it up?? I am left to wonder how much MORE one can shake it up than displaying poor baby heads that you just KNOW are still looking for their bodies! I mean have you checked out their EYES lately? All opened wide and panic-stricken...they want their hands and feet!

I'm scared...