Saturday, August 2, 2008

It's hot as Four Hells & I'm Mad too!

AJ History 039

Sorry, but I HAVE to vent my spleen - again- on this hideous topic...sticky fingers.  This time it took only 48 hours for the most excellent juggling pins to walk out the door!  Hey...there's plenty of GOOD EXPENSIVE STUFF laying around other dealers' booths!  I bought them from Gatherings in Texas after seeing them on Saint Theresa Cano's blog.  Luckily I still have one set left for purchase. 

Ok, I've cooled down.  I am working on a post but pictures haven't been made yet...stay tuned.

xo lulu


vintage sue of VRS said...

Are you saying they were STOLEN? I may be naive, but that's never happened to me. Is it the place you're in?

Nevertheless, that stinks!


Found Around said...

Hi girls! We know what you mean about the heat! Some 30 plus 100 degree days here in Texas. We are excited to announce our new blog is set up. We would love for you to add us to your links and we will do the same for you if you would like. We're getting ready for Warrenton, it's sure hard though in the smothering heat! Looking forward to seeing everyone there. Susan & Andy Broyles

Sweet Repose said...

DIRTY BASTARDS (can I say that?) Very bad kharma for them...(so what)...that is such a bummer, as if we don't stress out enough over this poo!!!

Hey, I'll talk to Barb and find out how much that garden window is...I'll check back with ya...later


Sweet Repose said...

Forgot to mention...LOVE the baby shopper photos...encouragable, but adorable...

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Lulu, I guess I've some how missed reading this one. That's just wrong!!!!!! What goes around comes around, my mom always said, they'll get it in the end. I know you've probably checked to make sure someone didn't just put in someone else's booth. That's happened to me before.