Monday, November 24, 2008

Everything's Bigger in Texas, Part Deux (or the Lintman Cometh)

whew!  I thought I'd seen it all!  10 days ago I blogged about receiving a gift from Trash.  It's taken me this long to wrap my mind around such an oddity item.  Now the AMAZING STUNT BRA is THE #1 product under Bigger-in-Texas Category.  This is a close second.  Without further ado I present:

lwq_hramtoilelint1_112008 3264x2448


I had no idea there were sicker tickets than me and Trash.  I was wrong.  A woman, unknown to me, makes art from Lint.  Don't believe me? Just google Lint Art.  That should shock your chakras back to Delhi.  I was informed by one of my friends that 'they' collect lint(!) for the alledged purpose of using it as a fire-starter on camping trips. "It is light and  highly flammable..."  This story is a bit suspect. These are also the people who had the first bunker built for Y2K, cornered the market on toilet paper. But I digress...

I have been carrying around The Lint since it arrived.  I was unaware Brinks Armored Trucks considered lint a 'high risk good'.  I had no issue with the 20-question receipt/form.  I did, however, protest the 'pat down'. Officer Kris ,'the man-lady',  took a little too long around the bend, if you know what I mean.

Well, I had The Lint at the Antique Mall on Thursday.  Lauren took some publicity shots using The Lint.  In this environment, the business with the edge gets the sale.   Don't these make you just drool with envy?  I know, it's pretty fab.

lwq_hramoysterplatelint_112008 3264x2448

Limoges Oyster Plate et lint..pleh pleh, I mean oui oui

lwq_hramcoachlint_112008 3264x2448

Cinderella and The Lint Prince

lwq_hramfruitbowllint_112008 2448x3264

Lint with Apples, Still life

ox...happy MOnday.......lulu


trash talk said...

Free with puchase, huh? You forgot to mention you requested said lint-now I just like an old, tired, and CHEAP stalker. Besides, that was just supposed to be between the two of us. I wouldn't want the rest of the girls to feel left out-you know what a heart throb C.D. is, but there's only so much lint to go around. Next time, be careful around the fuzz! Tn'T

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Girl you always make me laugh!! I just love this post!! You are the LINT QUEEN, I bow down to you!!!

lulu Redstar & Lauri Evans said...

Yes folks, we have been inside a little to long here in Georgia. I'll try to get down to pick her up and get her out more......Geeeezzzzz, lauri

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage said...

Love the lint publicity shots! Happy Monday to you, too! Thanks for brightening my day!


Sweet Repose said...

"Shock your chakras back to Dehli"...girl...I'm tellin'ya, you are truly sick...I like that in a person!!!

Keep 'em comin Lu...and good luck Lauri(be afraid)...


trash talk said...

Mother was only married once(that I know of) but I swear I think we must have sisters in another life. Happy Thanksgiving. Give Laurie a big ol' hug an kiss from me, too. So glad you get me. Debbie