Friday, August 8, 2008

Guess where I am??????

yardsale 003

yardsale 009


OH yeah, Junkin heaven, It's the Longest Yard Sale, I just couldn't miss it......begged Lulu to come with me, but there was some thing about a dog........Oh, well Junk on Sista,........I am in heaven!!!!!!! Cheers, Lauri


Rescued For You said...

OMGOSH!!!! I've wanted to go to this for YEARS! But I thought it was the 1st weekend in July?? Is this a *gasp* different one??? There can't be TWO down that way...can there???
LuLu...she'd better bring ya back hehe
Smiles and Best Wishes,

Anonymous said...

Girls, I gotta tell ya, you have saved my life!! We are on a road trip and to keep Jon awake I am reading all the fabulous adventures of "Chippys". He is not yawning, let me tell ya!! Thanks for the laughter. Blessings. Peg

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Did you see your Chippy friend in Kentucky? Well, she wasn't home if you rang the bell. Glad to see you weren't lost, but I almost swear I think you took a detour to Texas?