Friday, November 14, 2008

You all are GOING to B soooooooooo Jealous

This is lulu. I got a gift this week equivalent to one from "we 3 Kings of the Orient Are, bearing gifts we travel afar..." you know the tune...a cute little ditty for the holidays...However, The GIFT is from one Trash Queen from afar.
Unfortunately, I am sTILL SO OVERWHELMED at the importance of said gift that I cannot possibly blog about it at this moment in time. So stay tuned..........oxoxooxo


Anonymous said...

You know you are my new BFFL

lulu Redstar & Lauri Evans said...

What a gift that I don't know about, what is going on????????????I must investigate.....Lauri

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Oh come on, at least tell us what it is. That Trash girl is something else, isn't she. She's the best!!

countrycharisma said...

Thanks for the welcome note! Can't wait to see your gift. Don't make us wait toooo long!