Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We love Bella Marie.........

Bella made her grand entrance into this world
on Thursday March 12 , 2009 at 23 weeks & 5 days
Jen's pregnancy. Bella was born at 3:56pm
weight just under 1lb & 10 inches long.
She is a fighter though.
Today she weighs in at over 2lbs 5 oz.
To read more about Bella and her incredible
story visit her Grandma Debbie @
Talking Trash .
Fair warning - take a tissue.
So what does this sweet baby have to do with a raffle?
Amy @
Trailer Trash came up with this most awesome idea.
She is coordinating a raffle to help raise
funds for those pesky medical bills.

So be sure and check back May 1st -
I understand there are some great
raffle prizes being donated.

The 2chippys will be throwing some treasures
in for the cause too.
Much love to Bella and her family!
Lauri and lulu
and now our donations:

.One original Junk Necklace crafted by Lauri

One vintage 'LoneStar' Quilt to honor our littlest Texan and

One original Junk Jewelry Bracelet by lulu!


trash talk said...

She is SO going to love my two headed woman or her two headed auntie! Y'all are the best and sweetest honey bakeds in the world!
Debbie said...

how could I resist a blog named 2chippys??? especially when my business is all about "patina"! love love love your blog...found you thru prairiehome. happy day to a fellow lover of all things rusty and crusty!


delighted heart said...

What great stuff you've put in the raffle! And I loved seeing your pics of the wedding in progress. My son is getting married in Dec so I'm all about weddings right now! Can't wait to see the after pictures...I know they will be beautiful! Love your junk jewelry!

Anonymous said...



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