Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Two-Headed chippy Cobra Woman back in basket...

We've retracted our hood, put our fangs on DEFCON 5 and are ready to play again. There is one positive aspect of venting and spewing: Lauri woke up and had shed 20 pounds! I awoke to find all those tiny lines and laugh wrinkles GONE! who KNEW? Although we like the new 'us' we don't advise this type of make-over/diet. It tends to be a little stressful. Makes us mean. Ornery. you get the idea.

So, we had our show at Lakewood. I'll be honest and say the show was good for some and bad for some...guess which side we landed on?.... Oh well, next month is....another month!

Lauri is working away to finish a nursery for a client. Poor little lamb's hands are just about to fall off from all the stitching! Hopefully she'll post the photos. It sounds so adorable.

I, lulu, am knee-deep in taking all the holiday stuff out of my garage and reorganizing it for cold storage. Can I just tell you how much I loathe and despise this kind of chore? It's freezing cold here (25 degrees Fahrenheit) so I have opted to stay warm and make jewelry. I have a new stash of goodies (thank you Sweet Nut Repose) to whip up some crazy stuff!

We're just getting our 'blog legs' again. We wore ourselves out with Christmas. I think we need to plop ourselves at a warm & sunny locale next January. Perhaps by February we'll be back in blogging formation!
Thanks for the support and words of encouragement!
oxoxox lulu for 2chippys

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Found Around said...

Glad you girls are back with us! It has been a hectic season for me also. Lauri, check our blog out soon,I'm trying to do a new post. I was thinking about your wedding planning! You'll get a kick out of my story.