Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We got an Award, imagine that.......

Sweet Deb at Talkin' Trash was so sweet to nominate little ole us for an award. And then Sue at Bella Shabby, nominated us too. We are just so excited.....Thank you both for the honor. So here's how it goes we are suppose to tell you 6 things about ourselves and then nominate 6 more folks. Well, we decided it would be much more fun to tell 6 things about each other........ OOOooooooo this will be fun, or will it,hmmmmmmmmmmm. Okay here goes.

1. Lulu is probably the smartest person I know, but you would never know it........

2. She is a passionate jewelry artist and could sell her stuff in the finest of stores if she wanted to.

3. Lulu is crazy about her hubby, dogs, cat and fact if her husband ever leaves her she will never know it because the dogs will sleep with her.

4. She is a Master Gardener and if you go to her house you would know it.

5. Lulu is the kind of friend who is tons of fun to go on a trip with and won't judge you if you do something stupid or hold it against you........Or if you're not a morning person.

6. She eats and drinks like a horse and you would never know it.......just look at her. (where does she put it?)

A word from lulu....FYI the dogs sleep ON TOP OF THE COVERS...I do draw the line.

*****************************Lauri Evans by lulu*********************************
1. Lauri's most favorite holiday is Christmas. Although she gets lumps of coal more times than less...

2. Lauri's son, Adam, is her heart and soul.

3. Lauri would make a good poker player...she masks her emotions extremely well.

4. Lauri is a generous and loyal friend. (She paid me A LOT to write that!) just kidding, Chips

5. Lauri does everything to Perfection! and beautifully as well!

6. Lauri is allergic to vodka.

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trash talk said...

That's what I wanted secrets, dirt, cat fights-what no cat fights? Fun stuff to know and use in the future. Tn'T BTW-isn't cake wrecks the funniest?

timeworninteriors said...

Thanks chips!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I believe I can agree with some of those things mentioned. In fact, I witnessed some.... Thanks for the nomination. Love you guys!! Love the sin pic too!!

ajunkqueen said...

You both are award winners! Even before the Blog Award. Wish you lived closer!

timeworninteriors said...

That butter pat started on a journey shortly after the photo was taken! Wonder where it's going?

countrycharisma said...

Hi 2chippys.I have been having a ball reading your blog so it is time for me to say hello. Love your exchange of 6, adorable. I am a new blogger and just learning, but would love for you to visit. carrell

Sweet Repose said...

I'm so glad I popped over here, been so busy trying to get a web site going for Sisters'...I haven't had time to play...

Thanks for the award, it's good to know you are going down with good company...y'all are the best, never met ya(in person), but feel like I've known ya for years!

Some day!