Sunday, November 2, 2008

Urban Farmhouse

Hey folks, check this out. My friend Lisa at Urban Farmhouse has got a spread in the New Country Living Magazine. And wouldn't you know it, it includes Mercury glass!!!!!!!! Delish...... as TNT would say.....Don't you just love those Mercury glass finials????? To Die For!!!!!! Of course, I emailed her immediately to get those in the mail. Her Christmas Open house is this weekend and I would lovvvvvvve to go. I may be AWOL, this weekend.......well, it is the Rut.......the month that we deerhunter wives live for all year long. Freedom.........I know lulu, it's 900 miles......but has that ever stopped me?????? Sorry I gotta go to Mapquest now. Cheers, Lauri



Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I saw that she was mentioned in the mag and really enjoyed reading about this guys creative talent. Wow, can I go with you to her shop?

timeworninteriors said...

I wanna go to!

trash talk said...

Sounds like a good reason for a road trip to me. I say go for it-just remember how to pack that suitcase for inspection! BTW, I'll have to take pix of my mercury glass collection to show you sometime. Tn'T

Sweet Repose said...

No stoppin ya's mission time. I always loved deer season to sleep in late and unadulterated...ha!


Urban Farmhouse said...

I am finally able to sit and peruse all my favorite blogs andlook what I stumble're too sweet!!! All of you!! OMGoodness...I just HAVE to plan a trip to go shopping with you all, would be such a treat to meet each of you.
Lauri, was as thoughtful to email me a picture of the CL mention on the Sunday she emailed me. THANK YOU!! My issue did not come until Wednesday and by then I was a crazy woman trying to wrap up all the details at the shop for my open house. With out her taking the time to send those to me, totally unsolicited, I would not have been able to get them posted on my website until the open house weekend was over. Thank you so much Lauri, you're the best...working on a little Ohio package that will be coming your way next week!
P.S. I have completely sold out of the finials! Yeah! What recession? Knows the time when our businesses will boom because "recession chic" is what we've been doing for years!