Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Birthdays!

Two very important ladies in my life have birthdays today.  My sister, Randolyn aka Mrs. Lady, came into this world a few years back. I am known to her as Mrs. Excellent, but I think SHE is the excellent one.  She is a very good friend, choreographer, fabulous literary writer, poet, flamenco dancer, cook, mother, wife, & daughter.  I miss you, Lady and I wish I could be in Vermont celebrating with you!  You have always been an inspiration to me, a muse for me, a guidepost for me, and a very dear friend to me.  I hope the next 12 months are bouquets of roses and gardenias.  I love you!


My other special someone is Miss Tweetie Anne Tyler Smith aka The Empress.  She is named after her maternal grandmother, mama & daddy's forebears (Tweetie, Anne, Tyler respectively).  She is 4 years old and" no longer a baby " as she announced to her mama & my best friend, Anne.  She is also my God Daughter.  I am known to her as "Fairy" - as in Fairy Godmother.  She doesn't know my real name.  I don't think it matters.  Tyler is amazing, funny, intelligent (yes it's so), beautiful, sweet and a joy.  Her favorite color is pink.  She likes to come out to Greenjeans and look for eggs from the hens and pick vegetables from our garden.  She also likes to look at the horses in the pastures on our lane.  I have the good fortune to spend some quality time at the beach for the next few days with The Empress.  So I should be able to post some photos of Miss Thing. 


All my love to you!

xo lulu  aka Mrs Ex and Fairy

p.s.  I think I have more nicknames than criminals have aliases.  There are more than those 3 listed above.  For another day....

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