Monday, August 4, 2008

It's Not That Much Stuff, Really


After I saw Lauri's obsession collection of mercury glass I decided to take a look at my stash.  I admit to having an ongoing love affair with red coral, sharks teeth, seashells, old crystal drops, silver and mirrors.  I don't think I've left anything out (at least I can say I don't have 169 butter pats). 


The trick is to s-p-r-e-a-d the collections all over the place so you aren't nailed. This strategery nips it in the bud so the Darling Husband can't interrogate you with the questions such as " we need all this stuff?...what are you going to do with THAT?...shouldn't we get rid of some of this?...when are you going to put that in your booth to sell?"  I've learned the hard way so now I am a PROFESSIONAL.


Yeeesssss that is a disco ball you see in the back.  My friend, Brad Thatcher, made me a stand for it that rotates.  He also gave me disco ball spotlights so I can really go crazy with different colored lenses!  This all happens in the 'Leopard Lounge' usually during the cooler months.  You can find me there sipping my Manhattan most nights.

I also have this mirrored chest of drawers complete with coral knobs.  Yes, I did it myself.  This was my first repurposed project!


I did this 9 years ago.  I don't recommend anyone try this if they are superstitious.  I had to break a lot of glass!  It also is a hazard for little children--too many jagged edges (another reason we don't have kids-lethal junk projects)!

xo lulu


Sweet Repose said...

Ah ah ah ah stayin alive, stayin alive...sorry couldn't help myself it's the Disco Fever in me...or is it the 108 heat index in Ioway...or could it be the first margarita of the day...I mean cool-aid...

Well, I love red coral too and that mirrored piece is to die for!!! Who knew...oh yeah, that man thing, one of my better selling samplers is 'Now where do you think you're gonna put that' (guess),and the other one is...'Anyone looking for a husband, obviously never had one'...(best seller)...

Well, look-out, the butter-pat queen is getting another baby head, when Nancy from Shab n Chic saw it on the blog and that it was headin South, she new exactly where it was goin.

We're an odd bunch aye...don't answer that...


trash talk said...

See, what you tell your main squeeze is"Honey, it's either this or shoes". Course for me, it's both. I'm crazy for seashell, too, btw.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Ok, I thought that was a disco ball, you should bring it to Texas for prom night, wouldn't that be a hoot!! Oh and BTW, are ALL men cut out of the same mold or what? I hear my husband say the same things over and over and over, he's beginning to sound like a broken record and no it's not stayin alive unless he doesn't shut up and then that may be his theme song!! And, one more thing, the count that you had for Lauri on the butter pats, does that include the 23 she just bought from me? She will be the butter pat queen one day, I can see it now!!

Rescued For You said...

Ah...I just LOVE coming here! All the different things going takes me away!!
Now - I have (somewhere) about 10 large boxes FULL of shells - so when I finally get to road trip maybe I'll have to dig um out and bring um?? I know, HOW did I get that many? Well an elderly lady was moving into a nursing home and had a garage full of books I was offered. Showed up and saw the shells and COULD NOT let them throw um in the garbage - which is where they were goin! So, I've been moving um around for...oh...7 years or so! That just may have been my 1st official 'rescue'! haha I need help!
LuLu, Dear, that mirrored chest of drawers is freakin awesome! Look at it's reflection on the slanted wall/ceiling above!!! Holy crap! Spectacular!!!
It puts such a giggle in my day to see yet another head traveling south to Lauri! hehe I still have some things here to get to her! I AM TRYING!!! I gotta get Sharon the measurements of the frame hoping she has a large box!!!
Still trying...

Green Goddess aka her sistuh said...

Nobody shows her stuff better than Lulu!
That mirrored bureau is CRAZY! She's a professional
and soon the whole world will know it.
Right on, LULU, keep on keepin' on.
And er, I remember the day Mom bathed you in the kitchen sink... xoxo

LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said... sister has FINALLY left me a comment!!!
love you too, darling!!! wish I was in cool Vermont
xo lulu-at-100 in the shade